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The High Priestess in reverse represents the withdrawal of intuition. You are being drawn out of yourself by exterior forces and are made to feel as though your beliefs or morals are not real. The opinion of others is having a tangible effect on how you act, what you say and how you make others, as well as yourself, feel.

Reversed High Priestess Description

The High Priestess is the most intuitive of the entire deck. She outshines every other when it comes to the unconscious and divine feminine energy. We see her gloriously sat between two pillars. The B pillar represents Boaz – which symbolizes strength and on the other side of her sits Pillar J. This stands for Jachin which fulfils he desire of establishment. The contrasting colouring is how she balances all life, positive and negative. Her place between the two symbolise her link between both realms but in reverse, all intuition has gone. The energy has been turned on its head, and is lost in chaos.

Reversed High Priestess main Meaning

Reversed The High Priestess main section

The High Priestess in reverse is your metaphoric life reins. She is pulling you back, reminding you to stop getting ahead of yourself and to tune into yourself once more. You’ve seem lost for a long time, and the more time has passed, the further away from reconnecting with yourself you become. She stands to believe you are being influenced by others – something you don’t normally allow yourself to do. Whoever they may be, their opinions are not worth more than yours.

It seems if as if you have likely been faced with situations of unease, caused by your mind and body offering answers and you ignoring them in favour of spontaneity. She, like us all, know it’s good to think or act naturally at times, but our gut is always with us, guiding us from wrong to right and this is what you have been neglecting of late. It is time to re root your beliefs and shed these shallow habits. Your consciousness is waiting.

What Does The High Priestess Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed High Priestess – Meaning For Love Relationships

In reverse, the worry the High Priestess brings is that somebody is keeping secrets from you. Not to say these can be huge or out of control, but as your intuition is off, you may be unpleasantly surprised at these rumours when they reach you, and who started them. Is there somebody trying to sabotage your love, or is your soul unhappy and freely talking to everybody else except you about this? Time to find out either way. You owe it to yourself.

Reversed High Priestess – Love Reconciliation

You are being called to seek your answers within your own self. A little like losing your keys in your house, you need to stop and think where you last saw them. Your inner guidance has become displaced in the familiarity of your being. It hasn’t disappeared, which is the frustrating thing. To find it is the beginning of this journey and from there, you can figure out the exact moment this went from a union to a reconciliation. Trust yourself that this will happen.

Reversed High Priestess – Marriage?

When we silence the inner critic, we can hear all the good reasons why we should do or say something meaningful. There is never a perfect time to reach the huge milestones in life and no matter how loudly we shout at the universe to ask us if we are doing the right thing, we will only get a true answer if we pause for a moment and breathe deeply. What do you feel in your gut? Trusting yourself can become problematic if we fail to see a reason why we should, but really, you should.

Reversed High Priestess as Feelings

Feelings For You

The High Priestess in reverse is cunning when it comes to how others feel about you. She knows of late the hard time you’ve been having, and she is most sympathetic. She’s been with you upright your entire life, and from time to time you tune into her, asking for her guidance, but you forget that she is you. She is everything you do and when you feel lost and can’t find your way home, she calls to you in tangible forms.

This form in particular is one that needs your attention. Life has been crazy for you and you momentarily have decided to reflect on that. In doing so, you have seen how many opportunities you’ve missed, and how many should have slipped through your fingers. You now have a chance to correct one of these mistakes in the form of a good friend who has always been waiting for you. Don’t be so busy or preoccupied that you pretend not to notice.

Feelings for Someone

Level with your heart, and she will guide you to a most fortunate place. Where are you now? Sat with your head in the clouds, following the leaders, being invited out with friends or couples as a spare wheel and you have seemingly accepted this as your life, but it needn’t be. You have every right to happiness, if you would just begin to see your worth.

That calm part of you is calling, and as you clear your head of the chaos, a face in your mind will appear. That face is who you have been to distracted to speak to, or spend time with. That feeling I know can be scary, because taking risks is something we naturally can sometimes back away from but right now your inner urge is about to take over, if you let it.

Reversed High Priestess as Advice

The High Priestess reversed advice yes or no

Does He Miss Me?

When the two of you were together, he loved every minute. He was attracted to your light in a way that not many are, because it radiated energy. In doing this, he sapped it all out of you and left you with a low life battery. You feeling sad that you are no longer together is a mistaken emotion, and if you really thought about it, your sadness stems from having zero energy. Spend some time doing meditative inner work to find yourself again, because he absolutely does not miss you, but he is thankful for all you did for him in the process of losing yourself.

Is He Cheating?

We can be in a room with ten people, all telling us things that we have a choice whether we believe them or not. Is something true just because yuour friend tells you so? I don’t believe in hearsay. If others have your best interests at heart, they would provide you will an empathic and logical piece of news followed by evidential proof. If this isn’t happening, take your energy and plough it into finding out the truth before you speak up and accuse those you love of something heinous.

Am I cursed?

Define cursed! If we attracted bad things, bad things will happen. We will always see the negative if we sidestep the positive in favour of a darker life. You must put out into the world what is yours that you want in return. It is within your powers to pull incredible things your way, and from that they will grow and grow and multiply until you are living your best life. For you at this time, your choice is simple. Focus on the good, and the good will find its way to you.

Reversed High Priestess Meaning For Job and Career

What Challenges Excite You The Most?

You are momentarily craving, or at least needing a desire to step away from any responsibility that could lead to even the slightest overwhelm. Things appear to be too much for you and sometimes we all dismiss life this way in return for a quieter life. It can be precisely what we need in order to regain some perspective and draw yourself away from the masses and their gossiping. Believe it or not, not always are we to follow a path of achievement and success – so rest during this period ready for a more energetic stage.

Do You Believe You Can Achieve Whatever You Set Your Heart On?

You know you have it inside of you to achieve greatness because in the past you have worked hard to be successful whatever you put your heart and mind to. There is never a good time to not believe in yoursel, ut there are times where it bodes well for you to rein in on progress in favour of your own well being and a brand new perspective, and this is what you are currently being called to do.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You have recently been around too many souls who see the material world as a show of success. ‘I have this so it means I must be doing well in life’ seems to be all you can hear at the moment. Our assets are not the definition of who we are, and as it stands you are leading yourself, or rather allowing yourself to be led by others, down a rabbit hole of misery if you continue to think this way. Be you – be comfortable with you., because you are fantastic just as you are.

Reversed High Priestess Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

Money is out there for us all to learn, as long we are aware exactly how to do this. It is about being clever, and sometimes being in the right place at the right time. A lot of the time it is about being confident enough to take chances, and that is your current downfall. You feel as though you should be asking others for money when it is within your very creative grasp to earn it yourself. If you were to follow your instincts, they would serve you incredibly well.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

Loved ones may want to offer their opinion on how things should look, or where they got their very expensive kitchen. They may suggest you need this or that and before you know it, the money signs are racking up in your mind and you feel as though you’ll never be able to afford it. The truth is, you will. You will be able to afford what you want, not what they want. Remember who has to live in your home – you. Save and save for your own desires.

Should I Spend Money On Myself?

Now is the perfect time to delve into some self care. Relax I the notion that you know that money you put aside for a rainy day can now be spent pampering yourself, and treating yourself to something you’ve been meaning to for some time. This could be the catalyst you need to get your life back into your control and not that of others. Remember who is in charge of your energy and how others can try – but ultimately fail – to be your keeper.

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