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The Eight of Pentacles highly reflects the effort that you have been putting into your work and the time and dedication that may still be required for some time. When in reversed, you are reminded to not skirt or avoid your tasks.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles Description

In this card, a man is etching the design of the pentacles into each of the eight coins. He is focused and dedicated to his craft. You can only just see the town in the background and the man cannot see it at all. He is isolated with his work and right now the outside world is not important to him, the only thing important is to complete the task that he has been set.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed main Meaning

Reversed 8 of pentacles main section

The Eight of Pentacles has a very similar meaning in both its upright and reversed position. They both allude to the time and work that you have been putting into something. The main difference is that in the reversed position, you are told not to avoid miniscule details or just put in the minimum effort. To achieve the happiness from your work, you have to be able to say that you did everything you could. The time and tasks that you may have to continue to work through for a while can be hard, but this card tells you that if you dedicate yourself to completing them properly, you will be satisfied and feel fulfilled with the outcome.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed Meaning for Love

In a romantic reading, this card alludes to the fact that some work and effort needs to be put into your relationship. A companionship with someone that you care about is not something that you can breeze through. If you will, think of your relationship as a plant. It needs nourishment and work to help it grow. If you do not tend to your plant properly, then eventually it will die. This card may have appeared because the leaves of your romance are starting to wilt. There is still time and your relationship can be saved, that is if you are both willing to put the effort into it. Both of you are a part of this and both of you need to be willing to put the effort in. A relationship is a two-way street but if only one of you is willing to go down that road then you will eventually hit a dead end.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed as Feelings

Right now, it is the time to put all your effort into one feeling, dedication. If you dedicate yourself to the task at hand, whether that is a work project, a relationship, or something else, then this card guarantees that you will end your journey with a feeling of satisfaction. However, it isn’t going to be smooth sailing and you’re likely going to experience some rough times that will struggle to hold your dedication. You may be given a tough project at work or perhaps you may be going through a rough time in a relationship. Either way, this card is telling you to stay dedicated, no matter how hard it may seem, because the only way to feel satisfied and happy is to stick with it and see it through.

Eight of Pentacles Reversed as Advice

The advice that this card gives you is very similar to the feelings that this card brings. It tells you to be dedicated and stick to your goal. Jumping corners might get you to your end goal faster, but it will not bring you the satisfaction that you had hoped. You should also reflect on what it is that you are putting your effort into. Is it truly something that you are passionate about? And is it something that the people around you are willing to put effort into as well? The generalisations of this advice can be applied to many of life’s situations. Don’t cut corners, don’t just put in minimal effort, and make sure that the other people in the boat with you are willing to put their effort in too.

What Does Eight of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Job and Career?

If this card appears relating to your career, it is likely that you are in a slump. The slump might simply be with just a current project, or it may be a slump with your job or company as a whole. Your career is something that you have not been dedicating yourself to, this card seems to suggest that this is because you view it as just a career. As means to a paycheck. That isn’t always a bad philosophy to have, but in this situation, it may be affecting your work. Is the stuff you are doing bland and repetitive and simply something that you are not passionate about? If you can’t be passionate then you won’t be able to put in all the effort that you need to. It may lead to you getting into trouble with your higher ups or it may simply feed into the fact that you are not enjoying your work, simply continuing your unsatisfying cycle. Maybe it is time to think about what you can do to bring your passion and dedication back to your work. And if you simply can’t, it might be time to look at what you can change in your career.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I quit my job?’

It’s quite likely that you are feeling unsatisfied or unhappy in your career if this card has turned up in your reading. As said, you likely don’t want to completely dedicate yourself to your job or put in the maximum effort. And that is completely understandable if your job is droning and repetitive and not something that you are passionate about. As a result, there are a couple of ways the card gets you to look at how to answer this question.

First of all, are you a passionate person? If it is the job that is sucking away your passion and joy, then it may be time to go on a new career path. You deserve to work somewhere and doing something that makes you want to put in effort. If you do this, then you may feel more satisfied and happier than doing the repetitive meaningless tasks you used to be doing. However, if you do not see yourself as a passionate or career driven person then this card may have a different meaning. It is okay to see your job as simply a way to make money. But if you keep cutting corners and slacking off then you will only make it worse for yourself. Quitting your job and working somewhere else will not necessarily force you to become more dedicated and put in more effort than you did before. The only thing that can force that change is you yourself.

What Does Reversed Eight of Pentacles Mean for Money and Finance?

You need to put more work into managing your finances. That is the simple answer that this card presents you with. If we look back at the appearance of this card, it shows a man who is dedicating his full time to the coins. Right now, you may be in a tough spot but simply hoping it will turn around will not solve your problems. If you don’t start to take proper care of your financial situation then you will just keep ending up in the same place, likely struggling. You don’t need to worry though as your financial situation can be fixed if you simply sit down and dedicate some of your time to properly looking through the numbers. The answer to your problems might simply be to stop spending on some non-essential luxuries and to work out a budget. It might seem like a lot of work on the surface but once you get into it, it can become much easier. You also need to remember that to solve your problems you need to dedicate yourself to sticking to whatever budget plan or other solution you come up with.

Reversed Eight of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will I be rich?’

The card doesn’t give a direct yes or not, but it does give quite a simple answer. Not without work you won’t. If you don’t put effort into earning and saving your money, then you won’t be rich. Cutting corners and spending unnecessarily may not seem like a big deal at the time but it all adds up and can easily derail whatever work you have been doing to keep your money saved. As nice as it would be, there simply isn’t a way to keep your money and become rich if you are not willing to work towards it, you’ll need budgets and saving plans to stop you from going awry. As the saying goes, money doesn’t grow on trees and unfortunately, that still seems to be the case.

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