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can tarot cards bring bad luck

Tarot – good luck, bad luck, or any luck at all? Does tarot reading have anything to do with luck? Reading tarot cards helps us realize our desires. The answers in the cards will allow us to manifest those desires –maybe luck depends a little on what it is you seek.

Tarot cards do not summon spirits and are not used to commune with beings from beyond. Tarot cards are used to give guidance and help you to achieve your best self.

Cleansing Yourself and your Deck

You will want to have positive energy going into a reading. Cleansing yourself of any negative energy and cleansing the deck is an important step.

Your energy will affect which cards you choose and how you will interpret them. You want to ensure that you go into a reading feeling your best!

There are several ways you can cleanse yourself to be prepared for a tarot reading.

  • Hot bath with Epsom salts
  • Meditate
  • Practice yoga
  • Dance
  • Listen to soothing music
  • Cleanse with sage

Once you are ready, you will want to cleanse the deck and remove any energy from past readings. There are also a few ways to ensure the deck is cleansed and ready for a new reading.

  • Knock on the deck and wave your hand over it
  • Leave your deck in the moonlight overnight
  • Cleanse the deck with sage smoke
  • Shuffle the cards putting your positive energy into the deck
  • Place your deck with some quartz crystals

Intention Setting

You should have a clear intention before starting a reading. If you set good intentions, then there should be no bad luck involved.

Your intention sets the tone for the reading, and you want positive energy. Make sure your intention is set in a positive light – one that speaks of moving forward and doing your personal best rather than trying to exact revenge on someone you feel has wronged you. Remember that we cannot control the beliefs and actions of others, but we can control ourselves.


Putting too much stock in a tarot reading can be dangerous. The first step is to understand the cards and know that each card can carry multiple meanings.

Drawing the Death card does not mean you are going to die. There are various interpretations of the card. Tarot cards give you things to think about to choose your best path; they are not meant to be literal or exact.

Owning your own Cards

It does not bring bad luck to own your own set of tarot cards. You can have readings done by others who practice and have honed their skills, but you can also get your own deck and learn how to interpret tarot.

For centuries, the tarot has been used in the art of divination. It used to be very expensive, and only the rich could own cards, but today, tarot is available to the masses.

Some people believe that you should not attain your tarot cards secondhand as they are tainted with someone else’s energy. However, you can cleanse the deck and make it your own.

What makes a tarot card deck your own is the energy you bring to it and the connection you feel to the cards. Sometimes you may use a deck, and it does not feel right or accurate. Choose a deck that speaks to you when you are looking at them.

My decks have spoken to me in different ways. The first deck I ever bought, Wisdom of the Hidden Realms, spoke to me because of the title. There was also a hummingbird on the box artwork. The hummingbird is my aunt’s favorite bird, and I call it her spirit animal.

The second deck I purchased, Energy Oracle Cards, appealed to me because of the artwork. I was seeking positive energy, and each card in the deck also comes with an affirmation.

My third deck, Wisdom of the House of Night, spoke to my darker side. As much as I want positive energy and affirmations, something is intriguing about the dark and the mystical.

Another deck I had purchased has left my collection. I used it a couple of times, but I did not feel connected to it. The artwork was not spectacular, and the information on the cards did not resonate with me. I don’t think that those cards brought me bad luck, but I also did not feel any benefit.

Is it Luck?

The final take is that luck has nothing to do with tarot reading. Tarot reading focuses on intention and helping you choose the path to your success.

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