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The reversed King of Wands is a card that represents a lack of experience and emotional control required to fulfill your leadership role and your overall goals. This can come in two main forms: A lack of drive and ambition to strive towards your goal; or pride and arrogance that lead to an aggressive attitude when leading new projects.

Reversed King of Wands Description

The King of Wands shows a King looking towards the horizon while firmly seated atop his throne. The blossoming wand in his hand represents creativity and life, showing a natural tendency towards creative pursuits. Like the other royalty Wands, the main colors in his costume are yellow and red; these colors remind us of fire and show his natural passion and strength. The King of Wands has a heavier focus on Salamanders than any other Wand, with their shape adorning his coat and throne. The salamanders are biting their tail, which represents infinity and the constant drive of the monarch to work towards his goals. Last but not least the throne is adorned with lions as well, showing the pride and strength of royalty.

Reversed King of Wands main Meaning

Reversed King of wands main section

In general, the main meaning you can derive from the reversed King of Wands is a lack of focus or skills to properly bring your goals and tasks to completion. Where the upright card shows us resolve and strength that means all projects will get solved, its reversed counterpart speaks of being unable to make use of those traits to see your responsibilities to completion.

The card can be a warning that you are lacking certain traits required to be a leader in your environment. This can refer to a lack of practical experience, but can also appear in regards to your ambition or even your personality. Not everybody feels comfortable giving orders and pushing goals into others. However, when life places you in this position it’s important to do your best both for your sake and those working alongside you. It might take a while but confidence plays a long role in making you a good leader.

On the other hand, the card can refer to the complete opposite attitude. Sometimes confidence can result in arrogance and this attitude is just as dangerous for anybody in a leadership role. Leadership isn’t about being rash or overbearing, and it’s not about being superior either. A project requires that everybody works towards a single goal, and being empathic is vital to fulfilling these goals.

What does King of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For single people, the reversed King of Wands usually represents that you will soon meet a person that embodies the personality traits this card represents. This can often be a concerning omen as rash and arrogant people can often be womanizers, divas, or generally pushy people with a strong disposition. When meeting new people it’s important to think beyond the excitement they bring to your life and give serious thought to their attitude; don’t let yourself be swept by the moment. Alternatively, it can also mean that a person you will meet or have recently met has commitment issues, usually a fear of being trapped in an overbearing relationship. This is a great time to prove you can be independent and that relationships are as much about sharing as they are about commitment.

For those of you in a relationship, there are two possible readings you can derive from the reversed King of Wands. On one hand, there’s a possibility that one of you is being pushy or overbearing in the relationship. Support should never come in the form of criticism, and trust shouldn’t be harmed by broken promises. Words alone can be abusive so don’t let aggression become common in your relationship. Alternatively, this card can represent rooted insecurity in your relationship. If that’s the case it’s time to talk, solutions won’t magically fall in your lap, but talking about your goals and expectations is healthy for both of you.

Reversed King of Wands as Feelings

The main feeling the reversed King of Wands stands for is a need to be in control. Whether you get this reading when asking for your feeling or somebody’s else the need to be in control, or the fear of losing it will always be key to understanding what the card is telling you.

When the reversed King of Wands represents a need for control it commonly appears in people who are naturally dominating or overbearing. This is usually shown as a feeling of entitlement towards the object of their interest. If you get this card feelings then it’s very likely that the person you are reading about or yourself feel entitled to have a relationship. This will always be a concern, but it’s more worrying if it appears when reading on an ex. Love isn’t about owing anything, and this mentality should have no place in a relationship.

Alternatively, this card might represent a fear of losing control. Being involved in a relationship means lowering your barriers and that can be scary. If you get this in regards to your feelings it’s time to be more trusting, it’s okay to be responsible but your fears might be keeping you away from great people. If you see the card for somebody else then be patient and supportive, Rome wasn’t built on a day and some relationships take more time.

Reversed King of Wands as Advice

The easiest way to read the reversed King of Wands is to see it as a reminder to find s middle ground in your emotions and drive.

As we’ve seen so far the reversed King of Wands usually represents a struggle to reach your goals or desires, and it can come from two very different emotional ends of the spectrum. This ultimately shows us that both lack of confidence and overbearing self-esteem can be an obstacle in your daily life and that it’s important to reach a balance to move forward.

If you find the reversed King of Wands in one of your readings then it’s time to take a serious look at your attitude to see what might be out of place. Are you starting a new project and feel overly confident without real grounding? Take a few steps back and find how feasible this project is to avoid losing money and time on it. Were you recently promoted and don’t feel up to the task? Look back and remember why you were promoted in the first place, your company saw value in your skills and now you should do so as well.

The reversed King of Wands demands an honest look at yourself to help, but with some careful introspection, you can make this card one of your strongest allies.

Reversed King of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

As usual, the reversed King of Wands warns of two possible attitudes that can affect the growth of your career, and while one is more passive than the other both are a serious cause of concern.

Being passive is never an ideal attitude to take, even less so when it comes to your job. If you simply allow days to pass by you will never grow past your current occupation. If you do enjoy your job then it’s important to show that drive and determination. Being driven in work improves your times and results, and makes sure that other people notice you. You won’t find ascensions by doing simply what is expected of you. And if you don’t enjoy your current job then passivity can be even more concerning. If you simply let the days pass you by you will never stop to think about what you want to do.

However, while drive is important it should never become overbearing. Showing your best side does not include bossing or harassing your co-workers or employees. Leadership is earned and not demanded. You can’t force others to follow you, it’ll come naturally if you always do your best and become a source of support in your company.

Reversed King of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

When it comes to finances the reversed King of Wands usually shows a lack of dedication or information. This card can show an expectation for financial problems to solve themselves. This can be something as simple as wishing to wing the lottery or avoiding a real and immediate financial crisis. Money like all things in this world demand effort and attention. Instead of expecting a miracle set simple goals that help you build more stable finances. Even if they are short-term goals adding some structure to the way you handle money will pay-off in a short time.

This card can also show that while you have the drive to improve your finances you might lack key information to do so. Nobody is born an economist. How to handle money is something that can confuse most of us. You should never be afraid to ask for advice, doubly so if it’s something as important as your finances. You already have the passion to improve your finances, now all you need is to get the proper advice.

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