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This is a card of stability, particularly regarding your finances. You can tell this by the rich purple robes that are worn by the figure in this card. However, in reverse you may need to be more cautious regarding your finance and charity.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Description

In this card, a man dressed in luxurious robes is seen giving money to two beggars at his feet. The robes are purple, the colour or royalty and riches and in one hand, the rich man carries a scale. This scale symbolises the balance that can be achieved when giving charity and it is the kind of justice we should aim for. That being said, in reverse the scales are upside down and are not balanced, meaning you may need to be careful regarding your financial situation. If this card appears, it is likely that you are either the wealthy, purple robed man or one of the beggars themselves. And who you are in this situation will change the readings and meanings of this card.

Main Meaning for Six of Pentacles Reversed

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If it human to be selfish, and if you have done a charitable deed then you may expect something in return for your generosity. However, this card is saying that you should not be holding your breath. Your kind nature may be taken advantage of and that favour or payback you are expecting may simply never arrive. You should not be giving out more than what you have, and this does just not apply to finances.

This card can also be giving a message if you are purely being generous to look good and gain favours. Being charitable simply to help yourself is not a good look, despite your thoughts that it might make you look good. If you are stable enough to give anything then you should not do so for pure selfishness. It is possible that you are in a position where you are taking advantage of other people’s generosity without even realising it. You should be especially careful of this with colleagues if you are in a high-ranking position in your job. There are a lot of interpretations to this card, but the scales relate to the card of Justice which is the card of balance. Make sure to keep an eye out for this card in your reading as it could change the meanings and interpretations.

What Does Six of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Love

Much like the scales on the card, the balance in your relationship has been turned upside down. It is likely that one of you in unhappy, if there is an imbalance in who is constantly giving or putting in the effort, it can be quite draining. Right now, this relationship is not healthy because one, or both of you, may be trapped by this situation and have begun to lose independence. Being the one who always gives means you have nothing to give yourself. And at the same time, being the one who always receives can take away your choice of what you get and what you get to do. Basically, it can be a draining situation for everyone in this relationship and you need to talk and find your balance if you want to get this relationship back to being healthy.

The Reversed Six of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Will this Relationship work out?’

Whilst you might be in a position where your relationship is not healthy, this card is telling you that there is still time to fix it. You need to look at where the imbalance is between you and your partner. Is it with money, or time, or perhaps it is that one of you is always doing what the other wants to do? Either way, this situation can be resolved through conversation and effort. If you are feeling as though your partner is the one doing everything, maybe its time to roll up your sleeves and put some work into your partnership. Maybe you need to treat them for a change or if they are always helping you with things such as work and family, offer them some help, even if it is simply listening.

However, you may also be in a situation where you are putting too much effort in. If you are constantly giving gifts to your partner and planning extravagant dates, they may be feeling overwhelmed and a little smothered. It might be time to take a step back, give them the choice for once. And if you step back and find that they aren’t willing to put in any effort at all, then I’m sad to say it might be time to look at if the two of you are compatible.

Reversed Six of Pentacles as Feelings

I’ll be honest, it is difficult to describe the feelings associated with this card. A lot of the meanings of this card are often situational. Most often, this card links to feelings of generosity and charity. However, these feelings may be coming from selfish desires and, whilst it is good to prioritize yourself once in a while and be a little selfish, you don’t want to feed into these feelings and allow them to overtake you when you are thinking about offering help to someone.

Reversed Six of Pentacles as Advice

Usually, the advice given by this card is to actually stop being so generous. This does seem strange, why would anyone want to be less generous? But there are actually good reasons for this. If this card has appeared, then it is likely you are giving charity that you simply do not have. It is wonderful that you want to help, but you need to make sure you are in a position where you can give without there being negative consequences for you. There are instances where people may take advantage of your charitable nature.

On the opposite side, you may be being charitable for selfish reasons and you should not feed into this. Instead, you should not be giving to be given in return and you should take the time to evaluate why you are doing this. You may not even realise that you are doing this so maybe stop and look at your goals and have a look at how you can improve yourself.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

You need to be careful with your generous nature in the workplace. People may be willing to take advantage of it. And you also need to be cautious of who you except help from. A tiny favour they have offered may make you indebted to them for a much bigger favour. However, if you have taken the help, make sure that you don’t abuse it. Without realising it you may become the person that is taking advantage of your colleague’s kind natures. If you have a higher position than your colleagues then they may be trying to suck up to you, don’t let their eager nature turn you into an advantageous boss.

Reversed Six of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

Chances are, you are not in the best of financial situations if this card has appeared. You may be looking for help and receiving little in return, but that isn’t always the worst thing. If you have been struggling to find anyone who may be able to help or loan to you, do not jump at the first person who does do. Their terms may be unfair and put you in a position that makes you worse off than you were before. It is possible that this is already happening and is the reason for your current financial straits. However, digging deeper is not the way to get out of this hole.

Alternatively, you may have a balanced financial situation and that might be affecting your personality in a bad way. Simply because you are in a stable situation, it doesn’t mean that you should flaunt that or take advantage when there are people around you who could really use your help. You may not get any returns on your generosity, but karma will come round to help you eventually.

Reversed Six of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I take out a loan?’

This is a very easy answer to interpret, no. If this card has appeared after asking this question it is telling you to go steadfastly against getting a loan. Most loaning companies gain something from helping you and the interest that you have to pay back could very easily wind you up into being in a worse position than you are now. Also, if you look in the fine print of the writing, many terms are unfair. You could maybe borrow some money off of a friend or family member, if you know they are not going to hold it over your head, but there is no doubt that if this card appears you should not take out a loan from a big company.

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