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In broad terms Judgement appears when we are mishandling self-reflection. This card can represent that you have been going through the motions for too long, and now it’s the time to analyze yourself to find out where your true goals lie. On the flip side, it can also mean that you are being too critical of yourself, thus limiting your possibilities.

Reversed Judgement Description

Judgement shows us a scene that fits perfectly with the biblical idea of the Last Judgement. A winged figure (commonly identified with Archangel Gabriel) is blowing on a trumpet and gathering all the attention upon its message. Below it on Earth countless figures rise from their caskets, their eyes focused on the sky and their arms open for change. These people are willing and ready to be judged and accept whatever change that comes with it. In the background, we can see a large wave which represents their judgement is unavoidable and no force can change this fate. However, the presence of water once again reminds us of the subconscious mind, which means the judgement this card presents is usually one born from self-introspection.

Reversed Judgement main Meaning

Reversed Justice main section

When upright Judgement is a card that represents the importance of self-reflection to find your higher-calling in life, or at the very least to have a clearer grasp on how to approach your current goals. As such Judgement reversed is a card that reminds us whether due to a lack of self-analysis or a wrong attitude towards it we have halted our progress.

In simpler terms, Judgement reversed is a wake-up call, and it’s telling us that we need to start thinking differently about ourselves. The most common interpretation for the card is that there are new possibilities or people around you that your current attitude is ignoring. How much time are you spending on yourself lately? When was the last time you had time to think about your current situation? Judgement invites us to take some time to ourselves and look at our life to see what works, what doesn’t, and what opportunities are around us. But we are the only ones that can find the time to look at our lives.

Sometimes however the issue the card is warning you about isn’t that you don’t take the time to think about your life, but rather that you are too critical. We all make mistakes and regrets come with experience, we can’t change this. But we need to let go of our mistakes and keep the lessons close to our hearts. If you are too critical with yourself this will also be a wrong judgement and you’ll likely skip or completely ignore wonderful things around you. Judgement reversed invites us, to be honest about our lives, and this means being softer on ourselves when it’s warranted.

What does Judgement Reversed Mean for Love?

When it comes to love readings Judgement reversed mainly talks about the importance of clearing up your mind and taking an objective look at the facts before making any choice. This card commonly appears when fights are becoming more common in a couple, but its appearance is more than just a bad omen. If anything Judgement reversed is telling you to look at the current situation and find out if your annoyances hold any real ground. Sometimes tension just builds up and minor things can rile you up. Take a clear look at you and your partner and ask yourself if these details are as big as they appeared at first glance.

In a broader sense Judgement reversed is heavily focused on revealing the truth so that all involved parties can advance. Unlike other cards this doesn’t represent any deceptions waiting around, but rather that time has clouded our perception and has taken objectivity away. If you are ina relationship it’s time to be more rational and take a serious look at it. You might find that the issues you had weren’t as big as they seemed, or that the relationship is not as healthy as it appeared. For single people, this revelation can lead you to understand some of the unhealthier attitudes that have played a negative role in past relationships; or a renewed attitude that makes it easier to notice the people in your life.

Reversed Judgement as Feelings

Reversed Judgement is not one of the best cards to get while asking for someone’s feelings and that’s ultimately because it doesn’t offer a clear answer. As we’ve seen so far Judgement reversed is a card that appears when we aren’t properly attuned to reality and the truth that it carries. As such when this card appears to represent someone’s feelings the main takeaway is that you won’t get proper response for a while.

A person who is represented by Judgement reversed is likely too disconnected or confused from his feelings for the cards to offer a clear answer, and since this is such a personal card it’s hard to tell when their mindset will change. While the first glimpses of a deeper feeling may be taking root inside them their current attitude won’t help it grow or advance much. The reasons for this can vary, some people are just too lost or adrift in their own lives to recognize their feelings. Others have had bad experiences in the past and as such try to bottle them. But one way or another they’ll need to learn in the present before you get the chance to get a clear reading on their feelings.

Reversed Judgement as Advice

Judgement reversed advice yes or no

From what we’ve seen so far the advice of Judgement reversed should be pretty clear: To advance you need to look at things for what they are.

Of course, this can be expressed in countless ways. Perhaps you are being too rash with the way you approach certain people or things in your life. Maybe you are being too trusting when objectively there isn’t enough reason to believe in a project or individual. Or perhaps you are simply feeling lost. One way or another this card tells you that you need to hit the brakes and look at things before making any call, your guts and habit shouldn’t make the important choices in life.

A good way to heed this card’s message is to take some time to think about each choice you are about to make. You aren’t sure if a new job opportunity is the right one? Make a mental map of your skills and their benefits to clear up your doubts. You are on the fence regarding a suitor? List what things you know about them. You shouldn’t take the appearance of Judgement reversed as a cause of alarm, as it doesn’t inherently mean that something is amiss. Judgement has simply arrived to point an issue with the way you approach your choices in life, it’s not a warning in regards to your projects themselves.

Reversed Judgement Meaning for Job and Career

In a Career reading Judgement reversed still talks about that disparity between the way we handle ourselves and reality, and this often takes form in one of two ways. On one hand, you may have been unnecessarily critical of yourself. We all slip from time to time and nobody is perfect at work every single second of their lives. Sometimes you’ll miss a detail, and sometimes you’ll have a slow day. However, your biggest critic right now is yourself. Chances are that your employer and co-workers see no issue with your performance. You need to let go of these past mistakes so your perception of yourself lines up with what other people see.

On the other hand, this card can also appear when you are so out of tune with your daily life that even your work is struggling. It might come down to an issue of communication with your co-workers. Maybe you have certain work habits that aren’t welcome in your office. At times it simply comes down to not being able to learn from your mistakes. One way or another you aren’t giving your best and as such your job situation might be direr than you realize. it’s time to make a reality check and return with new force.

Reversed Judgement Meaning for Money and Finance

Judgement reversed is a card that mainly speaks about financial issues born from rash choices. If a deal sounds too good to be true it likely has a caveat somewhere, and if you are too caught u n your excitement you won’t be able to identify it. Passion is a wonderful trait to have, but it’s not much use in the cold and calculating world of finances. If you have found yourself in this situation more often than you’d like it’s time to take the reins and become more responsible with any choice that involves money.

However, Judgement reversed also cares about the aftermath of this process. You need to learn from these mistakes to stop doing them of course, realization isn’t of much use if it isn’t tied to change. But the card isn’t asking you to be overly critical either. If you made a mistake you need to learn from it, not use it as an excuse to beat yourself up. Recognize your flaws when it comes to how you use money, but don’t turn them into new anxiety.

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