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Whilst this card is often seen as a bad omen, when reversed it can be positive. It shows that you have faced adversity in more ways than one. This card can mean many things and a lot of interpretation depends on where in the reading it is.

Reversed Five of Pentacles Description

This card shows two individuals who appear to be trapped outside and lacking life’s necessities. They have no food and no shelter, and they appear to be weak and unwell. Often times, they are pictured walking past a building with a stained-glass window that shows the five individual pentacles. It has been suggested that they are walking past a church or cathedral as these buildings are often depicted in the suit of pentacles. But when reversed, the snow on the ground now rests in the sky and this shows brightness.

Reversed Five of Pentacles main Meaning

Reversed 5 of pentacles main section

Despite the harsh pictures shown on this card, when it is reversed it often has a positive meaning. The meanings of the pictures change. The snow symbolises a brightness in your life, rather than a harsh and cold situation. The glass window becomes a more open passageway for you to progress forward in your life.

If you have been having a difficult period in your life, this card is giving you a reassuring pat on the shoulder and saying, ‘the worst will soon be over’. Sadly, this card does not imply that these positive changes will be quick, and you may still need to put in some work to get there. But if you have been pushing your way through hell then it is telling you to simply keep pushing. As you are about to reach that stained-glass window that takes you to the other side. And when you reach that passage, this card gives you an omen of stability and says that help is coming for you, in whatever form that you need.

What Does Five of Pentacles Reversed Mean for Love?

In a romantic reading, this card often appears to those who are single as it is telling you that now is a good time to branch out once more. Perhaps you have been alone for a while and are longing for someone, or maybe your advances have been turned down. These situations can be crushing, so you should be glad that this card has appeared. It is telling you that things are going to change. This change isn’t going to be rapid, and it isn’t saying you’re going to meet your soulmate overnight, as lovely as that would be for all of us. It is instead saying that it is time for you to build your confidence and faith in romance once more. Taking small steps to open yourself up to new people and new experiences will increase your dating prospects and make the romantic aspect of your life a much steadier business.

Reversed Five of Pentacles as Feelings

A lot of the feelings shown through this card in the reversed position are positive, although, you may not actually feel positive at the time this card is drawn. This card usually appears to someone who is in need or has been going through a difficult period in their life and it can be taken as a reassurance that positive feelings in your life will soon be much more abundant. As strange as it may sound, one of the most positive messages that this card can give is if it appears after The Tower.

If The Tower card is in a past or present position in a reading and the five of pentacles appears after it, let that feeling of relief wash over you. The Tower symbolises chaos in ones’ life, but you can take that card with a grain of salt as the appearance of the five of pentacles after this card tells you that these feelings of chaos will soon be gone and that you will be able to move on with your life. Even if not paired with this card, the five of pentacles often alludes to feelings of relief and freedom when it appears in a reversed position.

Reversed Five of Pentacles as Advice

This card does not actually give much in the way of general advice. For some people this is a good thing because it shows that there isn’t much advice to give. Keep taking those small steps you are taking and keep on pushing. If you do so, then you will eventually reach the end of the troubling road which you currently walk, and you will find yourself walking out of the light at the end of the tunnel.

When this card appears in specific readings such as romantic or career readings, it can give some more in-depth advice. But the meanings of this card and the advice it gives for these situations has been gone over in more detail in each of the individual categories. But, as far as this card goes for general advice, keep on going. You’ll get there in the end.

Reversed Five of Pentacles Meaning for Job and Career

If this card appears, you may have been having a rough time at work. Whether it is an individual project or a bigger issue that may affect your whole company. But as with the other readings, this card symbolises that you no longer need to fret. Whilst it may take some time, the issues are slowly being resolved and everything is going on the path back to normality. However, if normality is not something you want to return to then this card may instead by symbolising that a new passage into a new career is opening up and that you should take the opportunity that will soon present itself to you.

Reversed Five of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I quit my job?’

This card will usually give you quite a clear answer of yes or no that is dependent on one thing, whether you like your job. If you do like your job but you are just going through a rough patch, perhaps maybe you are working on a difficult project or not earning as much as usual, this card says to stick with it and see it through. Because if you do then the negative situations will soon be over, and your job will return to the one that you used to love.

However, if you do not like you job then this card is saying that yes, maybe it is time to leave. Have you been given an opportunity at a new job? If so, then you should take it. That new job is the pathway to happiness that is symbolised by the reversed five of pentacles. If you are miserable in your current job then that is going to impact all the aspects of your life, not just your working day. So maybe it is time to consider if the negativity in your life can be solved by taking that leap and quitting.

Reversed Five of Pentacles Meaning for Money and Finance

Usually, the suit of pentacles is most common in financial readings and often gives quite in-depth advice. However, the five of pentacles gives you quite a simple meaning in reverse but don’t worry, simple doesn’t mean bad. The five of pentacles is likely to appear reversed in a financial reading if you have recently had a big loss financially or have been having to follow a strict budget to push through the recent times. This card is a good omen, and you should be happy that it has appeared. It means that soon enough you will begin to regain control of your money and the finances you have lost will return, pulling you out of the financial slump that you have been going through. It may not be a quick process, but you can guarantee that your hard work and budgeting will surely pay off in the future.

Reversed Five of Pentacles as an Answer to ‘Should I take out a loan?’

If you are having trouble with money, then it can be quite tempting to take out a loan to help you get through. But if you are thinking about this then this card will give you a firm answer of ‘no’. Right now, you are going down a good path and you are sure to soon regain what you once had. However, if you take out a loan you might speed up the process, but you’ll quickly be dragged back. All of the hard work that you have put in will be lost and you may wind up back at the beginning of this difficult path you’ve been following. You are so close to the end and getting a loan is only a temporary fix, but if you keep pushing and working as you have been then you’ll end up with a permanent fix and in the future you’ll look back and be glad that you didn’t take out a loan.

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