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The Eight of Cups in reverse represents an air of stagnation. Your life is afore you, and you’ve made every attempt imaginable to stand still. In this denial of life and refusal to move on, you are creating an air of unhealthy habits and behavior around you. This gives birth to a host of unhelpful thoughts and actions.

Reversed Eight of Cups Description

The Eight of Cups depicts a man walking away from the eight cups that he has outgrown. Tall in stance, he is confident in his decision, with the prospect of beginnings new and chances afresh. As we turn the card around and seek its reverse meaning, the cups spoken of are kept close, held dear and not let go of. In turn, we see a person afraid, habitual and dismissal of exploration.

Reversed Eight of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 8 of cups main section

The Eight of Cups in reverse is an important card that serves to remind you how we all outgrow things through our lives. That willingness to detach from a painful or old situation often leaves us feeling more pained than if we were to rip the band aid off, heal and walk away with strength and fortitude. As your own stagnation is your only obstacle, you refuse to believe things can be any different, so you remain.

Likely a job or love, this card revolves around letting go. As souls, we grow all the time, simply loving opportunities to learn and become wiser. The attachment you are feeling as this card is drawn, I that these concepts are not possible for you. In holding your ground and refusing to move, you are hopeful those feelings of love you originally had, or those of another, will return.

What Does Eight of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Eight of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

The ending of any union is hard to process. First, you have to admit things may not be right for you any more. Than you have the hard task of breaking away from it, and putting it in the past as a lesson learned. When we remain in unfulfilling relations, we learn to accept that all we are worth is an average love experience. The joy is erased, desires dissipate and there is nowhere to go. The Eight of Cups in reverse appears to give you this very message; love has faded.

Reversed Eight of Cups – Love Reconciliation

As reconciliations go, there is a highly unlikely air of never looking back when it comes to the Eight of Cups in reverse. What you had was incredible, but it has its place in time. The past is a mere memory and your reality is now. Are you going to pine for what once was? There is little point when you know it has gone. Emerge from this experience with the knowledge that you will love once more, when the time is right.

Reversed Eight of Cups – Marriage?

You are with your soulmate, and you are both happier than you have ever been. You may wonder why the Eight of Cups n reverse has cropped up. This has nothing to do with your feelings for each other, instead it turns to the fear either you or your soul has regarding making that next step. An air of happiness and contentment surrounds you as you see no rush to marry. This doesn’t detract your desire to do so when the time is right, but as it stands, you are happy as the union you currently are.

Reversed Eight of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

Feelings thrive on action, and the Eight of Cups certainly is not a card of action. Whilst remaining loyal to their caring nature when it comes to you, there is a strong chance that feelings simply do not exist. You can view this as a positive because your mind and world are in a different place to those of this person. You are ready to move quickly and get to know each other better, and they are struck in their own minds.

If you want to explore a friendship first, you are more likely to see this going somewhere. If you want them to suddenly have feelings as well as act upon them, you are in for disappointment, because this is unlikely to happen. Don;t view it as a write off, dear soul. Look at it as a way of making a new friend, and seeing where it takes you down the road.

Feelings for Someone

You are being pursued by a potential mate, and you have been caught off guard. Where does this stem from? Are you surprised that somebody finds you attractive? Does this not happen often enough for you to genuinely believe you could make somebody happy? Why are you stalling?

Sure as the sun sets, you are confused at even the mere string of questions you were just asked. It can be hard to return advances when you are sat still, wishing, hoping an praying you would just be left alone to dwell in peace. Nobody can dwell forever. And so I propose this. Take one step, and see how you feel. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by, because your feelings are there.

Reversed Eight of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

I want you to be happy, dear soul. I want you to have the love you deserve, so that you can feel empowered within a meeting of two hearts, and use it to show how deep your affection can go. On this occasion, I find it highly unlikely that he harbours any feelings for you. If he does per chance, they are small and based on nothing but his own ego. You do not want to start any form of commitment with somebody who is not looking for a two way street of respect.

Is He Cheating?

The cheating is unlikely to be happening, but that isn’t to say he hasn’t thought about it. With you both in a fairly unhappy place, there is bound to be that longing look towards somebody who could make him happy. This type of act stems from the inability to be happy together as you are, and not because he simply wants his cake and to eat it. Instead, think about how you feel. Equally as stuck, I am certain. Nothing will happen unless you go your own way, but this thought process of another only stems from the stagnation of your current union.

Is He Right For Me?

He once was. There was a precious time where you were both extremely happy. The sun was shining, the birds were singing and everything felt perfect. What happens when hat initial excitement fades? You have to put the work in. Compromise, respect, be there for each other through the good and bad. Real love is hard work and this is something you both cannot seem to complete whilst together. There is no perfect time to end a relationship, but there is always a good time to question it, and follow your gut.

Reversed Eight of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

What you are currently afraid of, is the notion that you could be happy. Maybe you feel as though you don’t deserve to go for your dream job. Maybe it involves travelling out of your comfort zone (quite literally), or maybe you need to do some further studying in order to be in that job. What won’t help, is wallowing in the what ifs and remaining in your current job that, quite frankly, you outgrew years ago. You are in for an exciting ride in a fast paced role. You just need to get up and move.

Should I Change Careers?

Knowing you as I do, this is a huge question. You don’t like to just flit and change jobs because you feel like it, but something is pulling you away from your current job. It served you well, you learned a lot and made many friends, but the job itself is making you unhappy, and spending that amount of time in any one place where you aren’t fulfilled will affect you mentally. My advice here with the Eight of Cups in reverse, is to start searching for ventures new.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

The idea of money soothes you. You sleep better imagining you had the money to back you up should you choose to quit everything and live the life of luxury, but in reality, you are far from this place. As a result, you just cannot be happy. You firmly believe that money will change it all for the better, but your reluctance to earn it is preventing you from even trying.

Reversed Eight of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

Why do you want to borrow money? Is it because you cannot be bothered to earn it yourself? Don’t go to somebody who works hard for a living and borrow their money simply because of your own refusal to do the same. Borrow I you are in dire need and return it quickly. Otherwise, avoid borrowing anything. You don’t need it, you just need somebody to tell you to earn it yourself.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

You are overwhelmed that you even need to do this amount of work to your home. If there were a way to click your fingers and have it all done, you would do exactly that. The trouble is – you can’t. You need to save, you need to get the work done so you can live in a happy house. Your first step is to admit this is the case, and go from there. Any huge steps and you won’t get far, easily defeated you are. I believe in you, dear soul.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

Initiate the following thought: Who am I lending money to? This question can spark the answer for you in an instant as you imagine the soul who is asking, and what they personally mean to you in your life. Are they to be trusted? What is the money for? Will you see it again? Do you want to know how people earn trust? By sticking to their word and remaining loyal. You have that loyal heart, but other people are most certainly not on the same moral line.

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