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When reversed, the ten of pentacles signals that financial trouble may be on the horizon. In many ways, this card is an indication that you should look at your long-term goals rather than just your short-term goals.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Description

In an estate archway, there sits a man surrounded by what appear to be younger members of his family. This man looks as though he might be the head of the house. The children are playing and so are the dogs that surround this gentleman. And adorned on his robes, there are grapevines and crescent moons, which alludes to the joining of spiritual and physical matter.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles main Meaning

Reversed 10 of pentacles main section

This card is most likely to appear in a future position in a reading. This is because it highlights that there may be some problems, or bumps in the road, later on in life, though you may not be experiencing any right now. These issues you may have are most likely to be financial in nature, as it is the suit of pentacles which most strongly resonates with money. If there is an investment that you have recently put your time, effort and money into, then you may want to step back and look at the full picture of how that impacts you. Whilst things are going well currently, your investments and commitments may not be helpful for your long-term goals. This can impact those around you, including your family, as shown in the card.

What does Ten of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Love?

Romance should be something that is for you and your partner. You should not spend your time worrying about what other people may think. Have you been missing out on connections because you are thinking that your family and friends would disapprove? We all do it to some extent, it is after all human nature to want to be seen in a positive light. But finding someone that will get the approval of your family doesn’t mean that they will be right for you in a relationship. First and foremost, you need to find someone that your heart truly approves of. If you are worried about a relationship you are currently in, you need to look at why that is. Are you worried that your partner may not gain the approval you are wanting, or are you worried that you may be with them purely because they will be approved by others in your life?

Reversed Ten of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will I meet someone?’

Chances are, if this card has appeared, you have already missed some opportunities to meet someone. This may be because you are focusing on who would gain the approval of those you love. You don’t need to worry though, as long as you start searching for the person that would be truly right for you, then this card indicates that meeting someone may indeed be on the horizon.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles as Feelings

If this card appears, it is possibly a warning towards the future. So, right now, you may be feeling quite secure and stable, perhaps even frivolous due to your stability. However, these are not good feelings to become consumed by. You may be so in your head about being secure, that you may not realise the things you are doing will not keep you that way for long. If you remain cautious about your situation then this card suggests that you will continue to feel stability in your future.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles as Advice

As this card is highly concerned with your future, it gives you advice on how to prevent your short-term goals from becoming the downfall of your long-term goals. You need to take a step back and look at the bigger picture for a while. Are you spending a lot of time or maybe money investing in a short-term goal or project? Doing this is all well and good, but if you become too consumed with achieving this short-term thing, you may impact your long-term plans. Make sure that you are not going overboard with the money or effort you are putting in and make sure that some of it is saved for the future. If you don’t you may end up in the position of financial difficulty that this card suggests is in your future.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

This card suggests that you may not be in the most stable of jobs. Maybe you are running your own business or are working for a very small company. The financial hardship that is indicated with this card may be that of your business, it is possible that you may have to make some difficult decisions in your career regarding expenditures and business plans. Right now, the career you are in is not presenting you with the highest prospects for your future. It is possible that you might want to look at salvaging what you can and moving ship. It’s not the easiest decision to make and it should not be one that is made quickly. You really need to look at what you want in the future, if you are in a career for the short-term then now is the time to really be looking at your long-term situations.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I leave for a higher paying job?’

This card does indicate that the career you are currently in will not be helping your financial situation for the future. If you have been given an offer with a higher paying salary, it may be quite a good idea to take it. This is true particularly if you are not in a career that you want to be in for the long-term. Taking a higher paying job is something that you can do to help you save for the future. If you do so, then taking a risk with a career you figure out you want for the long-term as not as big of a deal because you will have money to fall back on. That being said, don’t make yourself miserable just for money. If you really don’t want to leave your job, see if there are other financial solutions that you can make instead.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

This card is not a good one when it comes to your financial situation. Whilst in the upright position it can be very positive, its reversed position has an opposite meaning. You need to be careful with your money right now, although you may feel secure with your spending, this will not necessarily last forever. Your current ways of dealing with money may come back to bite you in the future as this card indicates that you will go through a period of struggle with your finances. Don’t worry, you can still prevent this from happening, you just need to start changing your ways. Making a budget is one of the easiest things that you can do to help you with managing your money.

Another thing that you can do is look at the investments that you have made. Have you made a large investment in something recently, maybe in yourself or in a company? This card is telling you that now is not the ideal time to be doing so. You can always draw out your money and look at how to improve your business before trying again. It is very important to look at how the investments you are making right now can prevent you from achieving your long-term goals or plans in the future.

Reversed Ten of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will I be rich?’

In all honesty, this is not a good card to have pulled if you are hoping to have exponential wealth in the future. You may be stable right now, but your actions with your money are only going to doom you in the future as sadly, money does not last as long as you think it might. If you make cost-cutting solutions and look at the plans that you have concerning your money, then it is possible you can prevent the financial trouble that this card alludes to. However, right now you should be focusing on being in a financially stable position before you begin to worry about if you are going to be rich in the future.

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