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The Hermit meaning​

Main cover image The Hermit

The Hermit card suggests the need to do some soul searching. This guidance you give yourself during a time of need will lighten your path ahead. There is no hurry to make decisions. Instead you are being asked to walk calmly and in solitude to fully appreciate the growth you are experiencing.

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Detailed meanings of The Hermit card

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot The Hermit

CARD NUMBER 18. – The Traitor. Judas (The Capuchin monk or The Hermit).


Upright. – Perfidy, treason, slander. Near card number 2: deceit unmasked. Near card number 3: quarrel with the family.

Reversed. – Punishment for a fault, cunning, dissimulation. Near card number 41 : danger avoided.

The Hermit tarot card advice main

Strategists who don’t take time to think are just planners.” – Max McKeown

A Thinker Amongst Nature

Life is not always meant to be social; there are times where it is best to contemplate and solve a current situation away from the gaze of others. Introspection and retrospection are often a solitary endeavor, and many will find that their best moments of deep contemplation occur when they are not under the influence of others. The Hermit represents this disconnect from society, and has wandered into the wilderness in order to acquire a deeper level of thinking that cannot be achieved when the inner voice is drowned out by the din of social life. While he is not always completely secluded, he understands the importance of taking significant amounts of time away from others so as to reflect on the larger questions of life. He is a philosopher that works surrounded by nature, and finds that his mind is usually occupied with contemplating the abstract and profound.

You are much like The Hermit, and find that your most productive moments of deep contemplation are spent away from others. You may find that you are easily annoyed by the presence of other people when you would much rather be losing yourself in your own thoughts, and tend to hide away from unnecessary social interaction. In these moments of deep thought, you have been able to unravel the nuances of life, leading you to reach a series of larger philosophies that you have about life in general. While you may not always share these thoughts with others, you find them to be some of your greatest achievements. At the same time, your tendency to lock yourself away may be hurting your relationships, and others may get easily worried when they don’t hear from you for an extended period of time. While there is nothing wrong with taking time to yourself to think things over, be sure to keep tabs with those who you are closest to so that they know that you are okay.

The Hermit meaning for relationship

While relationships are a group effort, this does not mean that every little endeavor is meant to be a joint effort. The two of you will still maintain your autonomy as unique individuals, even if you have dedicated your lives to each other. No matter how close you are with a partner, they will never be able to think with the same mind as you. They are always going to interpret life and its larger lessons in a way that is at least slightly different from you; while you may agree as a whole, the smaller nuances of your beliefs may not always align perfectly. It can be difficult to come to terms with the fact that you and your partner are not always going to agree on the philosophies of life, but being able to look past these differences is vital to building a healthy relationship. This does not mean that you should compromise your morals to please others; instead, you need to be able to give your partner some slack if they don’t agree with you on every little debatable issue.

Recently you have come to realize that you and your romantic partner don’t agree on something that you are very passionate about, and this has caused some friction in your relationship. Just as much as you are unwilling to budge on your own beliefs, you have been totally unsuccessful in convincing them to see the situation in the same way that you do. You can’t believe that they feel the way that they do, and you can’t help but feel as though their personal opinion is completely wrong. However, you must step back and remember that they reached this conclusion by their own process of internal contemplation; you were not a part of this process, and you don’t necessarily know what has led them to feel this way. There is nothing that you can do to go back in time and change the contextual circumstances that led them to believe the way that they do. It can be a tricky situation, deciding what you are willing to agree to disagree on and what is a complete deal-breaker. In such a situation, you must ask yourself this question: what is more important, your personal beliefs, or the relationship that you have with this partner? You can maintain your viewpoints, but if you truly wish to keep a relationship with this person, you may need to learn to overlook these differences.

The Hermit meaning tarot


The variation from the conventional models in this card is only that the lamp is not enveloped partially in the mantle of its bearer, who blends the idea of the Ancient of Days with the Light of the World. It is a star which shines in the lantern. I have said that this is a card of attainment, and to extend this conception the figure is seen holding up his beacon on an eminence. Therefore the Hermit is not, as Court de Gebelin explained, a wise man in search of truth and justice; nor is he, as a later explanation proposes, an especial example of experience. His beacon intimates that “where I am, you also may be.”

It is further a card which is understood quite incorrectly when it is connected with the idea of occult isolation, as the protection of personal magnetism against admixture. This is one of the frivolous renderings which we owe to Eliphas Lévi. It has been adopted by the French Order of Martinism and some of us have heard a great deal of the Silent and Unknown Philosophy enveloped by his mantle from the knowledge of the profane. In true Martinism, the significance of the term Philosophe inconnu was of another order. It did not refer to the intended concealment of the Instituted Mysteries, much less of their substitutes, but—like the card itself—to the truth that the Divine Mysteries secure their own protection from those who are unprepared.

The Hermit meaning for job and career

After a long period of hard work and dedication, there are going to be times in everyone’s career that they will need to step away in order to take time to themselves. You may choose to save your paid vacation hours in order to take a short holiday, or you may talk to your employer about taking a short leave of absence to allow yourself to recuperate. If this is what truly needs to be done, then there is no shame in admitting that you need a break. Burnout and exhaustion will only lead to a decrease in the quality of your work, and you run the risk of spiraling even further if you don’t allow yourself a certain amount of time to heal. Unfortunately, an employer is not always going to be understanding of your need for a short rest from the chaos of the work environment. In order to get around this, it is best to save any time-off that you may be allotted for such a situation. So long as you put in your time-off request in the appropriate way, there is very little that an employer can do to contest you exercising your rights as an employee.

Now is the time for you to take a break from your work in order to give your mind time to rest and recuperate. You may want to take some time to have a serious talk with your employer about a short leave from work, and make sure that they are familiar with your current situation for the sake of transparency. Once you are able to step away from your work, take this time to reflect on the recent past. What can you learn from the situation that you have just allowed yourself to step away from? Are there any larger themes that you have recognized throughout the situation which may suggest that there is a larger lesson to be learned? Now is the time for you to contemplate these questions and come to your own personal conclusions, even if they do not necessarily align with the assertions of others. Use this period of heavy contemplation to equip yourself with the mental tools that you will need to deal with the struggles that you foresee in the future. Will you need to change your work style so as to avoid a similar situation? Are you in a lose-lose situation and may have no better choice than to begin looking for alternative employment?

The Hermit reversed main meaning

When one sees a path ahead of them, they may be deterred from taking the first step if they have no choice but to walk it alone. When The Hermit appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are resisting the process of enlightenment because you are afraid of neglecting your personal relationships.

Those around you will understand that you need some time to yourself to contemplate things, so long as you give them a heads-up before hand. Most people are aware of the fact that everyone needs space from time to time, and they will not think of you any differently. Instead of being afraid of the loneliness that may come from this deep state of contemplation, try to open your mind to thoughts that are about to occupy your consciousness. You may be surprised to find that with all of the time and energy that you will be funneling into your contemplation, you will not even necessarily notice that you have secluded yourself. Look forward to the fact that you will have a series of revelations to share with others once this period of reflection has passed; they will be just as excited as you are to look upon the fruits of your mental labor.

The Hermit card yes or no main

The Hermit represents holding back. You do not need to make a decision right now, and should instead draw back from life, albeit physically or emotionally for a while in order to contemplate and decide wisely. Give yourself the space you need. This card is a MAYBE.

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The Hermit meaning

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