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Page of Cups meaning

Main cover image Page of cupsThe Page of Cups represents your inner child screaming to be heard. There is likely a job offer, opportunity or chance for real love. As uncertain as this might make you feel, you are being encouraged to explore it by exploring the child you used to be. Taking a chance means taking a risk, but failure is not final. Channel your inner youth and the results will surprise you. 

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Detailed meanings of the Page of Cups


Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot Page of cups

CARD NUMBER 39. – Page of Cups.

Upright. – Young blond man, enviable position in society, success, marriage.

Reversed. – Irresistible passion, seduction, perverse desires.


Page of cups tarot card advice main

An arch consists of two weaknesses, which, leaning on each other, become a strength.” – Leonardo da Vinci

The Page is a figure that is fluid and adaptive, finding new ways to meld into each new role that they are thrust into. They are servants of people around them, prioritizing the health and success of others over their own personal comfort. You are like The Page, and may often find yourself acting on behalf of others.

The people around you need you more than they think you do; they may not have realized or appreciate all of the support that you offer them behind the scenes. As frustrating as this may be, this is not something that should be a cause for anger. There will come a time that they realize how valuable you truly are, it may just take some time for them to reach that point. Don’t take their lack of gratitude personally, as this is most likely a sign that they are still on the road to emotional maturity. Showing true appreciation for one’s support system is one of the last steps in this process. In the meantime, it is vital that you remain loyal to these people and stick with them through thick and thin. 

Take actions that will enrich the pleasure and comfort of their lives, and your own life will be enriched in return. It may be exhausting now, but there is an ultimate reason as to why they are relying on you so heavily at the moment. This state of being is not temporary, and the reason for all things will be revealed to you in the future.

Page of cups meaning for relationship

The figure in your romantic life needs you now more than ever. Your partner may be dealing with a direct consequences of their own actions, such as the end of a friendship or troubles at work. You are not necessarily directly involved in the issue, but you’ve seen the way that is has been troubling your partner.

They may be quick to anger, extremely depressed, or isolating themselves from the ones that love them the most. Right now, they need your unconditional love and support more than they’d like to admit. It can be difficult helping someone when they are in pain, as they may easily lash out at the hand that is trying to soothe them. However, don’t take this personally; they haven’t yet regained control of their emotions. Instead, use this time to double down on you efforts to show your partner that you will love and support them through anything. 

Make them their favorite meal, visit them on break at work, or suggest that the two of you have quiet evening to watch their favorite movie together. They may overlook the little things that you do at the moment, but this is not because they don’t notice the effort that you are putting in. Give them some time to heal, and you will find that your relationship will emerge stronger than ever before. And if they are truly a good partner, they will be there for you in a similar way when you are dealing with your own personal issues.

Page of Cups meaning tarot


A fair, pleasing, somewhat effeminate page, of studious and intent aspect, contemplates a fish rising from a cup to look at him. It is the pictures of the mind taking form.

Divinatory Meanings: Fair young man, one impelled to render service and with whom the Querent will be connected; a studious youth; news, message; application, reflection, meditation; also these things directed to business.

Reversed: Taste, inclination, attachment, seduction, deception, artifice.

Page of cups meaning for job and career
Your specific set of skills are exactly what your work team needs at the moment. Objectively, you can easily be considered as the most valuable person at your place on employment. This may be due to you quick thinking, creative problem solving skills, or outright experience in dealing with complex and nuanced situations. You will find that others have been looking to you for assistance and guidance a lot more recently that they usually do. 

It can be easy to interpret this as laziness on their part, but it is most likely because they trust you to do a better job than they can. Use this as an opportunity to bring up the skill set of the entire group; as each new circumstance arises, use it as a learning opportunity to teach the members of your team how to handle it on their own. Not only will the entire group be strengthened, but you may notice that some members of your work team even come up with new and innovative solutions that you had never imagined. 

It may be your turn to act as a de-facto leader, but this position will not be permanent. If you are looking for a more permanent position in leadership, now may be the time to look into a new, higher position. However, you must be prepared for the fact that those below you will rely on you much more than they had before; this is a part of being a leader.

Page of cups reversed main meaning
When receiving the service of others, it is easy to fall into a lull of laziness and dependency. When The Page of Cups appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you have fallen into such a state.

If someone has been giving you their unconditional support as of late, you may have begun to abuse their generous efforts. Now is the time to start standing on your own two feet and distance yourself from their assistance; after all, do you still really need it? You may also want to ask this person how they are doing in their own personal lives, as they may be gong through a period of intense emotional turmoil that you may not have otherwise been made aware of.

If so, this is your chance to show your gratitude and strengthen the trust of your relationship; be there to support this person in the same way that they have supported you. Place their own well-being above yours for a time, and take time out of your day to focus on their happiness and comfort. They may need you now more than you realize.

Page of cups card yes or no main

The page of cups is a YES card. It signifies outstanding level of maturity. Possibility of an engagement, birth, or pregnancy news. Possible happy news related to a job application. If you are facing issues at work, you should resolve those encounters with positive actions. Stop daydreaming and follow your heart by taking steps to achieve what you desire.

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Page of cups meaning

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