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The reversed Seven of Wands is a card that represents the inner pressure, doubt, and struggles a person is going through. Perhaps they are cracking under the pressure of their current task, or maybe they feel they are being constantly criticized by those around them,

Reversed Seven of Wands Description

The Seven of Wands shows a man standing on top of a hill with a wand in hand. Six other wands are coming from below as if trying to harm him which he is defending himself from. The message of the card is more apparent when we remember the Six of Wands. While that card shows a man finally achieving his goals the Seven of Wands shows the struggle he now faces to keep his position and success. A minor detail that we can find on the art lies on his shoes, a mismatched pair. Coupled with the rocky hill this shows he stands on uneven ground which can make it even harder to stand firm.

Reversed Seven of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 7 of wands main section

The reversed Seven of Wands speaks of struggle on a more personal level than its upright counterpart. The card can be warning you that you are letting external pressure get to you. If you are in a new job or project you might be feeling unfit for it, or maybe a recent event in your life has led you to self-doubt. This pressure can defeat you if you don’t take hold of your feelings soon, so make sure to heed this card’s warning. However at the same time, the card can be a reassurance that your current goals are fine, you just need more confidence to shake off these feelings.

The reversed Seven of Wands also speaks of criticism, and people questioning your choices. Maybe you feel you are being constantly talked about behind your back, and this is what is fueling your doubts recently. Or people are questioning you directly even when you fully believe in your current self. The reversed Seven of Wands is a card with a powerful message that can be hard to accept, but it’s one that will help: Sometimes, you can’t make everybody happy. Your life is yours to live, and your standards won’t match everybody else in your life. Live confidently in yourself and learn to let go of any criticism that might be holding you back.

What does Seven of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

When it comes to matters of love there are various reversed Seven of Wands tarot card meanings we can grasp. For those of you in a relationship, it’s a card that can bring with itself a concerning omen. Your doubt might be affecting your relationship even if you haven’t noticed it. If family, friends, or rivals are trying to get into your relationship then being passive and doubting yourself won’t help you protect it. Of course, doubt can cause the complete opposite effect, so don’t get so defensive that you even treat your significant other as a threat.

If you’ve been fighting recently with your partner the reversed Seven of Wands can be good news. The card can signify that people at odds will find themselves on common ground, which means your fight will end soon. In this context, the card is a reminder that you are on the same side and stronger together.

For those of you who are still looking for love then the reversed Seven of Wands is telling you to stop doubting yourself and take a chance. If you worry too much and never act your rivals will overshadow you. Just believe in yourself, set your doubts aside, and be clear in your intentions. Don’t hold yourself back when love is out there waiting for you to act.

Reversed Seven of Wands as Feelings

The reversed Seven of Wands is a card that talks about struggle and doubt, so the readings when it comes to feelings aren’t the most positive in general. If you are asking for someone’s feelings towards you this card can represent various states of mind. The simplest reading is that this person is struggling to grasp how they feel about you. If you are just getting to know each other it might be wise to wait longer before asking the cards again. The card can also mean that certain beliefs or attitudes keep both of you at odds, in which case time might not be enough to change things over.

Similarly, if you get this card when asking for your feelings towards someone it means you are conflicted over them. The issue could not lie in them, but rather your current insecurity. However it’s also possible that there are certain aspects of this person that you value, but other parts drive you up the wall. The reversed Seven of Wands in an emotional context usually refers to not being sure where you stand in regards to someone else. Not being sure if a commitment is worth the risk, or even how well you two work out together.

Reversed Seven of Wands as Advice

To get an accurate reading on what the reversed Seven of Wands means as advice you need to have a clear and honest understanding of the situation you are asking advice for. The stance the Seven of Wands takes depends on how successful your current task is, so you need to think things over. Don’t lose time on how people are seeing your current occupation or interests. Think firmly about how they are working out for yourself and what are the real results.

If your current project is working out for you the reversed Seven of Wands is simply telling you to stand firm and let go of any concerns. Don’t let criticism or your doubt drag you down. You are seeing real results and this means it’s worth taking a stand in what you believe. Don’t pay attention to the people holding you back.

However, the reversed Seven of Wands can also be warning you about the harm in fighting a losing battle. If a relationship, investment, or job is not working out, then it might be time to listen to the voices that are concerned about you. We can’t succeed every time, and it’s important to be able to let go before we get dragged down by a sinking ship. These very distinct readings it’s why it’s so important, to be honest with yourself when asking for advice or to read alongside more cards.

Reversed Seven of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

If we are talking about your career the reversed Seven of Wands mainly talks about the effort to stand your ground. This can be caused by various factors, so let’s do our best to think about all the possibilities. If you have been recently promoted or started a new work you might be struggling to fulfill this new role due to a lack of experience. You might feel overwhelmed and unsure how to do your best in this new task. However, you should keep in mind that the Seven of Wands talks about hard-earned goals. You are ready for this new step in your career, and this struggle is mostly due to change. You will learn the ropes again and overcome this. Keep your head calm and find a way to take control of your work again.

If you aren’t experiencing change then it’s most likely that you are struggling to stay firm due to exhaustion. You might feel like your ambition is gone, or your passion has left you behind making it harder to work every day. But you are likely simply tired. Try to find a way to take a break, and if it’s not possible to go on vacation then find other ways to calm yourself like hobbies or meditation. Once your mind is clear again you’ll be able to look at the situation in a clear light, and you’ll realize it’s not as bad as it seems.

Reversed Seven of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

The reversed Seven of Wands is an important warning when it comes to finances. On its own, it’s not a bad omen, as the card simply reminds you of what can happen if you aren’t responsible with your money. The Seven of Wands traditionally means reaching success, and it’s very likely that right now your finances are improving or have been stable for a long time. The reversed Seven of Wands doesn’t mean things will change anytime soon, but it does remind you that money like everything else in life can fluctuate.

if you get this card all you need to do is to be responsible for the future. Don’t spend on frivolous things just because you have the money for it. All expenses stack up, so make sure that what you buy are things you need or will enjoy. On top of that, it’s also important to think about your savings or other investments for your future. Your finances might be soaring right now, but life is more than today.

The reversed Seven of Wands is not a bad omen when it comes to your finances. Its appearance does not mean that you are bound to have an economic downturn soon. Instead, treat it as wise advice that will be relevant at any point in your life.

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