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Six of Swords reversed represents trouble coming, as well as feeling trapped and overwhelmed. There might be a lack of progress in your life which is making you feel stuck. Your life is about to become turbulent, however, this is all part of a spiritual transition you must go through.

Reversed Six of Swords Description

Six of swords features a woman and a child traveling through the water on a boat towards a land that is nearby. The woman’s face is covered, a sign of loss and sadness. The child is close to her looking for safety, protection, and comfort for the journey ahead. They carry six swords on the boat which represent the luggage they are carrying from the past into their present and future. The water surrounding them is turbulent, there might be trouble close by. Far ahead, the water is calm, once they overcome those challenges, they’re ready to find something better in the land.

Reversed Six of Swords main Meaning

Reversed 6 of swords main section

When it is reversed, the six of swords means that change is needed. You’re going to go through a transition that might be uncomfortable for you. Change is uncomfortable, you may be reluctant to go forward at first, especially since six of swords reversed suggests that trouble is nearby. Your path could turn a little rocky and turbulent. Even if it’s difficult, it’s a change that’s necessary to better your life. This card can also mean slow healing, you’re going to leave something behind that is no longer serving your purpose, this could be a toxic relationship, an old habit, behavior, or a belief.

The six of swords reversed also means instability, you could be feeling stuck in life as you see no progress is being made. You’ve identified the changes you need to do and you’ve figured this is a journey that you need to do alone. You have to release your old thinking patterns to let this new beginning bring stability to your life. There’s something you’ve been holding onto for too long, you know you have to let it go but you want to fool yourself thinking this situation will get better. It will not. Stand your ground.

What does Six of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

Six of swords reversed indicates that the storm is coming, your relationship is not going well at the moment. You both have definitely some issues going on which is causing trouble in your relationship. Therefore, you might be feeling overwhelmed, things are not progressing the way you’d like to. If you’re in a relationship, it could mean that a third person is trying to interfere and sabotage the relationship.

If you’re single, it means that there isn’t much progress happening in your love life and that’s making you feel stuck. This card reveals that there’s something from the past that’s been bothering you for a while, no matter what you do, this situation keeps going back into your mind. It’s time to leave the past where it belongs, the past.

Should I Start a New Relationship?

If you’ve just ended a relationship you should be careful with starting a new one so soon. You’re still dealing with all the emotions and wounds from that previous relationship that might’ve not ended on good terms. Six of swords reversed suggests that you should focus on healing by yourself first, and not let old patterns from previous relationships intercept your new experiences. Allow yourself to heal at the time and pace you need, if you jump into a new relationship in the state you’re currently in, things could potentially not work the way you’d hoped.

Reversed Six of Swords as Feelings

Six of Swords Reversed as Someone’s Feelings for You

If you have a crush on this someone, it may not be the time to be with this person. He or she feels confused and overwhelmed. The six of swords reversed suggests that this person also feels trapped when it comes to you. However, this is not your fault. There is something that is bothering this person, an unfinished business that has nothing to do with you. They prefer to stay in loveless relationships at the moment as their problems are too big to handle quickly, they don’t want to add any distraction, they feel suffocated.

Six of Swords Reversed as Your Feelings for Someone

Six of swords reversed means that your feelings for this person are conflicted. There is a possibility that this person reminds you of a bad experience that happened to you in the past. Even if you try to not think about it, there are some similarities that trigger that memory, you can’t help but remember that event. Letting go of the past is one of the most beneficial and healthiest things you can do, it’s so powerful. You’re struggling because you’re scared the situation might happen again, but you can’t compare what happened there with what’s happening now. Live in the now and let go.

Reversed Six of Swords as Advice

These are some of the most common questions people like to ask tarot readers for advice when the six of swords comes out reversed.

What Should I do Now?

The six of swords reversed is an indicator that you’re probably feeling stuck with your life. It’s likely that you’re feeling overwhelmed because you want to move faster, you’re not seeing the results you wanted. Truth is that you probably went with the wrong approach, if things are not working out the way you wanted, it’s because there’s something better prepared for you. Also, it’s possible that you’re doing something that doesn’t bring you happiness or joy, you’re just doing it because it pays the bills, it’s comfortable and safe. Instead of making your life miserable, why not go for the things that you want?

What is The Future of This Relationship?

Six of swords reversed speak about stormy relationships and how trouble is coming soon. Of course, this might not be the case for everyone. However, this card talks about being potentially involved in a toxic relationship. You know that a change has to be made, you know this is not what you wanted yet you’re reluctant to let go. This is an environment that doesn’t bring anything good to your life. This is your journey and nobody else can make the decision for you. On the other hand, if you’re not in a stormy relationship, then this card could mean both of you will face some challenges, you can go through them only if you work together.

Reversed Six of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

There are problems at your work, this situation is making you feel stressed. It seems that no matter what you do, problems always appear your way. You probably want to leave, but there’s something that’s stopping you, you feel trapped. It’s likely that you prefer to stay there because you haven’t found anything better. This is overwhelming for you. On the other side of the coin, it could mean that you’re the one who’s causing trouble, you might bring a situation that happened in the past over and over again, you still hold grudges. If you’re the one that’s causing the disturbance, it doesn’t matter if you manage to leave the job, you can’t escape yourself.

What Should I be Careful of at Work?

Six of swords reversed represents turbulence, so there might be trouble at work. It could not be the case for everyone but you might face someone who’s trying to sabotage you or cause trouble around you. This is a person that has bad intentions, keep an eye open and observe your surroundings. Another thing you should be careful of is risking your own happiness by being trapped in a job you don’t like. Explore your preferences, there will always something better coming for you, but you have to let go of old beliefs.

Reversed Six of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

Six of swords reversed indicates that you’re probably struggling financially, but you’re deciding to run away from it instead of eliminating the problem from the root. It’s likely that you’re feeling there’s no way you can handle the situation, but running away it’s not going to make things any better. You have to tackle this problem right away before it becomes too big for your hands, with professional help and advice you’ll be able to slowly solve it and everything will come back into place. A little effort is needed. You can’t escape any longer, when it comes to money, the problem will always find you until you decide to take care of it.

Is there an Escape Route?

Sadly, there isn’t. The only way for you to overcome this challenge is by taking the bull by the horns. It might be scary, but you have everything you need available to you, you just need to find the clues. If you’re struggling to manage your finances then it’s better to seek help and talk with someone that knows well the environment, someone that knows how to get you out of the situation safely, instead of trying to figure things out on your own.

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