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The reversed Nine of Swords represents gripping fears that keep us from advancing. However, the card also represents that these fears might not be as large as we make them out to be, or that there’s an end in sight for the feelings that have been troubling us.

Reversed Nine of Swords Description

The Nine of Swords shows an image that immediately reminds us of nightmares and other night terrors. A woman is sitting on her bed with her hands covering her face. From the dark background we can tell she just woke up from a dream, and her attitude shows it wasn’t a pleasant one. In the background we can see nine swords hanging from the wall. These swords represent harmful negative thoughts and feelings, the ones responsible for her current situation. This idea of inner turmoil is also seen in her bed, as the carving shows a pattern of two figures battling to the death.

Reversed Nine of Swords main Meaning

Reversed 9 of swords main section

As it tends to happen with many of the Swords cards the fact that the Nine of Swords is reversed doesn’t mean it’s now free of negative connotations. Rather it means that the feelings the card transmits come from a more personal place and that you have the tools at hand to get past this moment of your life.

By default the reversed Nine of Swords represents inner turmoil born from your inner fears and doubts. This might paralyze you and keep you from advancing, or in more severe cases might get you medicated. Dealing with fear is always hard but it is necessary for your personal growth. It’s important to identify what kind of fear is currently affecting you and what is the source. Fear can come from real threats like financial instability, or past traumas. Sometimes fear is just a symptom of deep stress in which case the key lies in being able to disconnect yourself from those emotions. Ultimately getting past your fears takes a while, but friends and professionals are willing to lend a hand.

That growth process can also be what the card is telling you about. Since the reversed Nine of Swords represents fears that we can overcome the card is often a good omen. A friendly message that tells you the light is near and you are about to conquer this rough patch in your life.

What does Nine of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

When it comes to love the reversed Nine of Swords can be a complex card to read, as it’s deeply tied to the mental state of the people involved in the reading. If you don’t want to end up more confused than you started; then you want to add more cards to your reading.

When we look at this card the main idea that we need to take away is “Your inner fears”, and those won’t always represent what’s happening in reality. Many people interpret this card directly as a bad omen of struggles or infidelity in a relationship, but in practice, it represents more the negative mental image that is taking root in your head.

This card can be a warning that you are letting too many ideas roman in your head, that you have countless theories regardless of what’s happening. The biggest danger with this card is that it can cause you a lot of mental stress even if nothing is happening. You need to get your emotions in check and this might need outside assistance. An outsider’s perspective lets you know how unfounded or real your fears are.

Overall the message of the card is that your thoughts or those of your partner are the real issues. There might be real problems in the relationship, but the emotional burden is the biggest issue right now.

Reversed Nine of Swords as Feelings

For readings centered on deciphering feelings, the reversed Nine of Swords is not the best omen. While it’s not inherently a rejection or means that your feelings aren’t responded, it’s ultimately a warning that it’s not the right time.

The reversed Nine of Swords is a card that appears during deep and intense emotional moments. If you see this card when asking for someone’s feelings or even your own the main thing you need to take away is that their mind is busy. This person is going through a lot. Even if their life seems fine at first sight internally their mind is a battlefield and this is a complex situation to factor in any more feelings.

You can see this card as an “Ask me later” as the emotional overload makes it an ill-suited moment to think about romantic matters. This person might have a future with you, he might not, but one way or another there’s no way for them to decipher their feelings right now.

As usual, the card can represent that the involved person is letting go of this struggle. In this context, the message is more hopeful. You won’t get clarification immediately, but if they are letting go of their baggage romance always can enter their mind at a later date. Regardless don’t take the warning of this card lightly, and if it’s someone close to you try to offer the emotional support they need.

Reversed Nine of Swords as Advice

By now it should be more than clear what the main advice that the reversed Nine of Swords has for you: Let go of your worries.

Of course, letting go of your worries isn’t something that will happen in one day. Overcoming your fears and anxieties is a process, but it’s one you need to face eventually. The thing with negative feelings like stress and anxiety is that they attract each other. If you want to have a bad day just think of something sad and at a moment’s notice you’ll have countless bad thoughts going your way.

Approach your anxiety from a rational angle. What things can be solved? If they have a solution then it’s time to find ways to fix things instead of just worrying about them. What is out of your control? These are things that you must let go of or confide in others. As much as we would like we don’t control fate, and sometimes certain things will just be out of our control. Worrying about things that won’t change is incredibly harmful because it’s not something that will fix itself with time.

When it comes to advice on specific topics the card can usually be interpreted as “Stop overthinking it”. If you are trying to ask for advice on a project, essay or a choice you are trying to make then the card is just telling you to space yourself from it. You’ve been thinking about this for a long time, you already know all the pros and cons. And right now you are only wandering for the sake of wandering.

Reversed Nine of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

More often than not the reversed Nine of Swords is a welcome sight when it comes to career readings. This card represents that while there’s undeniably been tension and stress tied to your work, you are close to the end. This card can represent the end of specific issues like work rivalry or financial stress. But as it tends to be with the Nine of Swords it’s usually tied to self-discovery. Now that your burden is lightened you might have realized that your situation isn’t as bad as it seemed. With a brighter outlook in your life, you can even come to love a job that used to be tiresome. Our jobs aren’t all that we are, however they do play a large role in our day-to-day life. And this renewed energy in your career will likely lead to improvements in other aspects of your life.

The card however can also be a warning that you need to go through this process. If you keep your tension bottled up and don’t let go then your work will only get worse. In life, it doesn’t matter how things are objectively. If your head is in a bad place everything will feel taxing and unfair. And if these feelings keep piling up you might come face to face with an emotional breakdown.

Reversed Nine of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

Once again the proper reading of this card will come down to your attitude and emotions, but this time the overall message is more clear. If you see the reversed Nine of Swords when asking about your finances you have two options. Either come to terms with reality and start realizing that your situation isn’t as bad as it seems in your head, or remain fearful and watch how your fears start to become realized due to your inaction.

The reversed Nine of Swords shows no ill will per se, as it leaves everything in your hands. The issue with living in fear is that it can cause us to make irresponsible choices. Fear is a terrible advisor and if you let your doubts govern your financial choices you might find yourself in a real crisis soon. On the other hand, if you realize that your finances are not as scary or dire as they seem in your head you will be able to make informed and safe choices. Life is what you make of it, and that’s the main message the card has for you.

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