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The Star reversed represents a loss of energy, motivation, and hope. This is a card that appears when we feel hopeless and constantly challenged by life or the world itself; countless struggles or challenges have piled on your life and you are fed up with them. At the same time, this card tells us to recover our faith to overcome this time.

Reversed The Star Description

The Star shows us a naked woman with two containers, these represent the conscious and unconscious sides of our mind. Both containers are pouring water, making sure that the river’s flow continues unimpeded and that the vegetation grows properly. One of her feet is placed firmly in the ground showing her connection to the physical world, but her other foot is on the water which signifies her intuition, Behind her in the sky a large start is surrounded by seven smaller ones, reminding us of the chakras that we all carry. All of these elements coupled with the woman’s nudity show that she is heavily attuned with nature and providence.

Reversed The Star main Meaning

Reversed The Star main section

The Star represents a period where you find yourself at peace and communion with the world and natural rules. But when reversed The Star becomes a sign of frustration and hopelessness. People who see this card have usually reached a point in their lives where they feel reality itself has turned against them. A series of misfortunes have made them wary of everything in their lives and they simply feel like they are receiving blow after blow. Faith is gone and replaced with a feeling of anger and injustice, and they might constantly be asking “Why me?”.

It’s important to note that this card firmly speaks about the way you feel and not the reality of the world. It’s possible to feel hopeless even if circumstances haven’t been as awful, or for someone in deep water to remain optimistic. As such this card is mainly a call to take a look back at your life. Has life been that unfair? Is this just a specific frustration that you have allowed to snowball? If this card appears in your readings fixing your mood is the main priority, seek advice whether professional or friendly. Recovering your faith isn’t easy, but a helping hand will go a long way for it.

What does The Star Reversed Mean for Love?

The Star reversed most often manifests as a loss of faith in love itself. This card is most common in single people, particularly those whose cynicism has led them to give up on romantic relationships altogether. While there are valid reasons not to pursue romance when this card appears it usually means that wrong beliefs and old wounds have been affecting your mindset. There’s nothing wrong with love itself. Yes, sometimes people will go away and that will hurt, and other times our optimism will be taken advantage of. However choosing to shut yourself off isn’t any more mature, and can lead to wonderful people drifting away from you.

For people in a relationship this card usually manifests as a sense of insecurity. A series of harsh blows in your life might have led to heavy self-doubt. You might be questioning if you are worthy of being in a relationship and worthy of your partner. Remember that love is a way that goes both ways, and if someone is by your side that means they see great things in you. Old fights might also be returning to the forefront, causing tension and conflict in your relationship. Negative thoughts attract negative thoughts, this is a simple rule of the world. So to ensure your relationship comes out unscathed you’ll need to let go of all those painful thoughts.

Reversed The Star as Feelings

While The Star reversed is not the most optimistic card in the deck, when you are asking about feelings it tends to turn more somber and melancholic. The Star reversed is far from being a good omen, but there can be various ways to interpret it based on the context.

When reversed The Star can represent a loss of innocence or purity, a certain luster in day-to-day life. When used to describe someone’s feelings for you this means that those feelings used to be idealized and almost exaggerated. Just like the stars in the sky you were a guiding beacon and source of hope. However, time and interaction have led to them seeing you for who you are and not just a symbol in their life. This isn’t inherently a bad thing, as The Star by default tends to speaks of impossible feelings. If this card appears it means that you are no longer being idealized and this means a real opportunity for romance can appear. However there is still a sense of confusion and aimlessness in this card, so time will play a huge role in its resolution.

Sometimes however the simplest answer can be the most accurate. The Star reversed speaks of confusion, frustration, and having no direction, and it’s possible the feelings you are asking about simply aren’t clear. The presence of The Star can represent that there is a sense of importance in your bond, but that doesn’t mean there’s a clear tag for it. Sometimes situations are the main thing holding people back from a relationship, so it could be that the moment itself isn’t playing in your favor.

Reversed The Star as Advice

The Star reversed advice yes or no

The best way to interpret The Star as advice is simply as a call to seek help.

This card can appear in response to many things, like questions about an ongoing project or simply as you wonder why misfortune seems to come your way at every turn. However as we saw above The Star reversed has a deep mental component, and as such it’ll be hard to find a clear answer with your head lost in its thoughts. Sometimes the best thing we can do is ask someone else, someone we trust and can offer a perspective that we haven’t considered. Depending on the context it might be better to find a professional in the area like a psychologist or a financial advisor.

In general, we can see this card as advice to remove yourself from your current thoughts. By now you probably have a deep spiral of fears, calculations, and other thoughts that have been swirling around for a long time. It’s unlikely that anything new will come out of that mental landscape right now. You are not attuned with yourself and the world, so outside assistance will be more useful to reach a decision.

Reversed The Star Meaning for Job and Career

In a career reading The Star reversed mainly represents your attitude towards work. By the time you see this card, you’ll likely be experiencing a period of deep boredom or frustration with your day-to-day work. Your engagement is probably on the rocks and you can’t help but see everything as stale or repetitive. We all experience periods of frustration with our work, but it’s important, to be honest with ourselves and find out how bad it is.

The thing with frustration and other negative thoughts is that they pile up. A single concern can call others, and before we notice it we’ll be on the fast lane to depression. Oftentimes we are frustrated because our attitude has shifted too much in a brief period, while work itself hasn’t changed that much. Is your work as harsh as you make it sound? Are the work conditions unmanageable? When did you start feeling this way? It’s important to answer these questions to understand where do these feelings come from. After a rational analysis, you’ll likely find out that work isn’t as awful as it seems, and that you are simply carrying a lot of accumulated stress.

This card is an invitation to change your attitude and find new ways to express yourself and let off some steam. There will always be trouble at work and in other aspects of our life, but you have the power to change your attitude and the way you perceive things.

Reversed The Star Meaning for Money and Finance

In a financial context, this is a card that represents giving up ahead of time. Whether you have been struggling with debt for a while, can’t seem to get your business running a full capacity, or are struggling to have a stable income; the main takeaway is the same: You feel you can’t continue anymore.

When The Star reversed appears it’s telling you the complete opposite. Things might have been hard and challenging, and you have every right to feel tired, but there’s still a way to turn your situation around. There are still solutions that you haven’t been able to see due to a lack of knowledge or your current attitude. It’s time to get some more energy from within and face these challenges again. Be creative and be resourceful, research as much as you can, and ask for advice. There is a solution to your problems nearby, but you need to be positive to identify it and put it into action.

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