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Will I go to Hell if I use Tarot Cards

Many passages in the Bible speak against the use of tarot cards. Whether or not you will go to Hell if you use tarot cards will depend significantly on your faith and your interpretation of the scripture.

Some people believe that seeking the guidance of mediums or other spirits is blasphemous, as you should be seeking guidance from the Lord. People who interpret passages in the Bible literally may believe that you will go to Hell if you use tarot cards for guidance.

However, some other religions and beliefs rely on divination as a source of both power and comfort.


Many people are becoming more spiritual, and they are choosing spirituality over religion. Wicca, which incorporates witchcraft, has been on the rise and many people want to learn more about it.

Tarot cards are a large part of Wicca because the beliefs and practices focus on energy. Tarot cards help gain insight and answer questions, and the answers come from the energy you put into the deck.

Some people who practice Wicca use tarot cards as a way to meditate. Reading the cards helps them to focus on their own thoughts and energy. Tarot is a way to be reflective, but it does not tell fortunes.

The cards generally reveal things that you already know. They can provide guidance when you reflect on them and think about how what they say applies to your life.

Practicing Wicca does not mean that you are a witch or a devil worshiper. It means that you believe in the spiritual, and you connect with the earth. God and Satan are seated in the Christian faith; they are not a part of Wicca. So if you are reading tarot cards, you would not go to Hell. Such a place does not exist in the realm of Wicca worshipers.

Others who read tarot cards

Not everyone who is interested in tarot cards is Wiccan. Some people are spiritual and turn to Tarot to unearth their energies and focus on their desires. Most spiritual people believe in a higher power but not necessarily the same God that Christians believe in.

If you are Christian and you enjoy tarot cards, it does not mean you will go to Hell. After all, is God not a forgiving God? Even if the higher being that you worship would not approve of seeking guidance from Tarot, would you not be forgiven?

Tarot cards have many associations with them, and it takes some time to learn. Though they are used for divination, they are also used by some for astrology and numerology.

Having Your own Cards

Getting your own deck of cards does not mean you will go to Hell, either. There are many decks available, so it may be hard to choose your first deck. Get one that has artwork that speaks to you or an appealing name. There is no one right or wrong deck.

How many times should you read your Tarot?

It is necessary to keep in mind that tarot readings should be reflected on, and you should put effort into understanding the reading. You can read Tarot as often as you like as long as you feel that you are ready for a new reflection or further guidance.

Is Tarot safe?

Tarot cards are used as a tool to help guide you. There is nothing dangerous about their use; they can significantly aid in your mental and spiritual health.

Words of Wisdom from the Duchess of Dunsinane

Do not be afraid of what the cards may reveal or what may happen to you. Allow the cards to absorb your energy and provide the guidance you seek. Not all is as it seems.

Ask your question and see what the cards reveal. I will narrate the story as the cards tell it. You only need to listen and think.

We are not predicting your future; we use the cards to guide our thinking and our actions. You have free will. Use the cards to determine your best path so that you may live your best life.

When you come to me, I hold the wisdom of the house of night. We will walk together to explore the meanings revealed.

Tarot is not magic. You are the magic. Focus on the cards and take action to create your truths. Only you can direct the course of your life. Direct it with intention and spiritual awareness, and all will be good.

Listen to the message to understand your past, present, and future. Use the cards to heal, and then your healing to heal others around you. Be honest with yourself so that you can grow from the messages in the cards. Use it to reflect and meditate and become a better version of yourself.

Join me on this journey, and I promise you, it will not end in a trip to Hell.

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