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Justice Reversed is a card that represents an inner conflict over your actions. We are each our own worst critic. When Justice Reversed appears it means that deep inside you are judging yourself for your acts. The Reversed Justice is an invitation to look back and yourself and either acknowledge your flaws or stop being so critical of yourself.

Reversed Justice Description

Justice is one of those cards that is impossible to confuse, as its symbology has become synonymous with the idea of justice itself. Justice shows us a powerful and resolute woman sitting between two pillars that symbolize the laws, balance, and stability itself. She holds a sword in her right hand, representing the logical and rational mindset that delivering justice demands. On top of that as a double-edged sword, it represents how it’s our actions that can condemn us and reminds us of our accountability. Left hands are traditionally tied to intuition or spirituality, as such the balance in her hand is a reminder to use both her intuition and sharp mind to deliver judgment. Justice’s judgment is as firm and fair as it can be, and it only comes as a result of our own choices.

Reversed Justice main Meaning

Reversed Justice main section

The Reversed Justice mainly represents an internal conflict. Unlike its upright counterpart, it doesn’t focus on rewarding or punishing our deeds, rather it completely focuses on how you are feeling in regards to your acts.

The most literal interpretation of this card can be seen as simple guilt. If you know you’ve done something you weren’t meant to there’s no doubt the guilt will catch up to you eventually. At the end of the day, there’s no such thing as a mistake that doesn’t hurt anybody. Even if nobody else realized what you did, you still will. Even if there have been no consequences to your actions so far the only way to let go of those feelings is, to be honest, or to make amends. You are your own judge when it comes to Justice Reversed, and only you can grow past your guilt.

However, there’s also the possibility that Justice Reversed is in fact warning you of how you are treating yourself. Nobody can be as critical of our actions as ourselves. We have access to every single mistake we’ve made in our memories, and we can beat ourselves over them time and time again. However everybody makes mistakes, it would be impossible to grow without failing from time to time. We all are but human, and nobody deserves to accuse himself of every single mistake. Like Justice herself you need to be fair, and that also means being indulgent with yourself when nothing serious has happened. Be fair and rational, let go of your demons and simply strive to do better next time.

What does Justice Reversed Mean for Love?

When it comes to matters of the heart, Justice Reversed is not a great card for single people. It mostly represents someone who despite going out of their way to find new love keeps falling just as a bit short of their goal. Sometimes this all comes down to luck, there will always be some element of chance to romance. But instead of feeling disappointed, it’s better to take this card as an opportunity to check your behavior. What are your expectations of a relationship? What are you looking for in a partner? Are those things reasonable? Can someone show all those traits in a single date? Love like Justice herself must be fair and balanced, so our goals must be clear before we start chasing for an ideal that might not be reachable.

For those of you in a relationship Justice Reversed represents a period of arguments and clashes. While sometimes it’s impossible not to clash with our partner you must pay attention to the source of this conflict. Since Justice is reversed it also shows us that the reason behind this is a lack of balance of fairness in the relationship. One of you might be feeling that they are putting more effort into the relationship, or that they aren’t being rewarded for all they do. Don’t let yourself be swept in the heat of the moment. Evaluate both your feelings and your attitudes. If you’ve been wrong then apologize sincerely, if you’ve been hurt then explain it seriously but without falling prey to emotion.

Reversed Justice as Feelings

If you are trying to read someone’s feelings towards you and draw Justice Reversed then you’ve likely found a bump in your plans. In the same way, Justice represents fairness, balance and equality, when reversed it shows that all those elements are out of place and order. So what does this mean for the person you are asking about? They likely see you in a complicated light. If you are someone measured and controlled that might have given the other person the idea that you are overly cold and distant. Alternatively, they can’t pinpoint the reason but they just feel wary of you to a degree. Ultimately both of you have yet to know each other truly, so that should be your priority from now onwards.

When this card appears as a reading of your feelings then it’s likely that your head is a mess. You can’t find the “balance” in how you feel about this person. Maybe it’s one of those people that make you happy yet drive you mad at the same time. It could also be the case that at some instinctual level you feel something is off about them. One way or another this means that you should get a clearer picture before making any sweeping choices. Justice is reversed so you can’t be expected to make a fair assessment of what kind of person they are. Give time some time, and soon enough you’ll know your true stance towards them.

Reversed Justice as Advice

Justice reversed advice yes or no

Justice Reversed is often a card that advises you to withhold your actions, but it’s important to analyze each case before committing to a choice. For general advice, it usually represents that the current situation is too clouded to be able to make the right choice at this time. If you have some more time it might be a good idea to wait and see how things develop. If time is of the essence however you need to either learn more of the topic or look at your feelings before asking again. The right answer can’t be found right now, and this means that time will need to pass or you will need to change to reach it.

When it comes to conflicts and particularly legal processes this card shows us that things might not go the way we intend or deserve. Something or someone might be clouding the ideal resolution we are looking for. Take a look at every step of the situation or case before continuing. Do you trust your lawyer? Have you shared all information you could? Have you trusted the right people? We all deserve justice, and Justice reversed is warning us that we need to change something to be able to find it.

Reversed Justice Meaning for Job and Career

There are two main ways to interpret Justice Reversed in a career context, and it all comes down to how much control you have over the situation. On one hand, this card can represent a trying time at work where you get blamed for things outside of your control. Your boss might be berating you for the mistakes other people have made, or you might be wrongly accused by a co-worker. When this happens it’s time to remain cool and collected. Arguing can result in you digging a deeper hole, while a rational mind can prove to be your biggest ally. A rational mindset is the best sword to win any argument, so follow Justice’s example and come back stronger from this setback.

On the other hand, there is the possibility that you did something wrong when it comes to your career or job. Maybe you swept a mistake under the rug to avoid the consequence, or you haven’t been completely honest about your qualifications. Lies pile up, and the more they do the harder it is to keep them straight. Find a way to amend and make things right before it all comes crumbling down. We’ve all made mistakes, and there should be a way to atone without losing all you’ve gained. But it’s better for you to control the events than to wait for everything to crash down.

Reversed Justice Meaning for Money and Finance

In general Justice Reversed represents a lack of honesty or accountability when it comes to your finances. This could come from someone else like a friend. associate or employee. But it could also come down to your choices or just your will to be more responsible with your money.

Remember that Justice Reversed is a call to find balance again, not some sort of curse. Right now there are issues with your finances and how they are being handled. But the card has warned you about it, and now you can take control of it. Be careful of who do you trust with your financial information, and try to be more thorough in how you handle your finances. If you keep that in mind you’ll have no issues moving forward.

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