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The reversed Ten of Swords is a card that represents unavoidable conclusions. Try as hard as we might there are some fates that we simply can’t avoid. However, this shouldn’t be always seen as a bad omen, as the card can stand for the end of trying times as well.

Reversed Ten of Swords Description

The Ten of Swords presents one of the most shocking scenes in the entire deck, and few cards match it in the sheer hopelessness it presents, In the Ten of Swords we can see a man lying down on the ground his body covered with a red cloth while ten swords pierce his body. Life is completely gone from this person, we can’t deny the truth. And yet there’s a deeper meaning to be found in the art. While the card does show a terrible end there are still some signs of hope on the horizon. Even in the middle of this tragedy the sun is still rising, showing us how things can always improve.

Reversed Ten of Swords main Meaning

Reversed 10 of swords main section

Similar to the other ominous swords in the deck the reversed Ten of Swords can be read in two main ways. Either the struggle it represents has a deep connection with your inner thoughts, or that challenge you had been facing is finally reaching its end.

The reversed Ten of Swords usually represents a refusal to admit defeat or change, fighting against fate and the present itself. Life is full of unexpected changes, that’s something we’ll all have to deal with. And while we shouldn’t just blindly accept everything sent our way; some things are final and out of our control. For example, if a relationship recently ended and it was all your partner’s choice it’s a good time to accept the situation. If you were fired then you’ll get much more from planning your next move instead of just being in denial. We can’t advance if we are stuck to the past, and if something can’t be fixed then all the time and energy you spend thinking of it will simply turn out to be a waste.

On the other hand, since the card invites us to let go and advance, it can also be a good omen for those who are struggling. The reversed Ten of Swords can be seen as a sign that change is unavoidable. The situation that has been grinding on you might be soon finalized. Or you might finally be ready to let go and continue towards a new future.

What does Ten of Swords Reversed Mean for Love?

While the reversed Ten of Swords undeniably speaks of pain and separation it also represents the possibility to overcome it, and as such you shouldn’t make any hasty choices if you see the reversed Ten of Swords in your readings.

If you are single then the card mainly speaks about overcoming your grief from a past breakup or other romantic tragedy. While many things end it doesn’t mean that they are without a lesson, or that you can carry that burden for the rest of your life. Separation can lead to new opportunities, and the time spent won’t be going anywhere. Remember the good moments, use them as fuel and finally let go of the things that are hurting you. There are wonderful people out there, and in fact, you might have already met many of them. But your grief is keeping you from seeing the fullñ picture.

For those of you in a relationship, the card tends to signal the end of conflicts. If you and your partner were struggling or even distanced there’s the possibility that you will be able to find a way to mend the wounds and continue striving together. occasionally the card can also represent that the relationship will end, however, it will come from a place of understanding and both of you will walk out wiser from it.

Reversed Ten of Swords as Feelings

As the reversed Ten of Swords has a heavy focus on the past and how we deal with these events the card can be read in quite a few ways when it comes to asking for somebody’s feelings. On one hand, the simplest interpretation is that they are currently still in their grief. In this context, the main focus lies on their duel and their confusion on how to advance. They might have feelings for you, but there won’t be room in their head to figure it out until they are back on track.

The reversed Ten of Swords can be read in a more personal way if there are other cards at play or you have a particularly close bond with the person in question. The past event the card is referring to could easily be you. Now the art of the Ten of Swords might be striking, but remember that it isn’t always a bad omen. If additional cards support this interpretation then the main takeaway is that you are in their mind. Of course, there’ issues to be found. It could be that a past relationship is holding them back, or that they are unsure of how to handle this new emotion. But the reversed Ten of Swords is all about reaching the end of a struggle. So all in all things look bright for your future.

Reversed Ten of Swords as Advice

The main advice you can take from the reversed Ten of Swords is to let go of your pain. The past is a fact, we can’t change what already has happened. But our lives are in the present, so we can’t stop advancing because of something that is already gone.

Of course, grief is a Copley matter and we all handle it differently. so the key to making the most out of this card is to look at the source of your worries. If your current mood comes from a specific event in your life you need to learn to forgive and forget. A wise man once said that to hold onto anger is like drinking poison and hoping that the other person will die instead. Remaining angry only ensures that your mood will be terrible and absolutely nothing will happen to the person who wronged you. And if grief comes from departure it’s important to remember that by continuing our lives we’ll carry the legacy of those who were a part of our life.

If you are asking for more physical advice like business advice or the like then the best way to read the card is “Take some time”. The reversed Ten of Swords is telling you that the current situation might not be the best to make a call. So take some time and find another perspective, don’t rush into things.

Reversed Ten of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to your career the reversed Ten of Swords mainly speaks about managing your stress. This card often appears after particularly stressful projects or sudden career changes. Maybe you had to change cities, perhaps you were fired, or quite simply something was grating on you. However, you need to stop for a second and ask yourself “Is this still relevant?”.

If you are in a new job you need to consider it on its own. Is anything wrong with it? Are you being treated unfairly? If the answer to these questions is no, but you remain stressed then you still need to let go of your past. Emotions aren’t something that we can simply turn on and off, so logically, we’ll feel side-effects for a while. However, we shouldn’t allow ourselves to drag negative feelings to new careers. What happened is in the past, and if your current job is fine then dragging those emotions will just ensure that work once again becomes a nightmare.

The reversed Ten of Swords mainly warns us about being able to handle our emotions. Things are changing and they most likely are for the best. But if we don’t allow ourselves to let go of our anger or fear then we carry the risk of making everything worse than before.

Reversed Ten of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

In financial readings, the reversed Ten of Swords usually represents the border between financial failure and stability. This is one area where we heavily insist on additional cards so you can grasp the message more accurately.

If there’s a positive angle to your cards then the reversed Ten of Swords is in general a good omen. It’s a reminder that while your finances might have been in a tough spot lately you are finally going to catch a break. Maybe a loan or a raise is in your near future, but one way or another you’ll be able to reach a balance. If you weren’t experiencing a crisis and you still get this card then you narrowly escaped one without noticing it. While this is of course good news it should also be an opportunity for introspection. Think about your investments and expenses and figure out what could have brought this risk to your life.

If the overall reading is more negative then the card might be foretelling a possible crisis. If this is the case you need to immediately start looking at your finances for things you might be missing. Maybe the terms of a contract are not clear, maybe that loan you asked for is not as beneficial as it seems. One way or another you need to go over everything you can to make sure you avoid this potential crisis.

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