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The Sun reversed appears when we allow pessimism to win in our daily lives. This card represents people who aren’t able to see the bright side of life and as a result, find themselves being dragged down by pessimism. The Sun reversed can also represent unfounded optimism, which can hurt you later down the road.

Reversed The Sun Description

The Sun is a card that depicts unparalleled optimism, and this can be easily seen in every aspect of its art. On the top of the card we can see the sun bright and powerful, providing life to all living beings on Earth. Four sunflowers stand below it representing both the effects of the sun but also the four elements and the four minor arcana. Next, we can see a naked child atop a white horse. The child represents optimism once again, but also purity and the joy of being attuned to your inner self. On the other hand, the horse represents strength, completing the positive message The Sun holds for anybody who draws it.

Reversed The Sun main Meaning

Reversed The Sun main section

With The Sun being such an unapologetically optimistic card it shouldn’t be a surprise that once reversed the message changes considerably. The Sun reversed can be seen as a cloudy day compared to its upright counterpart. When this card is in effect you’ll find yourself more pessimistic and withdrawn from life. Perhaps one too many setbacks have resulted in your confidences crumbling or you feel depressed with an aspect of your current life. However, even when clouded the sun still shines. Setbacks experienced under this card are just temporary, and things should return to full force soon enough. Something important to keep in mind with this card is that it doesn’t necessarily imply that clouds are coming your way. More often than not we are the ones keeping ourselves from enjoying life, as such you should treat The Sun reversed as friendly advice and not a bad omen.

Another way to interpret The Sun reversed is that the boundless confidence it exudes isn’t justified. When you see this card and feel at the top of the game the advice could be that your confidence isn’t founded. It’s important to believe in ourselves and those around us, but sometimes optimism has no real basis. You might be placing large expectations on someone that has done nothing to earn such trust, or you might be the one that will fall short since you overestimated your skills. It’s important to have faith in yourself and others, but you can’t completely push reason away.

What does The Sun Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings The Sun reversed is most closely associated with a relationship losing its luster and shine. That said, The Sun itself rarely has a completely negative message so it’s important for you to take the time to analyze things through. The clouds that the card is waning you about often are routine and monotony. There’s no denying that everything becomes more normal and less exciting once time passes by, however that doesn’t mean we should allow routine to take control of a relationship. Taking someone for granted is a dangerous mindset, and is often what causes The Sun reversed to appear in the first place. The card’s message is straightforward, the light and passion that once was in your relationship can still shine, but you’ll need to dissipate those clouds to do so. Take action and reignite the passion in your lives, don’t allow daily life to take the passion away from a beautiful relationship.

For single people, there are two main ways to interpret The Sun reversed. If you are being pessimistic then the card is telling you that wonderful people and opportunities are out there. Don’t let yourself get dragged down by your current mood, if you recover your optimism you’ll see all the options available for you. Alternatively, if you are confident then you might want to tone it down. Too much confidence comes across as bragging and that can push people away.

Reversed The Sun as Feelings

The Sun reversed can be a complicated card to draw when asking for feelings, as its message is largely clear but its resolution isn’t. As usual, The Sun reversed is akin to a cloudy day and the issue lies in knowing when those clouds will go away. This card most often represents that someone doe shave bright and positive feelings for the other party in the reading. Just like the bright sun in the sky their bond and connection have the potential to improve their lives and bring positivity to their days. However, these feelings are currently clouded or eclipsed by their circumstances.

While at times a certain trait in the other person may be causing their clouded and now conflicted feelings, The Sun reversed tends to opt for more personal explanations. It’s most likely that the person you asked about is simply in a complex time in their life. Whether it’s routine, unexpected calamities, feelings for someone else, or just from lack of time; this person doesn’t have the time or energy to focus on the bright feelings that are developing between you two. If you want to find a way to overcome this more cards might be useful to make a plan, but it’s hard to define when those clouds will leave on their own.

Reversed The Sun as Advice

The Sun reversed advice yes or no

Since The Sun reversed is a card that can warn both of a lack of optimism as well as unfounded confidence it’s important to look seriously at your mood before interpreting. Think back on how your mindset has been in regards to the topic you are asking about, it shouldn’t take too long to find what’s your honest stance on the current topic. The risk that comes with The Sun reversed is that you’ll end up heeding the opposite advice so it’s important to make sure.

If you have been eager and overly thrilled about what you are asking then the card is telling you that it’s time to look at things rationally. Look back on your skills and ask yourself sincerely if you are qualified for this new endeavor. If it’s a new job or partnership then look at the fine print so you make sure there isn’t a trick hidden somewhere. Ultimately you need to use your head to make sure your excitement is justified and not just emotional. Sometimes The Sun reversed appears because the issue lies with the opportunity itself, so don’t take it as anything personal.

On the flip side if you find you’ve been too demotivated lately then the card simply is suggesting that it’s time to overcome this. Of course, Rome wasn’t built on a day and change doesn’t happen magically. Seek some friendly words of advice or a professional if you find that the situation has taken root. There’s no set date with this card and no need to run either. But every process starts with a step and it’s time to start for you.

Reversed The Sun Meaning for Job and Career

When The Sun reversed appears in Career readings it tends to be because someone is feeling restricted or trapped in their current job. Have you recently felt more and more negative towards your job? Do you find that going to work almost feels like punishment now? Has your routine become unbearable? Burnout happens to all of us, it comes with working no matter how much we like our work or not. But when it comes to The Sun reversed it’s important to think about what we can change to improve our situation. An annoying co-worker or client is your main issue? Nobody lasts forever, the issue isn’t in your job itself then. You haven’t had the chance to rest in a long time? Ask for a break, getting one might be easier than it seems. With The Sun reversed the bright light is always near, so you should be able to find solutions with less effort than you’d think.

The overconfident aspect of The Sun reversed can reappear here in the form of expectations you can’t reach. If you have just started a job no matter how good you are or feel you are you shouldn’t expect a raise immediately. Things take their time and if you feel you are owed things you’ll get depressed when reality comes crashing on you.

Reversed The Sun Meaning for Money and Finance

The Sun reversed is not a particularly serious omen with finances, and can even offer a respite based on the circumstances. If you are currently experiencing an economic setback then The Sun reversed tends to represent that things aren’t as serious as they seem. The setback probably feels bigger in your head than it is, so you should try to relax some. Additionally, these issues tend to be short-lived and light will shine through again sooner than later. You shouldn’t be overly confident as that poses a risk with The Sun reversed, but if you look at things rationally you’ll likely realize things are better than they seem.

That said take care of future choices, don’t rush headlong into an investment or partnership. Like we just said, overconfidence can be risky. Make sure your choices are informed and rational, instinct alone makes a terrible business partner.

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