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Three of swords reversed represents overcoming and releasing pain, forgiveness, letting go of sadness and depression. It also speaks about recovering from a heartbreak and stop suppressing your emotions. This card encourages you to watch your self-talk, you need to be more considerate with yourself and cut out the negative self-talk and limiting beliefs. Your words are powerful so treat yourself with kindness.

Reversed Three of Swords Description

In the three of swords, you can see three swords piercing a heart, this a representation of how your words can induce pain, it also represents how your actions and emotions can hurt yourself. Behind the heart, there are clouds that represent pain and the obstacles you will face in your life. Just like the sky will get clear of clouds, it means that your pain will go away once you overcome those challenges. The three of swords, overall, represents the sorrowful experiences and the lesson we have to learn from them.

Reversed Three of Swords main Meaning

Reversed 3 of swords main section

The three of swords being reversed deals with negative self-talk, self-criticism, and limiting beliefs. This is a card that talks about letting go of those patterns and focus on being happy again. It’s telling you to overcome all those emotions and beliefs that were once giving you pain, unhappiness, sorrow, anxiety, depression, it’s time to re-balance your life. You might have been going through a rocky path, you may have experienced a lot of pain and suffering, but now the worst part is gone, this is the time to focus on your healing.

This card also refers to overcoming a heartbreak. You probably were hurt by a person you cared about in the past and now you are ready to finally forgive this person as the three of swords reversed deals with forgiveness as well. You are releasing your emotions after a long time being closed and not let anyone experience your pain. The three of swords being reversed could also mean the opposite, you are repressing your emotions, in consequence, everything is piling up in your head which will make a negative impact on yourself sooner than later. Let go of that behavior, experience your emotions, they will come as they will go. Nothing is permanent and the situation you are in is not either.

What Does The Three of Swords Reversed Mean For Love?

The three of swords reversed indicates that you were experiencing some trouble in your relationship but now you are able to forgive and move on. Since you have released all the pain, you and your partner are ready to make progress together and have a better relationship. You are both very open to communicating in a better way. However, this card refers to holding onto grief and sadness, even if you are in pain, you don’t want to let go of this relationship because it gives you a sense of being around the familiar. You might be focusing on how your partner betrayed you in the past and you find yourself being unable to forgive what they did to you. It’s important to ask yourself, Is there any point in going on with this? You already know the answer.

Will My Ex And I Get Back Together?

The three of swords being reversed also talks about reconciliation after a break up. There is a possibility you might have a reconciliation with your ex, you might be able to forgive and move forward with this person. But, it could happen that this person is appearing back into your life trying to get back with you, yet, you don’t want to be back with this person, maybe you don’t even want to because you are not ready to forgive their actions. You will forgive this person, still, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will get back together.

Reversed Three of Swords as Feelings

Three of Swords Reversed as Someone’s Feelings For You

There is a good chance this person is feeling resentful towards you. He or she hasn’t dealt with all the problems that hunt them. They are suppressing their emotions, they are closing themselves and don’t want to speak about what has been bothering them. They are pushing their emotions aside, they want to feel numb. They probably have a fear of rejection or a fear of being lonely since they seem to not want to be rejected by you, that’s why they are hiding their emotions. On the other hand, the three of swords in reverse could mean that this person has gone through some serious and painful heartbreaks, but now he or she is ready to move on with you.

Three of Swords Reversed as Your Feeling’s For Someone

You are ready to make changes in your life. You have been through a lot and now you want to change your life for the better. You were able to forgive those who hurt you and allow yourself to experience your emotions fully. However, for some of you, it could mean that you are in denial of seeing how damaged the relationship is. You always tried to be optimistic, think that everything will get better. Sadly, that’s not how things are going at the moment.

Reversed Three of Swords as Advice

These are some of the most common questions that people like to ask tarot readers when it comes to advice and the three of swords being reversed.

Am I cursed?

You probably went through a spiral of bad situations happening to you constantly, therefore, you have asked this question to yourself before. Life comes with up and downs, some people experience more downs than ups in a certain period of their life, there is a reason behind that. Everything happens for a reason, if you have gone through pain recently, there’s a reason why that happened to you, and it’s not because you’re cursed, it’s because there is something there that you need to learn.

Is He Attracted To Me?

The three of swords in reverse speaks about denial of emotions, there is a chance he is attracted to you yet he hasn’t said or done anything to get to you since he is scared or fears your rejection. It’s a good idea to get close to him and ask directly to find out. You should take into consideration that there might be a reason why he hasn’t reached out to you. Just like the three of swords reversed suggests, it’s probable that he is hurt by a previous breakup and he is unsure or confused about his feelings for you.

Will He Confess His feelings?

He might be waiting until you give him more signs that you are attracted to him, he doesn’t want to risk another heartbreak. He is probably thinking you are out of his league. Something you can do is approach him and show him that you are interested in a relationship, of course, this might not go well for everyone as it could be the case that this person is not willing to commit to a relationship right now.

Reversed Three of Swords Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to job and career, the three of swords being reversed means that there is some type of conflict at work that has been giving you a lot of stress lately, the good thing is that this situation is coming to an end and you are finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel. You may start to feel more optimistic and happy to go to work since things appear to be going better. Sadly, this might not be the case for everyone. For some of you, the situation that has been causing you stress and anxiety is getting worse. People are choosing to hold grudges instead of solving the situation properly.

How Can You Make Things Get Better?

There is probably something that has been bothering you at work, maybe an annoying colleague that thinks he or she knows everything about life, or the boss that seems to make you work extra hours, or your work and effort not being recognized by others. As you can see, you have absolutely nothing to do with these scenarios. The truth is that sometimes people prefer to take their problems to other people instead of dealing with them on their own. The best way to approach these kinds of situations is by identifying when something is your fault and when it’s not. When it’s not your fault it’s better to address the problem directly with the person and talk things through, always be polite.

Reversed Three of Swords Meaning for Money and Finance

You probably went through financial difficulties before and now you are seeing that what you feared has a solution. You are feeling happy and positive because things are getting better for you financially. The three of swords reversed means that you are in a much better place when it comes to your money, you are not struggling that much and things will get better soon.

On the other side of the coin, the three of swords being reversed also talks about feeling deep grief after going through a big financial loss, maybe you lost your house, or maybe you lost the job that you loved so much. This card represents not being able to let go of the fear of losing money. It’s best to stop that mentality right away and not indulge in self-pity as it will not give you any benefits.

Should I Save Money Now?

The answer is yes. You have probably experienced rough times with your money, now that you have some money back don’t let previous experiences ruin what you have built until now. Start saving money by setting goals and establishing your priorities, always try to make sure your basic needs are covered.

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