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The Four of Cups represents something incredibly uplifting waiting for you around the corner. The bearer of good news is heading your way, and due to its original meaning, this card in reverse knows that good news is well deserved at this time.

Reversed Four of Cups Description

The Four of Cups sees a man sitting below a tree, looking and feeling desolate, without hope. Three cups are situated next to him, whilst the fourth, being offered as the Ace of Cups and symbolising the chance to start a new journey, is being rejected. The man refuses to look up and see the possibility that lay afore him but luckily for you, in reverse, the thoughts of the man are turned upside down and viewed at a different perspective to reveal a much brighter future ahead.

Reversed Four of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 4 of cups main section

In life, as we dance merrily down our path of destiny, we sometimes encounter obstacles. These are not intended for us to give up, and toss hope or agenda aside in favour of defeat, these are merely blips that we use our strength to disperse. The Four of Cups in reverse is exactly that, and this is a huge sign that things are about to change for you for the better.

If you have felt wedged in a corner, or bombarded with negative choices, this is about to all come to an end. You are gaining momentum in your life and in all areas you will notice vast, almost immediate improvement. Moving forward despite difficulty is almost always enough to quell fear and put it back in its box, where it belongs.

What Does Four of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Four of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

If love has not played you well in recent times, that is highly likely to change now. With passion and permission to feel vulnerable in the arms of another soul, your life is about to take an exciting turn for the better as you discover the true meaning of love with someone quite surprising to you. Perhaps this uplifting period of hope has given you a new desire to be rewarded with a great love story. This is certainly yours for the taking.

Reversed Four of Cups – Love Reconciliation

The Four of Cups in reverse is a strong indication that reconciliation is probable in your life. It shows a period of action during a time where inaction has taken over and tried to make itself at home in your heart but you know this is not for you. I am thrilled for you, because reconciling with this card in your reading bodes very well for a strong future filled with brand new ways instead of old, destructive habits.

Reversed Four of Cups – Is Your Love Cheating?

There is one fault with the Four of Cups in reverse. Sometimes, and it really is only sometimes, it can leave you feeling slightly disillusioned. Why might that be? I don’t think anything or anybody is perfect, and that includes this card. What challenges your heart and soul right now is the very real prospect that it is possible for love to come your way and work out for the best. Don’t be fooled by those doubtful niggles you have, because they are coming from your mind and not your heart.

Reversed Four of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

Somebody wants to share and care for your soul in miraculous ways, dear one. Their feelings for you are true and very strong, but I believe you have been blind sided by self doubt and cannot see these acts of love flowing towards you like a gentle, river of Zen. Is it so bad that somebody wants to take care of you?

You have been on your own for too long, with everything possible being offered to you and rejected by your low morale, but now is the time to start seeing the good in life, and that includes taking chances in love. Let is happen, and the magic will take care of itself. Those feelings for you are very real.

Feelings for Someone

As others go, you don’t like to offer yourself freely. You heart has been kept close to your chest for good reason, and I know you don’t want to harm it or cause it unnecessary pain. That being said… you do feel it, don’t you? That skipping of your heart beat each time you think of them or see their name. Don’t ignore it.

If you take a chance, and I don’t mean casually but instead with a level head and an open soul, you can go into this new love with the best future possible to you. I may even go as far as saying this soul could be the one for you.

Reversed Four of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

An astounding YES. His thinking comes from a place or real meaning as well, not just casual thoughts of you or taking you for a coffee. He sincerely allows his thoughts of you to expand out into the universe that create a real life love scenario in his head. He is cautious, yes. Nobody wants to put their heart on the line and risk it being broken, but dear soul, if he is in your thoughts too then this has real potential.

Should I End The Relationship?

When overcoming hardship, it is ever so easy to throw the towel in and say, ‘I’ve had enough. Love isn’t enough for me now.’ This, I believe firmly should be a last resort. Coming from a problematic past where there may have been a level of turbulence should not detract you from a promising future filled with hope. You have to try. This card does not predict the end of any love connection, instead the chance to make peace once and for all.

Is He Right For Me?

As time has told, you have discovered this answer for yourself, I think you just need me to confirm it for you. He is right for you, but its as if you have been conditioned to believe the opposite. That has been a long source of evidence for you, this self belief that you are not good enough for anybody but you, up until now, have failed to see what is afore you, and that is hope. I believe this card reads good for you.

Reversed Four of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

It’s as if this card has answered your question in the clearest way imaginable. Your dream job is to search within yourself, find out what matters to you and help others achieve their goals. I see you working in some form of charity or care position, perhaps in health or social care. You may even be considering being some form of therapist or teacher. Any of these positions would be perfect for you.

Whom Can You Count On For Support?

You have a small circle of friends and family whom you can always rely on for support and you are equally there for them too. This is so important in any life because it means you can always halve your problems and listen to the advice of those who matter. You’ve strong surroundings and that makes you feel empowered when other things seem out of your control. Count yourself lucky, dear soul.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

I don’t necessarily see you as somebody who cares about making lots of money, but I do see you enjoying your life and its comforts with the security of some savings. There is a difference between flaunting your money and using it wisely to better your life and your immediate environment. If you want that more expensive bed or couch, you know you can afford it, but you don’t need to tell the world about it. I like that about you.

Reversed Four of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I borrow Money?

I don’t think you need to. I think you think you do, but you don’t. Things are not that dire. All it takes to reign in on your expenses is to cut back for a little while. You will be surprised at the amount you can save if you hold back on those luxuries and focus on your essentials. Soon enough, the scales will balance and all will be well.

How To Save Money For A Holiday

The Four of Cups in reverse is a very subtle card financially. You have them money to save, and save you will. I think every month once all has been paid for, you can take a slice of what is left and set it aside in another account ready for you to pay for your holiday. The good news here is that I don’t see you saving thousands and thousands, I see you wanting a little break, somewhere filled with peace and recharge and that is going to be affordable to you in no time at all.

What Should I Spend My Money On?

What is it you need? Nothing? Well in that case, allow me to introduce you to the art of a treat. You deserve it after everything you have recently endured. It seems to me that the power of a new luxury could and should be considered because what is life without a little of what we love? You are modest and know exactly when to hold back and when to splurge, so I trust you will make a good decision and buy something you have really had your eye on for a while, particularly if it enhances your physical or mental well being.

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