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Whether using tarot cards is a new hobby to you or a lifetime practice, there is likely to have been at least one instance in which your tarot reading, simply didn’t make sense. Sadly, there isn’t a single answer as to why your tarot cards may not be working properly, but there are several ideas. In this piece I am going to explain to you several reasons as to why you readings may not be working and hopefully help you to either get back on track with your readings or understand what your cards are trying to tell you.


Sometimes, the cards may seem wrong when they are actually right. Tarot cards often have multiple meanings so the card’s actual meaning may be different to what you initially think. As well as this, look at the meaning of the cards for when they are upright or upside down. Despite reading for ten years, I know that at times I’ve flipped cards over in different ways and it have completely changed the meaning of my reading. It’s a small mistake but it has a big impact. So, to put it simply, it is possible that your cards may be working, and you may merely be misinterpreting the reading. Don’t worry if this is the case, interpretation comes with practice.

Emotional Interference

It is common to want to do a tarot reading for a subject you are emotionally invested in, but sometimes this may actually hinder your reading and give you inaccurate or completely irrelevant results. Emotional interference may mean that you cannot properly connect to your cards and therefore the message that you are given is incorrect. As well as this, if you are emotionally invested in the topic of your reading you may not want to hear the message that the cards are actually trying to give you. You don’t need to feel bad about it, we’ve all tried to avoid messages that we’ve been given. However, take a breath, leave your cards for a moment and return to look at the message when you feel prepared to receive it.

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Your Question was not Clear

Sometimes, it can be difficult to word and form a question for your tarot card readings in your mind and this can change the results. If you are focusing on two different topics or word a question as a double negative it is very possible that the cards are conflicting with your question. And if you are searching for a particular answer and your question is leading towards that answer, it may simply be that the answer is just not what you want to hear.

They are Answering a Different Question

Whilst tarot cards can help guide you and your emotions, they should not be used to tell you of specific events that have not yet occurred. If you are asking the cards for a specific course of action or something that is not set in stone, its very likely that you are not meant to know the answer to these questions and the cards will not give you one. You should not rely on tarot cards for direct answers and sometimes the cards will try to give you a message that you need to hear instead of the one you are asking for. If you think your question may be something you shouldn’t know and your reading seems irrelevant, have a look over your cards and their meanings and search deep, perhaps you’ll see that they’re giving you an answer for a question you haven’t yet asked.

How can I Improve my Readings?

In conclusion, there are different things that can affect the accuracy of your tarot card readings. The most common reason for inaccuracies is simply the misinterpretation. Misinterpretation can be because of mishandled cards, emotional influence or simply not looking at all of the meanings of the cards. If you want to improve the accuracy of your readings, there are some simple things that you can do.

  1. Practice. As with many hobbies, practice makes perfect. The more time you spend connecting with and getting used to your cards and how to interpret them, the more accurate your readings will become.
  2. Keep yourself grounded. Your emotions can influence both your readings and your interpretations of them. Try to keep yourself calm before doing your readings so that your feelings don’t influence the cards. Meditating beforehand is a great way to keep yourself calm and put yourself in a spiritual place before doing your readings.
  3. Be clear on your question. Before picking up your cards, take your time, and make sure you know what you want to ask. After you’re sure of what you want to ask, take some time and get the question worded correctly and clearly in your mind. Having a clear question that doesn’t lean towards a particular answer can make your readings and interpretations of the cards much easier.
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