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The nine of pentacles reflects a time when someone feels successful and stable. But reversed, the card indicates that this stability may not be well-founded and that you may deal with financial troubles.

Nine of Pentacles Reversed Description

A woman walks through a vineyard that is close to a nearby castle, perhaps where she lives. Her long and luxurious robes show that she worries not for money as she has plenty. The nine coins are growing on the same vines as the grapes, and they are all abundant in their amount. This woman has control as there is a playful falcon that sits happily on her hand. But when these images are flipped then it shows that images can in fact be deceiving.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles main Meaning

Reversed 9 of pentacles main section

Whilst the woman in the card seems to be assured of herself, her status, and her money, this card has a different meaning once it is reversed. Perhaps you are currently having a difficult time with money, yet you aren’t willing to tell anyone. This card often reflects a person that is determined to keep up appearances and is willing to spend their money to save face, rather than actually dealing with their financial problems. If you are finding that your desire for luxuries is overriding your willingness to pay for necessities, e.g., food and bills, then you may need to look at why you have this fervent desire and look at how you can budget your money to prevent your mismanagement of it.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles Meaning for Love

Do you feel like you have everything in your relationship? You may feel that way or you may be simply pretending that you feel that way, but this card heavily implies that you might not have everything that you want. It might be the case that you are missing things in your relationship, or alternatively, you are so happy in your relationship that you are neglecting other aspects of your life and are not realising that you could be missing out on chances to fulfil you. This card suggests that right now is a time to open up with your partner. Communication is always the most important thing in a relationship. If you feel as though something is lacking in your companionship, then you should express this to them. Alternatively, they may also be able to help you find what you are missing in other parts of your life.

If you are single, this card can still apply to your situation. You may feel satisfied in your career and finances, but it is time to feel satisfied in your love life. Open yourself up to the new possibilities that are going to present themselves to you.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will I meet someone?’

This card indicates that, if you are single, now is a good point in your life to try and find a companion. Unfortunately, this card is not here to tell you when you will meet someone. It is here to say that now is a time to open yourself up to new opportunities and if you do this then you may indeed meet someone soon. If you are satisfied in your life, then meeting someone might just help you to feel truly complete and satisfied with yourself.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles as Feelings

The nine of pentacles highly reflects any feelings of satisfaction. Sometimes, it may be reflecting that you don’t have the feelings of satisfaction which you so crave. This is normal, many people go through some point in their life feeling unsatisfied and many aren’t even sure why. There are some simple ways you can address these feelings though. Map a little mind map of everything in your life, your relationships, your career, etc. And then once you’ve done this, you can look at what aspects of your life make you feel fulfilled. Then if you appear to be lacking in one area, for example your career, then you know that this is the issue you need to address.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles as Advice

Most of the time, if this card is here to give some serious advice then it is concerning your finances. Whilst in most aspects of your life this card tells you to chase your satisfaction, it is not as simple as that when relating to matters of money. When looking at your money, you may be chasing after the unnecessary items that you long for, now is not the time to be doing that. No matter what you treat yourself with, the items will only provide fleeting happiness until you are in a stable financial position. It advises you to be careful with your money and look at what will truly give you satisfaction and fulfilment in the long term.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

Sadly, there is some element of your work that you are not satisfied with. It can be very easy to blame your boss or your co-workers, but you may need to look at yourself as the reason for your feelings of unsatisfaction. Perhaps you are not happy with the result or rewards of your latest project, but the reason for that may be the work you put into it. If you are not putting in a lot of effort then it will easily come back around, the result being that you aren’t happy with the outcomes of your work.

That being said, it is possible that this card is showing the opposite, that you are in fact working too hard. Whilst working hard is good, it can lead to you neglecting the other important things in your life. Have you been cancelling plans with loved ones to focus on your work? Whilst you may get an immense feeling of satisfaction from working hard where your career is concerned, you can’t be satisfied fully until you achieve a balance of fulfilment in all aspects of your life.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I quit my job?’

As mentioned, you are likely to be feeling unsatisfied with some aspect of your career if this card appears for you in a reading. This card does not give you a clear answer of yes or no, instead it tells you to reflect on why you are not feeling happy in your current position. If you are simply not putting in the effort and not getting anything from it, then its likely that your attitude to the work is the reason you are feeling unhappy, rather than the job itself. Alternatively, if you are putting in a large amount of work and yet you are left feeling underappreciated and unsatisfied with what you are doing then, yes, it may be time for you to look for another job. Maybe you would feel more fulfilment from pursing a different career path altogether.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

In searching for happiness and fulfilment you may have been spending your money on things that are not necessary. Whilst it is good for you to treat yourself from time to time, you may be getting a little reckless and leaving the purse strings just a bit too loose. There are a couple of reasons why you may be spending so much. You might be looking for those fleeting moments of happiness in material goods, don’t worry, we’ve all been there, or maybe you are spending recklessly because you don’t want people to find out that you are in a spot of financial trouble. Either way, you need to try and reign in your spending and have more control over your finances otherwise you will end yourself in deep trouble.

Now is the time to be careful and calculated with how you spend your money. If you have not done so already, now may be a good time to plan a budget so that you do not spend more than what you have.

Reversed Nine of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I take out a Loan?’

This card is a warning that gives you a very firm answer of no. Taking out a loan may seem like an easy way to keep your finances at a point where you can still buy luxuries. But taking out a loan only adds on to the bills that you will have to pay back, and it may drive you into further ruin than what you already are. As well as loans, this card warns you against joining any ‘get rich quick’ or ‘multi-level marketing’ schemes. Like loans, these may also seem like easy ways to earn some money and get yourself back on track. However, many of these schemes do not actually bring much money your way at all. And even if they don’t, you will still have to pay the bills for both your products and possibly even your membership. To summarise, no don’t take out a loan or join any schemes.

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