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The reversed Five of Wands is a card that represents a natural tendency to avoid conflict. The card indicates that someone’s naturally drawn to avoiding conflicts in their daily life. This trait however can end up being negative and lead to internal conflict and strife depending on how each person handles it. As the Fives in tarot traditionally represent conflict and change the reversed Five of Wands shows a tendency to avoid both.

Reversed Five of Wands Description

The five of wands is an interesting card as meaning can be further derived from a detailed reading of its art. At first sight, we can easily identify five youths with wands or sticks in arms. There’s no denying that all of these individuals are in opposition with each other, and yet the wands aren’t weapons themselves.

The wands each figure carries clash with each other almost accidentally. Everybody is being stopped by carrying their wands, but nobody is actively trying to stop or hurt each other. The card showcases a ridiculous conflict, all of the figures are impeding each other’s advance without really trying to do so.

Reversed Five of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 5 of wands main section

Since the upright Five of Wands already represents conflict and lack of progress with your goal the reversed Five of Wands is often interpreted in a more positive light. Generally the card tends to represent avoiding conflicts, whether this means you are naturally drawn to avoid fights or that you’ll be able to avoid a complex confrontation soon. As such the card can often be a good omen, one that shows that the troubles or conflict in your life might be reaching an end. Perhaps long disagreements or arguments might be reaching their end.

However, this doesn’t mean the card is without its potential for warnings. Since the upright Five of Wands generally represents conflicts with other people the reversed card can mean that you are struggling with an inner conflict. Like the figures in the card, your mind can be stuck between varying conflicting positions. The reversed Five of Wands can stand for your insecurity or doubts in an important subject or idea and as such like in the illustration you might find yourself treading the same topic without moving forward with it.

The reversed Five of Wands is a card that invites you to look for deep reading, contextually its meaning can vary considerably. Make clear questions and look at yourself honestly to find the real reading the cards are offering you.

What does Five of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For those of you in a relationship, the reversed Five of Wands is a card that focuses on “avoiding conflicts” when it comes to love. While this can mean that a particularly heavy issue is finally behind you it can also have more alarming readings. A reversed Five of Wands can mean that someone in the relationship is bottling their feelings up to avoid a confrontation. As such it’s important to look over your recent behavior to see if there’s a chance you’ve been holding back or making your partner feel like they need to do so. Nobody likes a fight, but not voicing our concerns can cause trust to deteriorate with time too. Your opinion matters and expressed with affection it won’t turn into a fight.

For those who are currently single, the card usually shows a lack of excitement or prospects in your present. Perhaps you went from dating regularly to seeing no suitors. Is something holding you back? Have you changed the way you look at relationships? While a moment to yourself is never a bad thing, if you are looking for a relationship then something might be holding you back. If something in a past relationship or date has left you intimidated don’t let that paint your whole view of romance, better prospects are still waiting for you.

Reversed Five of Wands as Feelings

If you are reading for someone’s else feelings towards you the reversed Five of Wands can be a positive card. If you are trying to discern your chances between multiple prospects the card can mean that there’s no real competition to be found. Perhaps the situation is more straightforward than you imagine, and in their eyes, you are the only possible option. Occasionally however this reading can have a different reasoning. Sometimes there’s no competition because the involved person is avoiding relationships at the moment. Further readings and questions are recommended when you get the reversed Five of Wands to paint a complete picture of the situation.

When asking for your feelings on someone the context matters greatly to understand the reading. If you have had a recent conflict or disagreement with this person the reversed Five of Wands can be a reassuring card. In established relationships, this card can mean that those fights you had are about to end and the moment to rebuild your trust is around the corner. However, if you aren’t involved with someone this card can represent that you still hold internal conflict over how you feel. Don’t try to force a cleared reading, instead spend your time learning more about the other person so the matter can clear itself up.

Reversed Five of Wands as Advice

Due to the various possible reversed Five of Wands tarot card meanings, it’s important to keep in mind the specific question you asked when reading the card. However, in general terms the reversed Five of Wands is a card that tells you not to worry so much about the topic at hand. Since the upright Five of Wands shows a constant struggle that keeps you from advancing, its reversed counterpart shows you that the issue is not as large as it seems in your head. You should slow down and pay less attention to the matter at hand, chances are it’s not as big as it seems at first.

The card can also represent your internal conflict when it comes to accepting change. If you feel many things in your life at changing at an accelerated pace and asked for advice on this matter the card is telling you to flow with these changes. Life is full of change, and getting stuck in a single point isn’t better either. You don’t have to go out of your way to change, but there’s not much point to struggle against it. Find what is in your control and what isn’t, and stop worrying over what you can’t stop.

Reversed Five of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

For those of you looking for advice on your job and career, the reversed Five of Wands is consistently a positive reading. As we’ve mentioned in its upright position the Five of Wands stands for pointless conflicts that keep anybody from moving forward. As such its reversed counterpart more often than not means that those conflicts and issues at work are about to pass. The days of pointless conflict are finally becoming a thing of the past, and you’ll experience a renovated work environment where collaboration is finally at the forefront.

If you currently are looking for a job or choosing career paths then it’s important to give a deeper reading to the card. As we’ve seen the reversed Five of Wands is a card whose meaning can vary based on context, however getting it is still largely positive. If you interpret it as internal conflict then it’s an opportunity to think more on the topic, but it’s important to remember that reversed it represents doubt in you, not an issue in the possible work itself. The card can also mean that there’s no competition or obstacles in place, and as such, you’ll be able to get in this line of work with no major issues.

Reversed Five of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

When it comes to finances and any queries related to money it’s important to draw various cards, as the message the reversed Five of Wands offers depends heavily on the cards it’s drawn with. A reversed Five of Wands can be a powerful and positive card if the other cards also show an optimistic message. In these cases, the card is telling you that a long financial struggle you’ve been dealing with is nearing its end. The card shows you that those conflicts are finally moving away from your finances and you can start looking forward to a better economical situation.

However, if the other cards also display negative readings then this can be a warning that your current struggle might deepen. The card never means that it’s impossible to come back from a setback, but it does tell you that a new factor might come into play. If you read a negative reading it’s a good idea to look at your finances and start saving where possible. The escalation of your financial issues doesn’t have to be drastic, but there’s a real possibility they might get worse before they improve. Be measured with your expenses and start looking for specific solutions to get past these challenging times.

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