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The Ten of Cups in reverse represents a vast amount of disharmony. Your life is filled with dysfunction, as you battle to come to terms with fall outs with those closest to you. It is likely you are experiencing a break up or divorce and are suffering confusion and the feeling of great loss as a result.

Reversed Ten of Cups Description

The Ten of Cups depicts a family gathering in celebration. The day is beautiful and they dance and hold their hands to the sky, with gratitude and grace. Feeling blessed for this present life, they stand amongst glorious scenes of nature and a home to be envious of. There is security in the cups that sit above them, looking after them accompanied by a rainbow. As we turn this card to reverse, we see all hope and happiness disappear. No more is family and home life secure; imbalance reigning righteous.

Reversed Ten of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 10 of cups main section

The Ten of Cups in reverse is your warning that life is not working in harmony with your soul. Outer forces are causing much sadness, and conflict. Are you read for this? It seems as though your energy levels have crashed during this period of uncertainty and it comes as no surprise. You feel frail, wondering how those you trusted can lead you to such misery.

There is also a darker meaning, if possible. As relationships break down with those you love or loved, you see the reason behind it may have something to do with abuse or toxicity. Someone, somewhere has taken advantage of you, causing distress and trauma to your memory. You feel weak, even broken. You must realise these are normal feelings, and that time will heal your wounds.

What Does Ten of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Ten of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

Where the Ten of Cups in reversed shows its face, there is no love. All you have are the distant memories of happiness, followed by a long road to ruin. Where love once laid its harmonious head, there is now dark moods of despair. I know how it feels to be left feeling as though none of your past history matters, and how can souls possible shift so cruelly almost overnight but – they do. Sometimes it feels as though you are waking up next to a stranger, and life tilts you on a different axis. Get your balance – this too shall pass.

Reversed Ten of Cups – Love Reconciliation

The Ten of Cups in reverse does not in any way, lead you to a life of reconcile. It has made itself totally clear which way your life is going, and who will be on the journey with you. Don’t count this as a moment of sadness, because the stars align in ways that are meant to serve you. If you resist this, you are resisting fate. What is to come, I am positive, will be far more enriching.

Reversed Ten of Cups – Marriage?

Marriage is not likely at this time, and if you are married, that looks almost certain to be on the rocks. Thank your lucky stars that you have arrived at this pot of information, because you have been feeling the repercussions of a lack of love for some time and your self worth is at an all time low. From rock bottom, you can only go one way. To have hope in the future is to believe something great will happen for you, and that is where your focus should be right now.

Reversed Ten of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

The feelings you may be waning are not the feelings being presented to you, are they? Sometimes, those rose tinted glasses we wear can cause much harm to us, as we take them off and see a completely different version of reality, and now is no exception. Don’t sit at home wishing there was something you could do to change this, because you can’t.

When in positions like this, it is important to reflect on your own pride. For a time, we can be caught up in trying to keep something alive that in fact died a long time ago. Not only are you hurting yourself, but you are putting love as a concept, at a low level on your moral compass. Don’t accept these lack of feelings as anything other than time to move on.

Feelings for Someone

You lost yourself in this a long time ago, so it is no wonder the feelings you had for this other soul have gone. You have likely realised they simply are not worth it, and that boils down to how you have been treated, how high in value they’ve placed you and the bar they set you both for this to work. Having low standards like this only leads to frustration, and before you can blink, you are a changed soul yourself, accepting it all.

I’m here to tell you: not any more. Leave it. Put the feelings down, and turn your love inward. Work on your own heart,heal in time and do not look back, because if you do, you will fall into the same patterns as afore, only this time it will be much harder to break free and live the life you deserve.

Reversed Ten of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

He may reminisce. Life sometimes leads us to think about what we had, or what we could have again, and it is likely someone, somewhere will think of you. That does not mean you are both the same people you were back then, and as life moves on, people grow and change. Love what you had, love that your past being ignited in love, but be aware that any present exchange of feelings or thoughts are not going to serve either of you well. Too much has happened, and too much has been lost.

Is He Cheating?

You are here in the first place, with this devastating Ten of Cups in reverse because you are in a place of division. You haven’t got along for what seems like eternity, and rather than address this hue issue, you have both travelled totally separate paths, exploring what life has to offer. I doubt you have even been completely loyal yourself, and that doesn’t necessarily have to mean you have cheated, but perhaps you have thought about it, or gained a friend you imagined other intentions with.

Is He Right For Me?

To love from afar is sometimes to love safely. Whilst your heart may be ablaze with emotion, you are well aware this isn’t the soul for you. Don’t be lead by your heart on this occasion, instead remind yourself with the wisdom of your mind and memory, exactly how toxic it could or would be to either continue this union, or begin one. Being attracted to the bad boys rarely, if at all, have a happy ending. You do not want to be the recipient of heartache, so leave your feelings to the side, and focus on yourself.

Reversed Ten of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You have learned enough lessons to know that conflict is not for you. The more people you work with or for, the more likely it is you will suffer conflict. You’ve suffered enough at the hands of conflict for now, so anything where you work remotely would be perfect for you. Your job, your rules, your time, your passion. These far out concepts are long overdue, but you must hustle and claw your way out of regimented misery towards a place filled with prosper.

Should I Change Careers?

If you must change your job, you must do it for the right reasons. Leaving behind a life on conflict and chaos for a more serene career would do wonders for your health and future. Leaving a job after a few arguments is not advised as these usually blow over. Now I give to your scenario back to you, for it is only you who can decide if a change is justified or not. Take your time to think, because any hasty decisions cannot be reversed,

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

Money is something you crave, not through greed, but through the unfortunate position you have found yourself in. Conflict and fall out can prepare us for the fear of not being able to support ourselves if we go it alone. It will transpire eventually that you do not need money to make you happy, but at this time, in your present life, you in fact do have the belief that at least some money will go a way towards giving you security and more importantly, options.

Reversed Ten of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

Your desire to have some money in your bank account isn’t going to want to be fulfilled by borrowing it. It may seem ideal to have lots now, and earning it yourself as well as using it wisely will take longer but as you earn, you learn. You’ll meet people who will become trusted friends and your mind will expand to suit its experiences. Hold off on borrowing anything – it will only lead to regret and repayment.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

The idea of restoring anything will be overwhelming to you at the moment, as you battle your way through so much negativity. Any small, added task will want to be held off until you feel better and things have calmed. This goes hand in hand greatly with saving. It will give you thinking time to decide on designs and colours, and will allow you the emotional freedom to juggle it all without adding to your stress plate. Dear soul, you do not need any more!

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

You may love them, but much of the time, love simply isn’t enough. Family and friends are causing you great concern, with their non-stop battle to be right, to be heard and to demand your time and attention. Ask yourself, do they really deserve your money? You are a kind soul, of course you are. That is what gained you much respect in the past but whatever is boiling over within your family or social circle, you do not need to pay it attention by feeding or funding those who have stabbed you in the back.

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