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The reversed Ten of Wands is a card that shows you are shouldering too many responsibilities on your own. This card is a reminder to let go of things and delegate tasks. Don’t carry a weight heavier than yourself, make sure to rely on others and say no when you can’t keep going on your own,

Reversed Ten of Wands Description

When we take a look at the Ten of Wands we can see a man struggling to carry a heavy burden. This man is carrying wood in the form of ten wands, a load that appears even bigger than he is. From his hunched posture there’s no denying that he is tired from this colossal task. However, the card also shows that a village is near, meaning the man is close to reaching his goal. This grants the overall message a more optimistic tone. Yes, there may be countless burdens weighing on the man right now, but the end is in sight and he is aware of it. All ordeals end in time and he will soon enjoy his earned rest.

Reversed Ten of Wands main Meaning

Reversed 10 of wands main section

Much like its upright counterpart the reversed Ten of Wands is a card that talks about carrying heavy burdens and how it weighs down on ourselves. However where the main takeaway when it’s upright is to rest assured rest will come soon, when the card is reversed it’s telling us we need to learn how to let things go.

The reversed Ten of Wands is a warning that the things weighing us down aren’t necessary for our lives and goals. Are you the kind of person that tries to solve everything by themselves? Then you need to start sharing your burdens. Nobody is born to live alone, and nobody can take on the tasks of an entire family or company all on their own. Do you say yes to everything that people ask of you? Then it’s time to learn to be firm and say no. Knowing your limits and enforcing them does not make you selfish, it means you are caring for yourself.

It’s also likely that many of these responsibilities or emotions that are burdening you aren’t as necessary as you might think. Think about your responsibilities and find out which ones are vital and which ones you can afford to relax about. Learn to share your emotions and learn to drop the tasks that don’t matter. That’s what the reversed Ten of Wands is telling you.

What does Ten of Wands Reversed Mean for Love?

For those of you in a relationship, the reversed Ten of Wands is a card that invites you to think about how the two of you are sharing your responsibilities. It’s easy to feel like you need to protect your significant other from certain responsibilities and your daily burdens. However, a relationship is at its core about sharing, both the good and bad moments. Don’t try to be responsible for every single detail and challenge in your relationship, it’ll burn you out. And don’t allow your partner to drop all loads on you either, you’ll come to resent them. It’s important to find a balance and rely on each other, this way both you and your relationship will be healthier in the long run.

For those of you who are single, the reversed Ten of Wands tells you that letting go of your burdens and stress is necessary to meet new people. You need to give room in your mind and life to new and more positive feelings. If you are overly concerned about something it’ll be hard to see the positive energy around you and the wonderful people that you can meet. Lighten your load, and this will open the path to find that special someone in your life.

Reversed Ten of Wands as Feelings

The reversed Ten of Wands can be a complex card to read on its own when it comes to feelings, so we recommend you accompany it with other cards to get a better grasp on where is its advice aiming at. As we’ve seen above the card is closely tied to the idea of burdens, so based on its accompanying cards it can mean this burden is being overwhelming or it’s about to find closure.

When you are asking for someone’s feelings towards you there are two main ways we can look at the card. If the overall reading isn’t too positive then it’s likely that they are currently too burdened to consider their feelings towards you. It’s even possible that trying to make up their mind in how they see you is a factor. In this context, it’s important to be supportive of them instead of focusing on the potential relationship. If the reading is more positive then it likely represents a turn in their life. They are finally letting go of the past and are willing to make a call on how they feel about you, in fact you probably played a role in this positive change.

When it comes to your feelings it’s usually a reminder that you need to clear your mind of other worries before you’ll come to understand your true feelings. It’s important to make sure you are in balance before making any rash choice.

Reversed Ten of Wands as Advice

By now you should have a clear grasp of what’s the advice this card is always offering: Let go of your burdens.

That said it’s important to understand what this advice truly means and how it can apply in your practical life. The reversed Ten of Wands isn’t advising you to let go of all your responsibilities, as this would only cause a larger problem in the long run. Rather, it’s telling you to make a headcount of your current responsibilities and prioritize them. There might be minor tasks you’ve picked up with time that aren’t as important nowadays as they once were. If you take extra courses or side-jobs ask yourself how intensive you need to be with their schedules, as life changes so does our available time, and you should never overextend yourself.

You should also remember that our burdens aren’t always just responsibilities. Maybe a secret has been weighing on you for a long time, or you are conflicted about your feelings. These are things you need to let go of as well, and that means that a reliable confidant might be your best aid moving forward. The reversed Ten of Wands is all about lightening our loads, but doing so smartly, ensuring we keep our energies for the things that do matter.

Reversed Ten of Wands Meaning for Job and Career

When it comes to your career the reversed Ten of Wands is telling you that you will soon find a break from your burdens at work. If your responsibilities have been piling up at work this can be a promising card, however, your attitude will play a key role in defining what kind of omen this card is bringing to your life.

If you are willing to find new ways to approach your work then you’ll get to enjoy this break naturally. Your efforts to delegate jobs and take only on your required task will soon pay fruit. You’ll be able to do your work responsibly without overwhelming yourself with external responsibilities and as a result, you’ll be finding new peace in your day-to-day work life.

However, if you don’t go out of your way to make these changes then the break will come regardless of your desires. You might collapse from stress or exhaustion making a break mandatory, or one of your projects could be relocated to a co-worker. The card is not inherently a bad omen, but it does have a very simple message. You can’t handle this current workload, and if you don’t make positive changes in your life the weight of your responsibilities will make sure you stop on its own.

Reversed Ten of Wands Meaning for Money and Finance

The financial reading of the reversed Ten of Wands is very similar to its focus on your work life, as its meaning depends on the steps you’ve taken to control your present situation.

The reversed Ten of Wands is a card that speaks of financial burdens, however, it doesn’t always have a negative meaning. If you have been dealing with money issues recently but have been working your way to getting them under control then the card offers a great message. Your burdens are about to become a thing of the past and you will advance unscathed from it. Things might have been complex not too long ago, but you’ve found a balance in your life, and thanks to it you’ll soon catch a break.

However, if you haven’t been able to find solutions to your current issues or haven’t noticed any such issues then this card offers a heavy warning. You might find yourself sinking into deeper financial problems, or you might start to see symptoms of an economic crisis you didn’t notice before. This is a worrying reading, but keep in mind that you have time. It’s up to you and the actions you take to ensure you can control this situation. The reversed Ten of Wands is not a sentence, it’s a warning. And it’s up to you to be smart about how to read it and get ready for the future.

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