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The Seven of Cups reversed represents the intuitive ability to see through the distortion of your recent life form a clearer path ahead of you. You have long sat in expectations that are both outdated and unrealistic, and you are now being called back to this beautiful world for more grounded experiences.

Reversed Seven of Cups Description

The Seven of Cups depicts a figure opening his hands in despair at all his options afore him. Riches, golds, opportunities fill each of the seven cups; something different in each one. The clouds surrounding these cups, and above them and representing you, are akin to having your own head in the clouds, living in some sort of dream world. As you admire the offerings, your despair deepens. As this meaning is reversed here, it represents the learning from this experience and the notion to not have it repeated again.

Reversed Seven of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 7 of cups main section

The Seven of Cups in reverse shows a newer, mature you, wanting to back away from your head being in the clouds. Would you like to think having all these options is a comfortable position to be in? Not for everybody. Each choice has an outcome, and to know which is the best, is to be wiser than your years. The beauty of this card in reverse is that you have learned your lessons, and now see attractive choices as distractions from what you really want.

It is so easy at times like these to feel as though you are trapped. After all, who wants to be cornered by your past? Time wasted, promises not met and grand ideas not coming to fruition are just a handful f reasons why it is now wise to walk away with your remaining dignity and use your wisdom. Turning to your inner strength will help you in any situation.

What Does Seven of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Seven of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

Oh, you have most definitely left your soul waiting, haven’t you? This uncertainty, this pre conceived idea that moving forward or taking that next step is scary has been banished from your heart and replaced with new confidence that you are and can make good decisions. I’m hopeful your soul has waited for you, because they think you are worth the wait. This is a time to really celebrate!

Reversed Seven of Cups – Love Reconciliation

The dear Seven of Cups in reverse is one of the best in the deck to receive for reconciliation! You, your soul, or the both of you have reflected healthily on your past mistakes, and formed new habits for the future to keep your union strong and stable. This rare occasion can bring two soulmates together whom otherwise may have given up and gone their separate ways. This act can lead to distorted alignments in the sky as fate is interrupted by poor behaviour but in this instance – you are signing your heart to somebody who wants you equally as much.

Reversed Seven of Cups – Marriage?

The great concept of marriage, the combining of two hearts and minds is alive and kicking as the Seven of Cups reveals itself in reverse. Great surprises live amongst your days as you encounter a very surprising offer or proposal and finally you can eradicate all other choices as they lay meaninglessly in your perimeters. Make space for what matters the most, and count your lucky stars!

Reversed Seven of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

I want to let you know one tiny drawback about the Seven of Cups in reverse. There is a small issue that I firmly believe you can control – and that is communication. Now, for somebody who has feelings for you, this is likely to come as sharp shock to you. To them, they may have known for some time and that is because of how wonderful you are and how much you’ve grown recently.

The trouble begins where you don’t spot the signs. Little looks or smiles, offers to walk you to your car or perhaps chance encounters that may have been strategically planned by this person. As you merrily skip away, they are left wondering exactly how to spell it out for you. The universe here is asking you to spot those serendipitous moments and recall them as subliminal hints of love.

Feelings for Someone

Are you the one with the feelings? There is somebody in your life who sends your heart a flutter. Who makes you feel as though everything is magical and who brings you out of your shell, all in good ways! How are you towards this soul? Are you likely to put your feelings across?

I ask, because the Seven of Cups in reverse stands well to believe that love can happen, and feelings can materialise, but not without the crucial moments of communication you need in order to let that soul know your heart belongs to them. There is no reason to doubt this could end miserably as a collision of hearts is highly likely. This of course, cannot happen without putting yourself out there.

Reversed Seven of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

Those thoughts you highly wish for and spend each day hoping to be true, are true. He is thinking of you a lot. The reason you are already mostly aware of this is because the Seven of Cups in reverse calls you to look into your intuition and see this levelling of spirits as a sign your inner world is growing. Your task now is to act on this advice and reach out to him, because there is a slight chance he may not feel confident enough. Yes, even the bravest of souls can feel somewhat insecure, especially when it comes to matters of the heart.

Is He Cheating?

I am categorically promise you that your soul is incredibly unlikely to be cheating. Do you want to know why, just for extra reassurance? The answer is simple. If you spend your life wishing and waiting for something better to come along, you will never be content and will fall by the way side, making bad choices and not regretting them. If you spend your time actively and positively being a part of a union whereby you are respected, loved and adored, the chances of straying becomes less than miniscule. Your relationship is loving, therefore your soul and you have no reason to look in other directions.

Is He Right For Me?

You weren’t always the champion of making good decisions. Once upon a time you would have had several choices and not much room or thinking space to decide which choice was the wisest. You are in a totally different place now, and it feels good, doesn’t it? To know you don’t have to think or act irresponsibly because your heart belongs to a meaningful soul is all you need.

Reversed Seven of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You used to love the idea of casual work. Whether it was short shifts somewhere you could knock in and clock out, or temporary work that ticked you and finances over have long gone. Yes, they were fun and yes, they gave you the freedom you desired, but those choices have been outgrown and replaced by meaningful and studious events. You have your eye on a prize and I know you have worked hard to get there. This job has much more responsibility but this is something you are now ready for.

Should I Change Careers?

If you were thinking about exchanging your current career for a new one, you must first think about why you want to do this. It could be for several reasons, but I have a feeling you are ready now because you are fed up of how this present life makes you feel. Your work spills out into other areas of life and that is something you are looking to change. You can do this, at any time in your life. Age is nothing but a number.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You have always been someone who has and enjoys the income of money. Where would we be without it? Money makes us all happy, not because we have more choice, but because the choice we have needs funding. You may have your eye on one prize instead of many, but that still needs financial support. This is why you firmly believe the only way to achieve your goals is to be making enough money in order for them to become a reality.

Reversed Seven of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

I think past mistakes have led you to a very sensible no. It isn’t that you are irresponsible, but you seem to lose track of who has lent what, and that has become problematic for the relationships between you and those who previously trusted you. In order to improve this, the time has come to save and repay rather than borrow more.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

Firstly, you are the Queen of list making. With that, you should aim to write down everything you want to change or replace, and work out roughly how much each will cost. You do have options when it comes to budget but I know you have learned from the past that the most expensive isn’t necessarily the best so go somewhere in them middle and be content with your decision. Put something aside each month and in no time you will have a nice amount saved.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

If I were you, honestly, I would rather like to keep my hard earned money to myself. You have previously shown off your earnings and this has led to bees being attracted to honey. This gets messy and sticky very quickly and never seems to end well for you as people take advantage then seem to almost plead ignorance to their debt. Do the right thing and keep your money to yourself.

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