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The Hermit Reversed is a card that warns us about our self-isolation. Loneliness wears on the soul, and we aren’t meant to live completely detached from others. While it’s okay to dedicate time to ourselves, Hermit Reversed asks us if we are handling it responsibly. If you see Hermit Reversed take a step back and wonder if you might be hurting someone with your attitude.

Reversed Hermit Description

At first glance, The Hermit has one of the simplest designs amongst the Major Arcana, but much like The Hermit itself holds countless knowledge so does that card have abundant symbolism. On the ground we can see snow that has piled up, showing us that The Hermit is at the top of a mountain. Reaching the top of the mountain represents the effort and dedication The Hermit placed on his spiritual growth, and now that he’s completed his journey he is ready to share said knowledge with the world. On the Hermit’s hand, we can see a lamp holding a six-pointed star, which represents the Seal of Solomon. This symbol of wisdom lights up his way, and together with his staff provides a solid path to his next goal.

Reversed Hermit main Meaning

Reversed The Hermit main section

When Upright, The Hermit is a card that invites us to take some time for self-reflection and spiritual discovery. It’s a card that stands up for the importance of the knowledge and wisdom we can only find within ourselves. As such when reversed The Hermit warns us about a lack of balance in that search for inner-knowledge.

The most common interpretation of the Reversed Hermit is that our introspection is now becoming isolation and loneliness. Are you avoiding your family or friends to spend more time in your thoughts? Have you missed events or celebrations that you used to take part in? Just how much time are you spending just on yourself? While it is important to know ourselves and some answers can only come from within, this doesn’t mean that we can ignore the rest of the world. Introspection should allow us to grow in all aspects of our lives, including our relationships with others. There’s a thin line between self-introspection and escapism so think seriously about how you are affecting those around you.

On the other hand, it’s also possible that you aren’t spending enough time on yourself. it’s easy to get swept by the pace of modern life, but that doesn’t mean we can avoid self-introspection forever. The Hermit Reversed can appear as a reminder that you need to take some time to start learning about yourself because self-realization can only happen if you know yourself from the inside.

What does Hermit Reversed Mean for Love?

The Hermit Reverses tends to represent isolation when it comes to love, an unwanted sense of detachment, and distance when it comes to romance. While it’s not a positive omen on its own, it is important to understand its appearance so we can deal with this situation and prepare ourselves for better days.

If you are single then the card mostly represents that various factors are keeping you away from a relationship. You could be still thinking of your old flame, perhaps your work schedule is too busy, or it is simply not the time for you to focus on romance. This isolation will invariably feel forced on you, and you are likely looking forward to being in love again. However, you must use this time to think about yourself and what you want in life. It’s important to define what we want from ourselves and life itself so that when romance does appear we can have a healthy relationship with that special someone.

If you are in a relationship then The Hermit Reversed warns you about an imbalance when it comes to the distance in the relationship. Maybe your partner wants more time for themselves while you are trying to get even close, or perhaps the reverse is the case. One way or another someone is trying to get more space while the other person is trying to get closer. As mentioned above the key to overcoming this situation is to find balance. Be rational, be calm, and be empathetic. We all need time for ourselves every so often, and this doesn’t have to be a bad omen on its own.

Reversed Hermit as Feelings

The Hermit Reversed can be a complex card to interpret when it comes to the topic of feelings. As we’ve seen so far The Hermit is mostly tied to our relationship with ourselves and our inner thoughts. As such on its own the card mostly will speak about how someone feels about themselves, and accompanying cards are needed to get a clearer grasp on these readings. Nonetheless, we’ll go over some possible interpretations of the card when it comes to feelings.

If you are asking about your feelings then The Hermit Reversed should be taken as something of a warning sign. Wondering about love and friendships is wonderful, but The Hermit Reversed is pointing out that something is off with your inner thoughts. Think back on your actions and attitude to find out what could it be. Maybe your attitudes are the ones keeping you away from stronger relationships? Perhaps you aren’t in love as much as you are afraid of being alone? Do you know for sure what you want in a relationship? Like we mentioned in the Love category it is important that we understand ourselves to be able to love, and The Hermit Reversed is inviting you to do just that.

if you are asking for somebody else’s feelings for you The Hermit Reversed tends to represent inner turmoil. The person in question is probably feeling very lonely or stuck on their goals. Alternatively, they could be so self-centered that they simply aren’t considered their feelings towards other people. This card can be easily seen as a warning, and the accompanying cards should let you know if it’s a call for help or a reminder to keep your distance.

Reversed Hermit as Advice

The Hermit reversed advice yes or no

When asking for advice The Hermit Reversed can be seen as a firm and optimistic push in the back. The Hermit Reversed in general wants us to take some time away from our inner thoughts to look back at the real world, and this gets a new meaning when it comes to advice. Drawing this card usually means that it’s time to take a step forward instead of thinking more about the topic at hand, No journey can start without taking a step. forward. You have spent enough time thinking and chances are that you’ll never get past your thoughts at this pace. So take a step forward and start turning those ideas into real actions.

Another way to interpret The Hermit Reversed is to use some hindsight in your choice. When this card appears use it as an opportunity to look back at previous choices you’ve made, or a situation similar to the current one. Experience is the best teacher, and your past already holds all the answers you need. You just need to learn from your past successes and mistakes to make sense of this card’s advice.

Reversed Hermit Meaning for Job and Career

The Reversed Hermit usually shows up after a long period either away from work, or other people in your line of work. This card tells you that it’s time to bring back some social interaction to your profession. If you have been working as a freelancer then you’ll likely benefit from working on a team or building close relationships with other individuals in your line of work. Alternatively, if you are looking for work this card is telling you how important it is to rely on your connections and friendships to find an opportunity.

Work is at the end of the day a social experience. Regardless of what you do all careers focus on providing services or goods to others. So you must go out of your shell and consider how you can grow alongside other people, or how can the people you know help you find a new way to develop your skills. Right now your growth is tied to your relationships, so take the time to rekindle old friendships or go out of your way to meet new people. This is what your career needs right now, and before too long you’ll be able to see how much your life has improved.

Reversed Hermit Meaning for Money and Finance

On financial readings, The Hermit Reversed represents the importance of seeking external advice. Ideally, this card represents that after a long time of introspection and self-discovery you have reached an understanding of what money truly means to you. However, while this is important for your overall growth, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you are a financial expert as well. Think of the money and particularly investments as you would a medical appointment. Some people specialize in finances, and you would do well to heed their advice. Don’t make rash choices and if you have doubts share them with someone that has experience in the field.

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