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The Three of Cups reversed represents the negative indication that all is not well in your circle. Wealth is missing from your life, be it socially or financially. You have let the happiness slip away are replacing your neglected plans for something far more lacking in luster. It is time to rediscover your togetherness.

Reversed Three of Cups Description

The Three of Cups reversed displays three women, all celebrating life and love with their dresses flowing of white red an orange – an ode to the women on Strength Justice and Temperance. Coming together as this union represents courage and compassion – but here in the reversed state, we see those meanings fall from around us. No longer do you possess these traits in your life, instead replaced with backstabbing and uncertainty.

Reversed Three of Cups main Meaning

Reversed 3 of cups main section

When you swim against the tide, it can be incredibly tiring to keep fighting the rhythm of Mother Nature. What usually sets you apart from others is your strength and courage even in the face of peril, but at the moment, you seem to have lost all meaning for this, replaced fearfully by isolating plans and fall outs.

When we feel this way, it can be all too easy to point the finger at yourself and say, ‘Why does this always happen to me?’ Life becomes more about victim mode rather than, ‘What can I learn from this?’ Your usual spark is missing, your friends are nowhere to be seen and this has left you feeling rather cheated. The Three of Cups in reverse is not your friend, and potentially neither are some you already label so.

What Does Three of Cups Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Three of Cups – Meaning For Love Relationships

Relationships are difficult to steer into the sunset we all want to witness at times. When communication is lost on one or both parts, we find ourselves drifting and then turning back, wondering where our soul is. This is likely happening to you, as the usual state of happy affairs is lost to a confused state of mind.

Reversed Three of Cups – Love Reconciliation

A reconciliation is unlikely at this time for you, dear soul. I tell you this directly because there is a large and unwelcome air of disloyalty around you, and that is on real basis for a relationship to either grow or be reborn. You have to ask yourself though, do you really want love to come alive amongst such sadness? You deserve more.

Reversed Three of Cups – Is Your Love Cheating?

The only reason you are asking yourself this is because you have likely heard it from other sources. Are so-called friends gossiping about you behind your back? What an awful feeling this must be as you try to establish what has gone wrong, you find yourself lost in a sea of hearsay and betrayal from all corners. If your soul has been disloyal, it is you who needs to ask the question, and not assume the truth from others.

Reversed Three of Cups as Feelings

Feelings For You

Feelings for you may well be alive and kicking. It is wonderful to know another soul cares for us as deeply as we care for them, but feelings and acting on feelings are totally different concepts. I get the feeling during the turning of the Three of Cups in reverse is that things aren’t all they seem. Something is preventing this union from fully being united. That could be you or it could be your soul.

One scenario, and the most likely, is that the soul you want to have feelings or you isn’t quite ready to admit these yet. It is up to you now, do you stay, waiting and hoping, or do you move on? Only you can decide.

Feelings for Someone

Your feelings for another can become distorted in the web of cheating and lies that has surrounded your life recently. What a confusing time to admit or act upon something that doesn’t fully equate to a happy union, or the potential to be so. Think carefully whether your heart is pining for that special someone, or whether you just want it to.

You likely feel a deep sense of frustration that either the way you feel isn’t being noticed, or you are too afraid to let your heart flow towards them. Whatever the reason – now doesn’t seem the right time to act upon anything, at least for the time being.

Reversed Three of Cups as Advice

Does He Think About Me?

He can think about you, and wish you were together, or at least wish he could tell you how he feels, but the Three of Cups is a warning of disingenuous acts. Do you want him to be thinking bout you? Because I feel as though you deserve better and even the notion of a coupling between you is leading to those around you gossiping about you. Is it worth it?

Is He Cheating?

I am sad to report to you, my dear soul, that it looks promising here that you are in for a broken heart. I don’t know if cheating can be constituted as thinking of another soul in ways that tar an already established union, but any form of straying leads to a much hearer task force in repairing relations. Prepare for heartache.

Is He Right For Me?

Right and wrong are learned through lessons, hard times and the level you value your self worth. Is it right for you that all your thoughts on your love interest are pulling you away from friends, family, your job and all other priorities in life. And for what? Somebody who isn’t reciprocating even half as much. Does that seem right to you?

Reversed Three of Cups Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You seem to prefer the company of yourself and few others. I have a feeling that you get into the least amount of trouble when there aren’t crowds surrounding you, egging you on or causing you to procrastinate or put off important things, especially when it comes to jobs. You need a small team around you at the very most, but I do foresee you working for yourself, with your own rules.

Whom Can You Count On For Support?

You are a loving and caring soul, with many redeeming qualities, but I fear you have recently fallen into the wrong crowd, and they do not count you as highly as you regard them. Think about who has always been there for you, and even if you have recently been out of touch, try reconnecting with them instead. Trust is built over time.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You love the idea of sitting comfortable atop your throne of life, but you don’t seem to be bothered to make it happen. The world is yours for the taking but you have allowed recent heartaches or disappointments to weigh you down and see you neglecting your own tasks, some that could earn you a fortune if you only realised your worth and stopped listening to the gossip of others.

Reversed Three of Cups Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I borrow Money?

Well, of course you could borrow money, but was the Three of Cups in reverse wants you to do is earn it yourself, because the likelihood is that you wont return it and this will only cause fractured relations. People will talk about you as though you can’t afford to pay it back when in truth, you will simply neglect the idea.

How To Save Money For A Holiday

Firstly – and my sound advice is – do not tell anybody you want to save for a holiday. You must avoid letting people know your plans, even those close to you. They may judge, or ask to tag along when in fact your plan is to simply go somewhere alone to recharge and refresh. Yes, absolutely save, my dear, but your holiday is your business. Give yourself the pleasure of saving behind closed doors.

What Should I spend My Money On?

If you are lucky enough to have a disposable income at this time, ensure you are treating yourself modestly. In splurging the cash, or indulging n luxurious items, you are sure to attract a colony of jealousy, including those around you the closest. Yes, even close family or friends can suffer with an attack of the green eyed monster. Play it safe, keep it subtle and enjoy your life.

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