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The Lovers tarot card meaning​

Main cover image The Lovers

The Lovers means you are facing a life changing shift. This means you will need to make very important decisions based on the tempting choices facing you. Not all outcomes are good when we face temptation this way, so use  your intuition to guide you, rather than lead you astray. 

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Detailed meanings of The Lovers

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot The Lovers

CARD NUMBER 13. – Marriage. Concord (The High Priest). (This card replaces The Lovers card in the traditional tarot).


Upright. – Plans of a  relationship or marriage, love affair, sincere friendship. Near card number 70: large family.

Reversed. – Broken relationship, failed marriage, infidelities. Near card number 57 : relationship like a heavy burden to carry.

The Lovers tarot card advice main

Choices are the hinges of destiny.” – Edwin Markham

Careful Consideration

Romance is a series of choices. One must choose which partners they are willing to dedicate themselves to, as well as what types of people they prefer to look for in the search for potential partners. Once they have chosen someone, they must then choose how they are going to function in a relationship with this person. What boundaries or rules will they set? Are they willing to change certain aspects of themselves in order to please their partner? The Lovers are intimately familiar with this aspect of romance, and put a great deal of though into the decisions that they make together.

Their two physical figures may also be interpreted as the two “options” that you tend to be left with when making a particularly difficult call. While you may prefer to choose both, which can be seen as keeping The Lovers together and whole, many times you are left with no choice but to separate them by choosing one or the other. The Lovers also understand that romance is not always going to be smooth sailing, and the problems that arise in a serious relationship will oftentimes call for some sort of decision to be made. Making the best decision isn’t always easy, and you may need to learn how to sacrifice certain things in order to achieve the most desirable outcome. In order to make these decisions, The Lovers are able to carefully consider each possible course of actions so as to gain a deeper understanding of the consequences that they may be facing.

You are much like The Lovers, and understand the importance of carefully weighing your options so as to make the best decisions, even if it means sacrificing other aspects of your life. This does not necessarily mean that it is always easy, but your ability to contemplate the nuances of every possible course of action allows you to maintain confidence in the fact that you are making the best choice. You are able to let go of certain things in order to obtain the best possible outcome, even if these things tend to be very precious to you. This has also led to you becoming a master of compromise, and you find that it is relatively easy to diffuse the majority of disagreements that you become involved in. Continue to have faith in your reasoning abilities and maintain this same level of resolve, as it will lead away from potentially disastrous situations and into a realm of pleasure and opportunity.

The Lovers meaning for relationship

Whether or not you have recognized it, your romantic life has been fraught with decisions recently. They may be the normal decisions that come with every relationship, such as whether or not to pursue romance with a certain person or what normal behaviors you are uncomfortable showing a partner in a brand new relationship. On the other hand, they may be massive decisions that you may have never had to deal with before, such as whether or not to have a child with your current partner. These decisions have not presented themselves as a clear “win-lose” situation, and you have found yourself focusing on the possible negatives of each choice far more than you are able to recognize the positives. This has led you to stagnation, and your partner may be getting frustrated in your lack of ability to make a concreate decision.

Now is the time to make a move on one of the choices that you have identified; you have had enough time to weigh the consequences, and the time for consideration is over. Make a move on someone that you have had feelings recently, or don’t. Initiate the end of a relationship, or put serious effort into trying to fix it. Start looking at new places to move to with your partner, or let them know that you would be more comfortable staying where you are. The important part right now is that you make a clear choice and make said choice known to your partner. Accept the fact that you may need to make major sacrifices as a result. Perhaps you will be losing a long term relationship if you break up with them, but will simultaneously be removing the both of you from a toxic situation. Or maybe you will have to suffer through the physical pains of pregnancy, but will have a new member of the family to show for it. Instead, try using the memory of these sacrifices as ways to make the payoff seem all the more sweet. If you are willing to give them up, then surely the result will be worth it.

The Lovers meaning tarot


The sun shines in the zenith, and beneath is a great winged figure with arms extended, pouring down influences. In the foreground are two human figures, male and female, unveiled before each other, as if Adam and Eve when they first occupied the paradise of the earthly body. Behind the man is the Tree of Life, bearing twelve fruits, and the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is behind the woman; the serpent is twining round it. The figures suggest youth, virginity, innocence and love before it is contaminated by gross material desire. This is in all simplicity the card of human love, here exhibited as part of the way, the truth and the life. It replaces, by recourse to first principles, the old card of marriage, which I have described previously, and the later follies which depicted man between vice and virtue. In a very high sense, the card is a mystery of the Covenant and Sabbath.

The suggestion in respect of the woman is that she signifies that attraction towards the sensitive life which carries within it the idea of the Fall of Man, but she is rather the working of a Secret Law of Providence than a willing and conscious temptress. It is through her imputed lapse that man shall arise ultimately, and only by her can he complete himself. The card is therefore in its way another intimation concerning the great mystery of womanhood. The old meanings fall to pieces of necessity with the old pictures, but even as interpretations of the latter, some of them were of the order of commonplace and others were false in symbolism.

The Lovers meaning for job and career

Even when you are at a relatively low level of authority, there are always going to be a number of decisions that you will need to make without the explicit direction of a supervisor. Perhaps this decision is as simple as how to spend your time: will you work diligently on the task at hand, or kill some time browsing through social media? Or maybe this decision is incredibly difficult and comes with massive consequences, such as whether or not to move forward with a potentially risky transactions. Part of your training and experience in your current experience is giving you the confidence to make the best decisions on behalf of your employer, even if they don’t serve your own personal interests. However, this is simply an aspect of employment that we must learn to cope with; our work duties are not meant to be for our own benefit.

This may be a sign that you are not properly weighing the consequences of your decisions in relations to your career, potentially leading to you sacrificing things that were not meant to be sacrificed. Perhaps you are dedicating yourself too much to your work, much to the detriment of your health and social life. On the other hand, you may be prioritizing your own pleasure and comfort over the stresses that come with work, leading to you sacrificing your reputation and good standing with coworkers and members of leadership. Now is the time to reconsider your priorities and act accordingly so as to take hold of that which is most important. Always remember that even when acting on behalf of a company, you need to be prepared to take losses. Your employer knows that there is always going to be some margin for failure, but so long as you followed all applicable procedures and are were to produce some form of acceptable results, they will usually be able to overlook the smaller losses.

The Lovers reversed main meaning

Making a decision in which you have vested interest in each side can be difficult, and it is easy to allow yourself to stagnate in an attempt to maintain the best of both worlds. When The Lovers appear in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are dragging your feet on a very important decision because you are not prepared to let go of whatever it is that you don’t choose. However, the troubles that may arise from your lack of commitment pose a much bigger threat than whatever may come as a direct result of your decision. You most likely already have a good idea of what you must do, but have yet to take the first step towards doing it. Now is the time to commit yourself to this course of action and move forward without a backwards glance, even if that means that you will have to leave something important to you behind.

The Lovers card yes or no main

The Lovers is your card of life changing choice. Two paths lay afore you, and both are tempting. For some this may be love, but mostly this is two opposing forces ahead, with one decision to be made, so They ask you to think wisely. The Lovers is a MAYBE.

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The Lovers meaning

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