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The Emperor in reverse represents the abuse of authoritative behaviour, likely towards you. A stubborn and overpowering person, likely a male, is negatively impacting your life. They have overstayed their welcome in your house of peace and as a result you are now seeing an unattractive side of you in your quest for emotional and/or physical freedom.

Reversed Emperor Description

The Emperor is a man of power and strength. Authoritative is he, he sits atop his throne surrounded by rams heads which indicates a fiery, Aries character. With the world in his hands, symbolised by the orb he holds, he represents pure life. Dressed in red, he has a passion for life and a relentless, continuous bound of energy that allows him to balance his wisdom with his ideas. With The Emperor, there is emotion, but little of it as we see in the small stream behind him. In reverse, this stoic figure shows his ugly side, using his power as control on others. Detrimentally, this causes an outpouring of emotions for all.

Reversed Emperor main Meaning

Reversed The Emperor main section

The Emperor in reverse in not somebody you want to run into. If you are unlucky enough to encounter this type of archaic figure, you will know that it is near impossible to win against them. They know more, they do more, they earn more and they want to make you feel inadequate just being around them. As long as they are winning, that’s all that matters.

Unlikely to be you, The Emperor in reverse will not let you be. What you want will be mocked, what you do will be criticised,and how you act will be picked apart. Seemingly unbothered by this at first, this constant niggling and picking will become too much and you will in time want to stand up for yourself. The odd occasion may suggest you as the overpowering force to be reckoned with.

What Does The Emperor Reversed Mean For Love?

Reversed Emperor – Meaning For Love Relationships

You’ve been here long enough, haven’t you? In fact, it has happened so steadily that you almost haven’t noticed the toxicity. Unknowingly, you have reached a point where a decision needs to be made. You’ve forgotten what it’s like to be yourself and to do the things that make you happy. You’ve decided ‘no more.’ Solutions my be hard as you consider your options here but one thing is for certain – you are not going to put up with this any longer. You deserve far better.

Reversed Emperor – Love Reconciliation

Don’t be fooled into thinking you cannot live without them Their energy has consumed much of your life, zapping your own in the process. Now it is gone, you are left with a gaping hole that needs filling within your soul. This is not when you turn and say, ‘Come back, all is forgiven and I cannot live without you.’ This is where you find yourself, build your strength and resilience to pre relationship days and live the rest of your life exactly how you want it. Without them. You can do it!

Reversed Emperor – Marriage?

Be sure to be entering into a commitment because you want to be with this soul. There comes a point where all can be lost in a sea of control and power when we hand it over to another. At times, rather slyly, we don’t even realising we are handing over our own reins to them and that is how they mostly operate. I t could be little things such as the unwillingness to compromise on the big day. Everything has to be their way, they are paying so thy get the say and so on. This is not where you want to be, and is only a bad omen for things to come. Wise up now.

Reversed Emperor as Feelings

Feelings For You

There are feelings, and there are perceptions. Feelings come from within and they allow us to think and act towards different people in different ways. Perceptions are what others want you to think re happening. Someone may have all the grace in the world when it comes to speaking highly of you, because the want to be recognised as an honourable figure.

If you are to believe you have been swept off your feet very quickly, by a charming, faultless being, then the likelihood is that you are going to encounter more than one hiccup. Be wary of any shows of emotion or grand gestures. They normally set you up for a fall later on and are quickly used to diffuse toxic situations, Search for something more sincere.

Feelings for Someone

If you have feelings for someone, The Emperor in reverse is suggesting that you are being too forward with them. Could it be this person is simply not ready for any form of commitment? Perhaps you are gaining a sense of self importance as you practically tell them they are the lucky ones for having you around. You are potentially too big for your boots at this time, and it isn’t a good look.

Cosmic alignments are warning you to just take a moment to consider the feelings of others. You needn’t make hem feel any less of a person by demanding a date or time spent with you. Your plan here needs to offer balance to both you and them, so that respect and feelings can be shared and valued.

Reversed Emperor as Advice

The Emperor reversed advice yes or no

Does He Think About Me?

Any thoughts are empty and manipulative. He has a way in which he wants you to feel or think about yourself, and he will stop at nothing to make those a reality. That emotional ideology you are trying to grasp is not in existence, and instead is replaced with the sad reality that any thoughts are of how to utilise you or control you further. Negative pulls like this can often be disguised with a smile and a bunch of beautiful flowers but be wary of a mask worn here. It doesn’t have to slip for you to know it’s there.

Is He Cheating?

Yes, and he doesn’t care. He thinks it’s his God given right to do whatever he pleases, and if you question it, somehow you are at fault and the one apologising. This isn’t because you are weak, it is because you’ve been under the control of somebody unpleasant for far too long now. What happens next is down to you. Have you reached an awakening yet, or are you still coming to terms with the once denied reality of not being fully loved? There is nothing you cannot do, my dear. Remember that.

Is He Right For Me?

Maybe there was once a little girl who grew up in a house filled with sadness and anxiety. What mood will they be in? Why do they argue all the time? How can I make a better life for myself when I grow up? Charmed we are by a souls initial courting rituals. Swept off our feet and into the night sky, we dance and hear promises of love, loyalty and security. It rarely lasts unless time has been spent proving these as real objectives in a union. This person, however shiny their smile is, is fooling you. You are best to diagnose your situation with truth and little regret. We can only control the present moment.

Reversed Emperor Meaning For Job and Career

What Is Your Dream Job?

You have had enough of being controlled by your domineering boss. You want to do things your way and in your time and for that reason, your wishes to be self sufficient and work for yourself may be beginning to form true meaning. This is an exciting time for you, but I want you to be mindful that you are parting ways with an experience you wish to not see again. Make sure you have the right head on or this new venture because whilst you will have the control, it will be hard at times.

Should I Change Careers?

You mostly seek change due to the desire to overcome your present dilemma. That’s a great reason to escape the clutches of control by another and enter a happier, lighter work force. There are a hundred things you’re good at, but you’ve forgotten how to be positive due to the heavy weight put on you presently. Take some time for you, to discover what you actually feel passionate about. Don’t let anybody stop you, because there is always someone wanting to see you fail.

Do You Believe That Making Money Will Make You Happy?

You view money as materialistic. What you seek is meaning. You’ve lost the passion entirely for earning money for pure greed as you’ve seen the destruction it can cause to both yourself and other people. You are also a professional in having money be used against you, so it isn’t really a friend, more a commodity in order to live and be clothed and fed. You won’t feel like this forever and eventually you’ll begin to see the good having little money saved can do for you.

Reversed Emperor Meaning For Money and Finance

Should I Borrow Money?

You’re understandably apprehensive about borrowing money as you know first hand how debts can spiral. You’ve been bullied in the past into offering more or earning more, and that has left you a little lost. It’s almost as if you can’t believe in or imagine yourself earning it, but you can. A little willpower and self belief can break the negative, habitual thoughts that money is something only clever people earn. Give it time, and you will see the rewards.

How To Save Money For A Home Restoration

Take a deep breath and put a little money away each month. My warning to you is to be incredibly wary of offers or quotes. You could be cornered by unrealistic prices and with little knowledge of restoration, any query you have relating to the costs will be shot down by strong know it alls. Back away if this is the case, and refuse to be conned. Make sure you shop around and never agree to anything without comparison or thought.

Should I Lend Money to Those I Love?

Other’s lack of discipline with their money needn’t fall on your shoulders to carry. What they do is their mistake to make, without involving you. Of course you are kind and will agree to pretty much anything but my dear, this is not how you will be repaid. Consider any loan as a gift, because it will not be returned. If anything, the loan itself will be denied and played against you in any way possible. Avoid that now by saying a firm ‘no.’

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