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The reversed Four of Wands is a card that mainly represents a lack of harmony. This can range from tensions with those around you to the inner turmoil that is preventing you from looking at the better aspects of life. As such the card is closely tied to both the discomfort and unexpected changes that can happen in your life.

Reversed Four of Wands Description

The Four of Wands features a pair of figures at the forefront dancing and celebrating with joy. Four wands stand upright with decorations and fruit while in the background we can see other figures engaged in conversation and the outline of a castle.

The focus of the art is clear on the celebration, a party for goals reached which ties back to the art of the previous Wands cards. The Four of Wands showcases the realization of a goal and its accompanying joy. This means that when reversed the apparent harmony of the picture can be interpreted as being in disarray.

Reversed Four of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 4 of wands main section

The reversed Four of Wands is a card that stands for a lack of harmony. Where its upright counterpart stands for reaching personal milestones or goals when reversed the card is a warning about the way you currently feel inside or in regards to those around you.

The card usually refers to harmony in groups, and as such it’s very closely tied to families and how you feel in yours. Tense relationships and dynamics are something the card warns about, and if you see this card you should take a minute to think about how your relationships have felt recently.

Depending on the situation the source for this lack of harmony can come from you or the outside. You may have felt for a long time that you don’t fit in your family or a particular group, that you aren’t receiving the support or communication you need to feel at ease. However, it’s also likely that all these tensions are happening between other members of your family or circle of friends and that you simply are stuck in the middle of this tension.

Regardless of the source, this card tells us to take a look back at our interactions and find what might be inconveniencing us. The reversed Four of Wands is a warning, but it can also be the cue you need to start getting everything back on track.

What does Four of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

The reversed Four of Wands tarot card meanings can vary a lot when it comes to love, and that comes down to your current love situation. If you are single the appearance of this card usually signifies that you are approaching love from the wrong angles. Perhaps your idea of finding love is too idealized, or maybe a past relationship has left you sour on romance. For single people, the lack of harmony the card represents comes in the form of incompatibility, an incompatibility between reality and the ideas in your head.

If you are currently in a relationship then the reading of the card chances considerably. The reversed Four of Wands can be a warning that there are underlying conflicts between you and your significant other. Maybe there are topics that the two of you don’t see eye to eye on. However, these issues can also come solely from one of the partners or even from external influences. Often the card can represent your struggle with a more serious relationship, or it can show that the people around the couple might have issues accepting their current relationship.

For couples who have large plans, the reversed Four of Wands can also mean an upcoming delay, like having to postpone a wedding or anniversary. So overall while the card is not a good omen to see, there’s time and room to find answers to what might be causing this warning to appear.

Reversed Four of Wands as Feelings

The reversed Four of Wands can be a scary card to see when you are asking for feelings, however like all cards it does offer valuable lessons that might improve future readings. If you are asking for your feelings then the reversed Four of Wands shows that perhaps your feelings aren’t as clear as you might think. There might be doubts inside of you about how you truly feel, perhaps your attraction wasn’t as firmly rooted as you assumed. This doesn’t mean that the affection isn’t real per se, but it does mean that your feelings are conflicted and you need to find the source. of this.

If you are asking for someone’s else feelings towards you then the main takeaway is usually that your feelings and theirs aren’t matching. if you are asking for someone you aren’t romantically involved with chances are they look at you in a different light or have reservations towards establishing a new relationship for some reason. if you are already involved with that person then it’s likely that your future goals have differences, perhaps both of you are aiming at different goals in your life. So be clear and honest and remember that a good relationship is one that helps both of you to reach your dreams and goals.

Reversed Four of Wands as Advice

When asking for advice the reversed Four of Wands is a card that invites you to think back on the foundations of your query. Lack of harmony can often come from external factors but it usually starts from within. If you get this reading while asking on personal matters it often means that your feelings are in disarray or in conflict with the question you just asked. Give yourself time to think things over. Why are you asking this? Why do you want to fulfill this specific goal? Are you doing this for yourself or somebody else? If you clear your mind you will be able to ask the right questions and find more accurate answers.

When your questions are in regards to outside factors you can expect to find further conflict between your goals and the topic at hand. The reversed Four of Wands is a card that often talks about delays, sudden issues, and other assorted conflicts. A reversed Four of Wands doesn’t mean the entire project or relationship is doomed however. The Four of Wands is often a card that speaks of personal milestones and as such these obstacles can be smaller in scale than you’d assume at first. But overall this card tends to carry a heavy warning with it.

Reversed Four of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to your job and career the card usually shows tension and incompatibility with your co-workers. If you are just starting a new job don’t be surprised if adapting proves to be harder than you expected. Getting the reversed Four of Wands does not imply a basic incompatibility, nor will the card represent your entire experience in this new job. But it can be a harsh start so keep that in mind to keep yourself calm as composed while things settle down.

If you are already settled down in your job and don’t feel that the card represents any discomfort at work then the card is probably talking about future projects. A reversed Four of Wands can mean that an upcoming event or presentation will not go as intended. As such the lack of harmony will come from a specific challenge and not an issue with your co-workers, Prepare well and in advance for any upcoming presentations but don’t get too beat up if an issue does arise. Life comes with its small setbacks and as such sometimes drawing a reversed Four of Wands is simply unavoidable.

Reversed Four of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

More often than not the reversed Four of Wands warns you about financial issues that stem from lack of planning. Chances are that your current economic situation isn’t a reflection of your full potential but simply a result of various factors that have piled up with time. Think carefully about how you are spending your money and where you can save, you’ll likely see improvements just from this.

As the Four of Wands is closely tied to relationships the card can be warning you about the way you use your money in regards to others, in particular your family. Do you lend a lot of money to your family? Do you provide anything your children request of you? Has an unfortunate accident happened in your family recently? The reversed Four of Wands often tells us that our money imbalance comes from the money we are giving our family, and this money doesn’t come only in the form of loans.

Ultimately as with all readings of this card, the reversed Four of Wands tells us that our money is not in harmony, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be fixed. Whether family is playing a large role or not as long as you give thought to how you handle your expenses you should be able to find the path to get your finances back on track.

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