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The reversed Knight of Wands is a card that represents delays and setbacks when it comes to fulfilling your goals. These obstacles can come from external sources of your own emotions. A lack of ambition, progress, or self-discipline are all things that the card can be warning you about.

Reversed Knight of Wands Description

The Knight of Wands shows us a proud knight marching head-on with all the confidence in the world. His yellow robe with salamanders as well as the fiery mane of his helmet represents his passion and commitment towards his current goal. The knight wields a large wand instead of a sword or spear, reminding us that his commitment is to his budding dreams and not towards violence. All in all the card’s meaning is to passionately chase after dreams and goals. Where the Page of Wands shows someone carefully thinking what his plans will be the Knight of Wands shows that passionate chase towards his dreams.

Reversed Knight of Wands main Meaning

Reversed Knight of wands main section

Traditionally the reversed Knight of Wands is a card that warns us about the complications to reach our goals. Delays can happen at any time in our lives, but it’s important to find out if this is a recurrent factor in our life. This card can warn about isolated incidents like delayed flights that are bound to happen every once in a while in our lives. However, this card can also mean that the reason for the constant delays comes from within. Often the Knight of Wands is telling us how our lack of ambition or discipline is ensuring that our plans get pushed back. This means that you should look into yourself if you happen to get this card from a reading.

The Knight of Wands can also warn about an attitude problem. The upright version of the card talks about a passionate but fruitful chase, as such the reversed Knight of Wands can represent excessive confidence or arrogance. Instead of being focused on a clear plan the reversed Knight of Wands can be a warning that we are being impulsive and acting on instinct alone, without slowing down and asking ourselves what our real goal is. it’s important to be firm when following your dreams, but a wild chase without a true goal will only leave you tired with nothing else to show for it

What does Knight of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

In love readings the reversed Knight of Wands is consistently a bad omen, as such it’s a card you should pay close attention to if you happen to draw it.

For those of you in a relationship the card usually represents recklessness or a lack of enthusiasm with little middle ground. This card can be a warning that someone in the relationship is first and foremost a thrill-seeker. They love the chase and the feeling of winning someone over, traits common in a womanizer for example. In these cases, it will be really hard to maintain a stable relationship unless they learn how to grow up. The opposite can also happen and in this case, the card will be warning you about a lack of emotion in your current relationship. A relationship goes beyond deciding to date each other and you should allow your relationship to fall into the routine. Bring back some spark to your lives and you’ll be able to get past the card’s omen.

Last but not least for single people the card can represent that you are having trouble approaching people due to a lack of drive or an abundance of energy without clear romantic goals. However, it can also represent that you’ll be meeting someone that has those thrill-seeker qualities we’ve mentioned above.

Reversed Knight of Wands as Feelings

If you are reading your feelings and get the reversed Knight of Wands it’s important to take a deep look at yourself to ensure that you get the proper reading. As usual with questions that might be ambiguous or hard to read we recommend accompanying your reading with more cards to get an accurate answer.

Think about this person you are interested in and ask yourself how it all started. Were you charmed by them without expecting it? Were you actively looking for a relationship? The key factor to identify with the reversed Knight of Wands is whether it represents delays or being reckless, and looking at the root of the question is usually a good idea. If you are someone who has been looking for love a long time then the card might be telling you that you are in this chase for the sake of the chase. Your feelings might be more about the appeal of finally having someone than for this person in particular. If it was more spontaneous then the card most likely is warning you to look at yourself to make sure no more obstacles keep you from approaching this person.

When this card appears in regards to someone’s feelings for you it ultimately represents instability. They might be more interested in the adrenaline rush than you as a person or be someone stuck with no idea how to advance. One way or another it can be a concerning reading so it’s best to tread carefully around them.

Reversed Knight of Wands as Advice

While the reversed Knight of Wands has various interpretations, when it comes to advice there’s a common thread we can identify. This is a card that invites you to ask why are you doing something so that you can finally advance in the proper way towards its realization.

This is a card that can offer various warnings, it can be telling you to control your enthusiasm so you don’t overextend, be a reminder that you need to reignite your passion, or even that you are chasing goals that ultimately won’t matter in the end. But regardless of the cause, it’s telling you that you are having trouble realizing your goals or getting fulfillment from them.

That’s why the most important piece of advice you can take from it is to look back and answer plainly why are you chasing the things you do. By doing this you’ll be able to identify the factors that are keeping your full potential at bay. If you have been chasing something for the wrong reasons or simply for short-term satisfaction then the issue doesn’t lie on the methods but your priorities. Alternatively if by going back you can still see a solid plan that you fully believe in, it’s time to look at your personality and see which traits are holding you back.

The Knight of Wands demands a deep analysis, but it’s also a card that speaks about being close to completing your dreams. Don’t get sidetracked near the finish line, with some effort you’ll find your solution soon.

Reversed Knight of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

The reversed Knight of Wands is a card that warns us about work instability. We all experience doubts in our careers, and it’s hard to figure out what career path you want to dedicate yourself to. However, the problem with the instability this card represents is that it keeps you from growing professionally. If you are constantly moving from job to job, and even more so if they are in different career paths; you’ll soon realize you are only moving sideways and not upwards.

Often this card is telling you that the idea of settling down in a single career is scary, but you don’t need to take it that way. It’s possible to advance in a single career path without committing to it for life. Life is full of turns and change, and this applies to work as well. It’s okay to not be sure where you ultimately want to go, that’s more common than you believe. However, while things get clearer there’s nothing wrong with advancing on a single job, this growth will bring many benefits and does not mean you’ll be bound to your current job for life.

Reversed Knight of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

In finances the reversed Knight of Wands traditionally means an upcoming loss of money, There’s no denying that this is a bad omen, and its unprecise nature can make it a particularly scary one. However, while we can’t control the future we can control our actions. It’s up to us to choose how we spend our money, and this can make the difference between losing some money or going into a crisis.

The reversed Knight of Wands calls for caution and responsibility. Don’t spend on frivolous things even if you are in a period of financial stability right now. If you have plans for a large investment then it might be a good idea to wait some more time. And abstain from gambling, it’s all too easy to lose money while gambling, but the reversed Knight of Wands only makes it scarier.

In short, try not to do many things that involve using large amounts of money. The reversed Knight of Wands represents money leaving you, and while it might be impossible to stop this omen altogether; you can avoid situations where the loss will be significant. There’s a difference between losing some pocket money or half your savings, so be cautious and responsible at all times.

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