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The Devil reversed is a card that appears when someone is close to a personal breakthrough. When reversed it represents you are about to leave your bad habits behind and start growing as a person. Overall the card is an invitation to take a look at your life and shed the parts you don’t need anymore.

Reversed The Devil Description

One of the most striking cards in the deck, particularly for religious people; The Devil shows us a horned figure with two naked people waiting at his side. The main figure in the card looks like Baphomet, a figure that was designed to represent balance both in time has become a symbol for The Devil himself. Its vampiric features and overall appearance warn us of the risk of following our raw desires. The man and woman are chained to Baphomet and have animalistic features showing they are becoming like him. While chained and ashamed due to their appearances a closer look shows that their chains are rather loose; it’s up to them to realize this and let go of their vices.

Reversed The Devil main Meaning

Reversed The Devil main section

When reversed The Devil announces a liberation from bad habits or attitudes that will lead to your life improving. In short, the card represents someone who is about to let go of their burdens and limitations, but the process still requires effort. While The Devil reversed is a good omen the card won’t magically do all the work for us. The card is as much an announcement as it is am an invitation to take an honest look at yourself ad identify the traits that are holding you back.

While the overall message and tone of The Devil reversed is a positive one, this doesn’t mean the transition itself will be seamless. Bad habits might be harmful to us, but they are so rooted in ourselves that letting them go will be a struggle nonetheless. Self-improvement can be a challenge and just the act of accepting your flaws can become trying in and of itself. However The Devil reversed is a card of self-realization, and if you can identify your bad habits now it’s time to finally cut ties with them.

What does The Devil Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings The Devil reversed is first and foremost a card of realization, and this leads to two main interpretations. On one hand, this card can appear when your relationship is struggling, or just finding a partner is proving to be taxing. When The Devil reversed appears it means that you are letting go of insecurities or strong attitudes that have affected your romantic life for a long time. As a result, you’ll feel more in control and will find it easier to compromise on a relationship or avoid conflict altogether. You might get renewed confidence to approach people if you are single as well.

On the reverse, this card can come in the form of a realization that your current relationship is doing more harm than good. Sometimes we tend to overestimate the importance of being in a relationship and this leads to problematic situations. The Devil reversed appears when a blindfold is taken off our eyes and we start to see the flaws in our significant other. Maybe they are possessive or even aggressive, perhaps the issue is that the relationship has turned into one of dependence over affection. As such this is a card that can represent break-ups, but positive ones for your life.

Reversed The Devil as Feelings

Since The Devil reversed mostly talks about liberation it can be a complex card to interpret in regards to feelings, and it’s possible to derive two very distinct meanings for it. While additional cards are always a good aid when it comes to The Devil it’s more important to take an honest look at the relationship between the two individuals you are asking about.

If you get this card when asking for someone’s feelings towards a person they aren’t close to it’s not the best omen. The Devil reversed is a card about letting go of attachments and burdens and as such it’s not inherently the most romantic card in the deck. When this card appears it might mean that in the past there were feelings or an attraction, but right now that has left the person’s mind. Ultimately it’s not a card that hints at a romantic attachment if there’s no existing bond.

On the other hand, this can be a positive card if there’s an established relationship or a close bond. The Devil reversed speaks of letting go of attachments but it doesn’t stand for letting go of everybody. When this card appears you can see feelings that aren’t born out of simple physical attraction or dependence. If there’s already a bond between the two individuals then The Devil reversed shows us that it isn’t born from any vices but it’s a genuine connection based on who these people are.

Reversed The Devil as Advice

The Devil reversed advice yes or no

When asking for advice the overall message of The Devil reversed largely remains the same: Let go of your bad habits, it’s time to grow as a person.

Have you been struggling with a relationship that isn’t going where you want? Then the card is telling you to take control of things and end it if it’s necessary. Are you trying to lose weight but go back to the same treats time and time again? Now it’s time to stop buying them altogether to avoid temptation. If this card is appearing then you must already have an idea of what you want to do or how you want to grow. Identify the things holding you back and cut them from your life.

it’s important to note that The Devil reversed is not a card about quitting. If you ask for advice on whether to go through with something and get this card it doesn’t mean you have to cancel your plans. The Devil reversed is first and foremost a card about growth and self-realization. This means that when you see it it’s time to look at the situation you are asking about to see what works and what doesn’t. More often than not the card is backing up your choice, but it’s reminding you that there are still certain habits or fears you need to cut from your life to make it work. Think carefully and rationally and you’ll be able to make the most of this card’s advice.

Reversed The Devil Meaning for Job and Career

In a work context, The Devil reversed foretells a moment where you’ll be able to regain control in your career. If you have been stuck in an unfulfilling job for a long time then it’s likely that you’ll soon find a better alternative. If there’s been a rivalry grinding you at work both of you may be able to reach a middle ground.

The Devil reversed in general represents a positive breakthrough that will allow you to regain a sense of accomplishment and control over your career. This will be a moment where you’ll come to terms with your situation or find a way to improve on it. This is a particularly powerful card for those individuals who have always dealt with work as a chore or even a punishment. The Devil reversed indicates that a change in your behavior and a period of self-realization will help you find meaning and balance in regards to how you handle work, and this will lead to a period of renewed energy.

You must pay close attention to your attitude during this period, to see what are the positive changes that are improving in your life. Keep them in mind and try to integrate them into your life moving forward. The change period that the card foretells might have not been started by you but it’s up to you to ensure these changes last a long time.

Reversed The Devil Meaning for Money and Finance

In financial readings, The Devil reversed tends to represent a period where you are starting to get control of your finances. Of course, this can come in various shapes or forms, but the specifics often tend to be tied to age. For younger people who are just starting their life, this might be the first time that you are the one handling your own money or a proper salary. In this sense, The Devil reversed shows a liberation from economic dependence and the first steps into having your economy, a process that will improve your mood and self-esteem considerably.

For people with a more established economy, this card tends to represent reining in those habits that at times affect your finances. Things like gambling or excessive spending are being controlled, and you are becoming more responsible with your own money. These changes will immediately see an improvement in your daily life and you must stick to them in the long run. The Devil reversed is a powerful card of transformation and improvement, but our daily choices are the ones that determine whether these changes last or not.

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