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The Chariot in reverse represents being in a situation out of your control or discipline. You feel defeated and lost in this desert of opportunity, without a direction you feel you are able to turn. Rather than use your usual determination to refocus, you have resigned to this temporary fate with half a heart.

Reversed Chariot Description

The Chariot stands alone and above all others; victorious in his mission to get to where he wants to be. Adorned in crescent moons, he is aware of the journey afore him, realising that this phase in his life is one to take full advantage of. The star crown on his hear represents success and confidence that he can rise above everything in victory. He stands tall, ready for action and the sphinxes either side of him represent the conscious and unconscious coming together to guide him harmoniously. In reverse, he edges away from this dominant role in favour of a much more uncertain fellow, blending into the crowds and gaining little attention from them.

Reversed Chariot main Meaning

Reversed The Chariot main section

The Chariot in reverse is a huge indication that you have recently lost any drive. It’s as if you are overwhelmed and have decided that no action is the best action. Opportunities are bubbling around you, offering themselves to you, but you don’t seem in the right frame of mind to be able to pick one up and run away with it. It can seem the right idea, but The Chariot is telling you that you are NOT pausing to think, you are procrastinating.

The Chariot in reverse can also be a warning that you are letting your obsession to accomplish your dreams become in the way of actually achieving them. We can stand and wish and wait for them to come true, but unless you physically or mentally take those steps, you aren’t going to move forward. Why are you avoiding taking control at such an important part in your life?There is no right time to take risks, but you miss every shot you don’t take.

What Does The Chariot Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Chariot – Meaning For Love Relationships

First thing’s first, why are you in this relationship? Sometimes we forget why we ended up where we are. Life can get in the way, traumas can alter our perception of contentment and we can unknowingly turn our backs on the ones we love because we feel we cannot be present for them as well as heal and achieve our own goals. You’ve totally lost yourself, through no fault of either of you,but now you must focus on trying to find your way back to the heart of your soul, because there are fears you may not return fully.

Reversed Chariot – Love Reconciliation

One thing to be clear about are your expectations. What do you hope to achieve by returning to each other? The Chariot in reverse doesn’t want to see you get hurt, but at the same time you need to make a choice and stick to it. They may well want you back in their arms, but if your warmth is inconsistent, they will walk away in search for a deeper level of security. This battle you are fighting is only with yourself,so don’t draw others into it. Go to them when and only when you are one hundred percent sure you are ready to take the plunge.

Reversed Chariot – Marriage?

You know you have always wanted to get married, most people do. They crave the love and affection of a trusted soul from their now until their forever and you are no different from this. Recently, it seems you have lost sight of the most important aspect of marriage, and that is love. Perhaps your soul is voicing their want and desire to commit and you are either ignoring the signs or oblivious to them, because you are too busy focusing on absolutely nothing. It is beginning to be frustrating to them. Be clear with what you want, and you can work towards it as one.

Reversed Chariot as Feelings

Feelings For You

You want nothing more than a happy ending here, but I don’t see The Chariot in reverse as bringing you good news of feelings towards you. On this occasion, there is too much negativity surrounding you in order for anything to break through. Your focus and attention is blocking any action from the soul in question, and as the are repelled, they retreat.

The Chariot in reverse isn’t just here to tell you this though, he is here also to give you some light so that you can see the error of your ways and start making some positive changes. If the feelings are there, and you are receptive to them, that will be your lesson learned from this card.

Feelings for Someone

There may be feelings, but the seem to be trumped by denial. Why is that? Why won’t you approach this soul and tell them how you feel? They are a normal person with a good heart but for some reason, you are allowing any doubt or niggling thoughts to get in the way of a great moment that could lead to eternal happiness. I have a strong opinion about your approach here.

It is time to level up and walk away from this stagnant behaviour that is crippling any opportunity surrounding you. These obstacles aren’t things you are noticing, they are things you are actively standing in front of and complaining that you cannot move forward. Stop making excuses and start living your life. Risks are what carry us to our destination of serenity.

Reversed Chariot as Advice

The Chariot reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

His thoughts are being massively blocked by your stubbornness. You are looking in the mirror and sighing, saying, ‘Why me? Why does this always happen to me?’ What are you talking about? We all hit hardships and struggle to navigate our way out of the weeds from time to time but you are really dwelling on something.

As you pause, divert your energy to re evaluating your beliefs and morals, because when you do, you will open your heart so wide that like a magnet, you will be able to attract those you manifest into your life. As these changes occur, you will find your confidence will grow and you will notice those thoughts from others coming your way rather than wondering simply if they are thinking about you.

Is He Cheating?

The Chariot in reverse is asking you to look to the reason why you are wondering this. Some souls are saddened at the idea of their partner cheating, whilst others search for excuses to end the union they know has not been right for some time. Which is it for you, my dear? We all have doubts ad go through phases where love isn’t what it seems, but if you don’t want to continue this loving connection, end it on your terms and not the assuming wrongdoing of another.

Is He Right For Me?

You are struggling to decide whether or not this soul collision is going to impact or implode your world. What do you want from a loving and trusting mate? He seems to ignite your fire and tick all the boxes, but you are sitting on past failures, or at the very last, the assumption that this will fail early on into the relationship but that sort of negativity does not belong in love and risk taking scenarios. You know he is wonderful, but you are having trouble admitting it to yourself.

Reversed Chariot Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

The Chariot in reverse is a confusing card to have when it comes to jobs and career. Usually, what you want to hear is a clear and promising future coming your way, and that definitely applies to those who have focus and drive but you, dear soul, do not. At the moment you are confused and your path ahead is covered in weeds and thick mud. That isn’t to say you don’t have many inspiring traits and ideas, but you must pick one or two and place your focus on those in order to get ahead. This will take time.

Should I Change Careers?

In order to change careers, you need to do a lot of work to get there. Be efficient and think ahead. Make sure you fully know what you are getting yourself into afore you begin, because making a huge change like this can come with bumps in the road that you need to prepare for, especially if you have financial responsibilities. Your uphill climb to constant positivity is going to be your tricky hurdle here, because at the moment you are easily defeated.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You are in panic mode at the moment. You think money is never going to line your pockets in any other way than for essentials and bills. You look to others at their seemingly lavish lifestyles and assume the money just grew on a tree for them, without the notion of any hard work and that simply is not the case. When will you earn to be proactive and to make things happen for yourself? You are the captain of your own ship, so stop sitting down and questioning the direction it is heading.

Reversed Chariot Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

You can, if you want the easy way out. Surely borrowing money is going to take away the fun and privileged feeling of buying something you love and have wanted for some time, knowing you yourself earned the money and also that you do not have to return it. Borrowing it from someone else doesn’t have the same good feeling, does it? What do you want from your life? You really ought to have a long, hard think about this because your beliefs are there somewhere and I know you value finances more than this.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

Overwhelming, isn’t it, dear soul? I know. It can be. To think that your house needs to look just the way you’d like it to can cause lack of sleep and real stress, especially if you have nobody really guiding you or offering their advice. The beauty of this time is that tips and advice are only a click away from professionals online and you can get much information and idea from various web sites. Don’t feel this is too above you, and don’t put it off either. You need to do this.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

I want to urge you to clearly think hard before you give your money away. It isn’t always wise to offer your earnings to those nearest and dearest but the real advice here, is to lend and lend with love. If somebody asks for a loan, it is because they trust you and want your help and support, and this shouldn’t be take advantage of by demanding unrealistic interest rates or a quick repayment. Give them time and allow them to feel good about reaching out to ask for help.

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