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King of Cups meaning

Main cover image King of cups

The King of Cups suggests a responsible person. This is likely to be displayed in areas of great advice and creativity. A tolerant heart is in your life and they want to see the best in you be brought to life. Be as patient as they are, for they want to see you shine because they notice your full potential. 

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Detailed meanings of the King of Cups


Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot King of cups

CARD NUMBER 36. – King of Cups.

Upright. – Blond man, seducer to be feared. Sciences, literature, arts.

Reversed. – Harmful hatred. Loss of money. Influential and fearsome man.


King of cups tarot card advice main

It is something great and greatening to cherish an ideal; to act in the light of truth that is far-away and far above; to set aside the near advantage, the momentary pleasure; the snatching of seeming good to self; and to act for remoter ends, for higher good, and for interests other than our own.” – Joshua Chamberlain

The King of Cups is a pillar of wisdom and guidance amongst his people. Not only is he able to physically protect those he rules over, but he is also capable of creating an unbreakable foundation of commitment and loyalty. There is no king that is more dedicated to the interests of his people than The King of Cups. His strong intuition leads the people into a brighter future, even when the challenges ahead seem insurmountable. He does not rule with an iron fist; instead, he attracts the love and support of his followers through generosity and genuine compassion for all of his subjects.

You are much like The King, and there is nothing you care for more than the people that you love. However, there are times where this love is overshadowed by and almost animalistic desire to achieve your own goals. Never do you attempt to fulfil your own wishes at the expense of those closest to you, but you may have an underlying tendency to choose the course of action that would better fit your own prerogative than the interests of the entire group. 

This is your greatest flaw, but not one that you can’t learn to grow out of. In the end, so long as you continue to work hard in a respectable manner, you will achieve all of your goals if it is meant to be. However, your first priority should always be the wellbeing of your subjects. Once you have their undying support, and all other looming obstacles have been overcome, then you may be surprised how willing they are to help you on your own personal missions.

King of cups meaning for relationship

A healthy relationship must be a delicate balance between pursuing one’s individual goals and working towards a greater future for the both of you. Recently, you may have found yourself invested far more in your own endeavors than the ones that you embark on with your partner. While it is normal to maintain some independence from a partner, it is also important to make sure that you are giving their portion of your life adequate attention. Perhaps you have been spending an excessive amount of time with friends without your partner, or have been indulging in personal hobbies instead of finding an activity that the two of you can do together.

Take this as sign that it is time to reevaluate your priorities and give your relationship the attention that it deserves. Your partner will thank you for it; your lack of commitment lately has been a thorn in their side! By proving that you are able to put your own endeavors aside in order to spend more time with them, you will also be showing them how much you still enjoy their company. If you continue to hide yourself away and distance yourself, your partner may begin to believe that you don’t enjoy the time that is spent with them.

King of Cups meaning tarot


He holds a short scepter in his left hand and a great cup in his right; his throne is set upon the sea; on one side a ship is riding and on the other a dolphin is leaping. The implicit is that the Sign of the Cup naturally refers to water, which appears in all the court cards.

Divinatory Meanings: Fair man, man of business, law, or divinity; responsible, disposed to oblige the Querent; also equity, art and science, including those who profess science, law and art; creative intelligence.

Reversed: Dishonest, double-dealing man; roguery, exaction, injustice, vice, scandal, pillage, considerable loss.

King of cups meaning for job and career
Unlike the vast majority of people that simply work for a paycheck, you legitimately find enjoyment in all that you do. Because of your passion for the trade, you have become a sort of leader amongst the people that you work with. While it may be unofficial, others tend to look to you for guidance and wisdom in stressful situations. Your wisdom leads them past these hurdles every time, and the entire team grows stronger with each success. However, lately, you have begun to notice that your work doesn’t bring you as much raw enjoyment as it used to. Perhaps you have lost a coworker that you deeply connected with, or the work has become more of a burden than it is a blessing.

An increased amount of work, when coupled with shortening deadlines and stricter management, may also be contributing factors for your recent lack of enthusiasm. You may be thinking of quitting; after all, it feels as though the spark died a long time ago. What is the point in trying to keep it alive? However, this kind of thinking is indicative of a certain imbalance in the way that you are viewing your current situation. 

While it may bring you short term satisfaction, this will only serve to harm the entire team in the long run. Your work community can’t afford to lose you, and they need you now more than they ever have. At the same time, this is not an excuse for them to openly abuse you. If you need to come forward with certain boundaries in order to keep yourself sane, then that is what must be done. Consider submitting a new availability, talking to your supervisor about a better way of distributing the workload, or looking to coworkers that may be able to offer some assistance.

King of cups reversed main meaning
There are some out there who are not worthy of receiving my unconditional love.” When The King of Cups appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you have fallen into this type of thinking. 

This may be caused by a number of things; perhaps someone has wronged you in the past and you have yet to forgive, or they are associated with a mindset that you are vehemently opposed to. However, your negative feelings towards these people only breed more negativity, and the cycle will only continue on in such a pattern. By removing the animosity and filling this space with love, even when it feels as though it isn’t deserved, you have a better chance of creating an environment that is better suited to growth and positive character development. 

Do you want to keep hating this person forever? Chances are, deep down, you want nothing more than to see them change for the better. Nobody wants to hate somebody forever; the soul naturally gravitates towards love and acceptance. However, it is also important to remember that you can never force somebody to change. You can only provide them with all of the tools that they need to do it themselves. Letting go of your negative emotions and setting forth an example of love and acceptance is the first, and most vital, step in this process.

King of cups card yes or no main

The King of cups is a mostly YES card. There is a vital need to balance your heart and mind to control your emotions. This card also represents kindness and romance in your relationship. Rely on your lover to support you. There is a possibility that an older man will appear in your path to give you some valuable advice, you should take it. When the environment at work gets troubling, remember that you can create a harmonious and peaceful environment by using your diplomatic personality.

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King of cups meaning

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