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King of Pentacles meaning​

Main cover image King of PentaclesThe King of Pentacles optimises his success with a mixture of staying grounded and fierce ambition. A stable and familiar face at social events, he is popular yet approachable. He proudly sees financial stability as responsibility rather than a dream and he wants you to think the same. 
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Detailed meanings of the King of Pentacles

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot King of coins

CARD NUMBER 64. – King of Coins (Sultan of Egypt).


Upright. – Dark-haired old man. Powerful protector, well-disposed in your favor.

Reversed. – Disloyal man to be wary of.

King of pentacles tarot card advice main

Someone who wants to succeed has to overcome his own greed first.” – Lu Buwei

All That Glitters, All That is Gold

The King of Pentacles represents all that is success in the material realm. He is wealthy in all physical forms and takes great pride in the collections that he has built. He has learned how to squeeze some sort of profit out of every situation, even when it seems as though he can only possibly lose. 

While this has led many to believe that he is a greedy individual that only cares about securing a profit, this not the case. While it is true that he places great value on physical wealth, he also understands the responsibilities that come with his wealth. While many may dislike him out of jealousy for his material possessions, he is generally well-respected for his frugality, exceptional understanding of finance, negotiation skills, and the ability to make deals that will produce a profit.

You are much like The King, and are exceptional at finding new ways to increase your personal wealth. Your skills when it comes to negotiating and striking bargains has put you on top more times that you can count, and you’ve fallen into a comfortable pattern of increasing your assets with very little effort on your part. However, the concerns of others in regards to your fascination with all things material do hold some water. It is very easy for you to focus too heavily on your assets, in turn neglecting the other aspects of your life. At the same time, this may also lead you to step on the toes of others so as to achieve the best possible results for yourself. You have made your fair share of enemies this way, and you may have lost a few relationships as a direct result of your greed. This is your greatest flaw; overcoming your obsession with filling the void caused by want is not going to be an easy task. 

The first step in this process will be to differentiate between what you want and what you truly need. You will quickly find that these two things are very different, and it will make it much easier to let go of the things that you have been willing to push others down in order to obtain.

King of pentacles meaning for relationship
Romantic relationships are a give and take; they are a delicate balance between what you can offer a partner, as well as what your partner can offer you in return. In most cases, this will not be material goods. Instead, a healthy relationship will offer love, support, wisdom, companionship, and stability, amongst other things. However, this does not mean that there is no physical aspect to a romantic relationship. Otherwise, there would be no such thing as love languages based on gift-giving and physical affection. There are a variety of physical ways that we can show our partners that we care for them, most of which I’m sure you are able to visualize on your own. Oftentimes, these forms of physical affection can deepen our feelings for romantic partners. They serve to teach each other about what brings us pleasure, and provide us with an outlet through which show our partners that we are willing to give those things to them.

Your current romantic relationship is based largely on physical affection, and it feels as though your strongest moments are when the two of you have bonded over material things. While this has provided you with momentary pleasures that rival anything you’ve ever felt before, you have also noticed that the non-physical aspects of your relationship are severely lacking. You may have realized that you know very little about who your partner truly is as a person, or you may spend very little time with them that isn’t focused solely on the material. While you enjoy these moments, you crave a much deeper connection with your partner; one that will offer an entirely new form of pleasure.

Now is the time to propose such a development to your partner and think of ways that the two of you can strengthen the non-physical aspects of your relationship. This could be as simple as sitting down and having a long conversation with each other about the things that you want to know about each other. Don’t be afraid to get into sensitive topics; if your relationship is meant to last, these things are going to come up sooner or later! 

Furthermore, it is important to be sure that your partner’s ethics agree with your own. While the two of you don’t need to agree on every controversial topic, a massive difference in ethics may end up being a complete deal-breaker that you had never noticed before. Once you get to know who your partner is on a more fundamental level, there is a chance that you won’t particularly like the person that you find. It is better to recognize and deal with these issues at an earlier stage, lest you risk having to cope with them when you are far more emotionally attached to them.

King of Pentacles meaning tarot


The face of this figure is dark, suggesting courage, and the bull’s head should be noted as a recurrent symbol on the throne. The sign of this suit is represented throughout as engraved with the pentigram, typifying the correspondence of the four elements in human nature and that by which they may be governed. In old Tarot packs this suit represented money. The consensus of divinatory meanings is on the side of change, as the cards do not deal especially with questions of money.

Divinatory Meanings: Valor, intelligence, business, mathematical gifts, and success in these paths.

Reversed: Vice, weakness, perversity, peril.

King of pentacles meaning for job and career
Your ambition and drive to acquire all that you desire has led to great success in your career. You have delivered yourself to a state of wealth and abundance, and are seen by many as a leader in your field. You ability to understand the complex, underlying nuances that come along with business have allowed you to reform the system in your favor. 

This has served to polarize many of the people that know of you; while some admire you for your cunning and hope to one day reach your level of success, others may hate you as a symbol of all that they deem to be wrong with the business mentality. Despite the harsh feelings that many hold for you, you have continued to move forward in your quest towards the ultimate fortune.

If this is the way that you have decided to frame your career, then you must be prepared to come with the consequences of your ambition. The way you see things, your work is a win-lose scenario; there will always be one party that comes out on top while the other must learn to cope with their losses. From this perspective, you must be able to accept each of these possible outcomes, even if you aren’t always the victor. Nobody likes a sore loser, especially if they are the ones that wrote the rules of the game. You will not always be the top candidate for a promotion. You may not always agree on your desired conditions for a deal. 

Some potential partners may refuse to work with you because or your reputation. These are all direct consequences of the environment that you have created for yourself; to deny this fact is to be a hypocrite. If you have found yourself unhappy in the constantly aggressive attitude that this mentality creates, then it may be time for you reevaluate the way that you work with others.

King of pentacles reversed main meaning
Much like The King, you place a large amount of emphasis on the issue of control. However, when The King of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are focusing on controlling the wrong person

This does not mean that there is someone out there who is actively trying to sabotage you; sometimes, our biggest enemies come from within. Instead, you may be lacking a certain level of self-control that is necessary to use your abilities properly. Sometimes, you must learn to tell yourself “no“, even if you want something so badly that it is almost physically painful. By refusing yourself these things that you don’t need, you will be free to dedicate your time and resources to far more noble causes, such as helping others that are in need.

Furthermore, this may also be a sign that you are trying to impose your authority over things and people that it is not your place to control. In these situations, it is important to remember that you are not always the leader, and there are times where someone other than yourself is going to be in charge. This happens for many reasons: they may have more experience than you, they may be more qualified, or they may have been selected for that position by your joint peers. 

Unless this leader is actively abusing their authority or manipulating people in order to grow their power, then you must respect their authority. By struggling against them, you are only hurting your own public image and doing great harm to the respect that others have for you.

King of pentacles card yes or no main

The King Of Pentacles is a very financially prosperous card. You are entering a period in your life where money falls into all the right places and you are secure. You can also be surrounded by promising and sound financial advice from a loved one. Thus, the King of Pentacles is a YES card.

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King of pentacles meaning

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