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The Moon reversed is a card that represents fear, confusion, and other negative energies born from our minds. However, it also represents a period where we’ll come free of these influences. The Moon reversed is the first step in the process to come clean of these negative influences in our life.

Reversed The Moon Description

When we take a look at The Moon we see a clearing in the night with a bright moon lighting up the entire scene. The dim light of the moon represents intuition, dreams, illusions, and in general the multiple sides of the unconscious. The pond also represents the subconscious as tends to be the role of water in tarot; while the small crayfish coming out towards the path in the ground shows the long path that our minds will take. This path is positioned between a dog and a wolf, showing how our minds can be wild or tamed. The double towers once again reinforce this duality motif.

Reversed The Moon main Meaning

Reversed The Moon main section

The Moon as a whole can represent the darker sides of our mind coming to the forefront. While The Moon is not a bad omen per se it’s common to interpret it as our uncontrolled minds creating fears or anxieties. This interpretation remains when The Moon is reversed, and as such, this card’s appearance can represent anxiety, fear, phobias, or nightmares being present in your life.

However, when The Moon is reversed the meaning transforms to letting go of these negative feelings. You may be reaching a period in your life where you can see the world more clearly and as such are finally letting go of some of these negative influences. If negative energies or influences around you were at fault then they’ll dissipate from your life. But it’s also as likely that your intuition has been sharpened and this has allowed you to see your life more clearly.

As a result of the above, the card is also strongly tied with illusions or lies coming undone. You will be able to see things and people more clearly for what they are, and this will allow you to avoid their lies as well as any possible self-delusion. The Moon reversed doesn’t mean you’ll magically leave all your fears behind in a blink, rather it means that you are developing the skills needed to always see life for what it is.

What does The Moon Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings, The Moon reversed mainly represents deception coming undone, and this means that the truth in your relationship is coming to the forefront. One of the most common interpretations of this card is infidelity being revealed, and while this is always possible it’s also important to remember that there are many kinds of deception.

Honesty and understanding are vital to any relationship, but there are always things that we keep from our significant other for one reason or another. Do you have an embarrassing hobby or habit? Your financial situation isn’t as good as it seems? There are various reasons why we can lie or omit the truth, and The Moon reversed can end up shining light to them. You need to be strong and ready to accept the truth, however, you must also be ready for the things you have hidden to come to the light. On its own The Moon reversed doesn’t indicate who’s the one hiding the truth, so keep that in mind.

For single people, this card can have two vastly different interpretations. On one hand, it can mean that you are recovering your confidence and are ready to start dating again. But it can also mean that you are trying to ignore obvious signs that someone you are interested in might not be the best option for you. Pay attention to your instincts so you don’t dive headfirst into a problematic relationship.

Reversed The Moon as Feelings

Since The Moon reversed is a card deeply tied to the subconscious and that shows how malleable our mind can be; it’s often hard to pinpoint a single feeling to it. Whether you are reading on your feelings or someone else the undeniable thing is that you won’t get a straightforward confirmation. So be patient when you see this card and try to grasp a more accurate interpretation with further readings.

As we’ve seen The Moon reversed can mean liberation from doubt and self-imposed beliefs and fears. This means that people who get this card tend to be in a period of confusion and flux. They likely are at the end of a period that weighed heavily and demanded a lot from them. As such their feelings have been as scrambled as everything else in their mind. This card shows that they are arriving or have just arrived at a clearer picture of what their feelings are. However, it’s impossible to grant a positive or negative tone to this reading without further cards.

Perhaps more complex is when this card speaks of self-delusion. The Moon as a whole is a card heavily attuned to energies, and that includes your own. The Moon reversed can appear as a representation of your mental state even when you are asking for someone else, as a warning of sorts that you are trying to impose an interpretation to someone else’s feelings. Tarot can’t be “cheated” so make sure to analyze this card properly when it appears.

Reversed The Moon as Advice

The Moon reversed advice yes or no

When you see The Moon reversed as the answer to any advice readings you make it’s important to consider what step in The Moon’s journey it’s representing; as depending on that the interpretation can vary widely. The key factor to The Moon reversed is that there’s been illusions or negative energies around and that they are finally starting to dissipate. However, the way this card is advising you to advance will change depending on whether the lies have fully disappeared or are just starting to do so.

If there are feeling insecure and this is why you are asking for advice then The Moon reversed tends to be a reaffirmation that everything will be alright. It’s a reminder that those dreadful fears and risks you saw were mostly in your head, and that there’s nothing wrong with going forward with your plans. That said, The Moon reversed can also be reminding you that lies are just starting to come undone and that you might still be deluding yourself in certain aspects. As such the overall message of the card can be best summed up as “Sort your emotions to find out what’s the truth”.

Reversed The Moon Meaning for Job and Career

The Moon reversed mainly represents uncertainty or anxiety when it comes to a career, but this can be either a good or bad omen based on how things progress. One possibility is that those trying and grating times are finally coming to an end. There will be more clarity at work and things will generally progress at a smoother rate. This change may come from a change in employees or supervisors, but it’s also as likely that your new intuition and emotional balance are improving the way you see the things around you.

Alternatively, this process might get worse before it begins to improve. The tensions in your work might turn into direct sabotage or heavy miscommunication. You’ll need a clear mind to overcome and expose the lies around you. The Moon reversed always talks about lies that are about to come undone, but this time it might come down to your actions to see things through.

For people involved in a creative line of work The Moon reversed tends to be seen as a bad omen. Its habit of revealing all truths can result in a creative block for tasks that require imagination. As such while not the worst card in the deck don’t be too shocked if you suffer from some writer’s block soon.

Reversed The Moon Meaning for Money and Finance

As a whole, The Moon reversed can be seen as a card that reveals the truth, and while this is not a bad thing if you have been legal with your finances it can come in various forms. For people who have been struggling to manage and understand their finances, this card can represent an important breakthrough. You are developing a better grasp on your economy and now you are having an easier time making the right calls. This card can also represent that you’ll acquire key information to make an informed investment.

Keep in mind that the truth being revealed can be shocking at times. You might find out that your bank has kept certain terms and conditions hidden from you and these are now harming your finances. It’s possible that a certain investment you made will turn out to be a scam, or that the promises of an investor turned out to be empty. In these cases it’s important to try and learn as much as we can from these situations, we can’t change the past but we can use what we learned to make safer choices moving on forward.

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