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Justice tarot card meaning​

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The Justice card is the card of fairness. There may be disputes or life lessons to be learned, and Lady Justice is wise to the balancing of both thought and action. In restoring order this way, you are overcoming any dispute that has been holding you back. Equally, she is not afraid to rain down on you if your choice is poor. 

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Detailed meanings of Justice tarot card

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot Justice

CARD NUMBER 9. – Cardinal virtue. Justice (King Solomon).


Upright. – Triumph of justice, happiness. Near card number 28: loss of position or loss of money.


Reversed. Violation of the rules of justice, lost case at court. Near card number 23 : lost job.

Justice tarot card advice main

Nobody ever did, or ever will, escape the consequences of his choices.” – Alfred A. Montapert


Every action has its consequences. There is no way to escape this fact. In every decision that we make, we must be prepared to face the potential ramifications. These consequences may come naturally and without any external influences. On the other hand, they may be handed down directly from the hands of other people. In situations where consequences are necessary but they may not come without provocation, there will need to be some figure responsible for passing judgement and outlining appropriate punishments or rewards. 

The Justice tarot card represents the process of hearing every side of a story so as to seek the proper resolution of things. Once every argument has been heard and all evidence has been collected, we are then given the ability to carry out the process of seeking justice; this may include punishment for wrongdoings, or rewards for services done on behalf of others.

You have been placed in a position where others are looking to you for your judgement, and you may be responsible for making the final call on someone’s fate. Now is the time to listen carefully to every argument and set aside any personal prejudices that you may be harboring. Keep your mind open to every possible explanation, but be careful to separate the facts from opinion. Avoid forcing your own personal opinions upon the situation at hand, and try to keep an objective perspective when considering the facts of the case. Once you have a better idea of the truth of the situation, you will be better equipped to choose the most appropriate course of action. 

Don’t be afraid to assert that someone has done wrong and deserves punishment; after all, judgement is not always nice. If someone is guilty of something heinous, then they must be prepared to face the consequences of their actions, whether they want to or not.

Justice meaning for relationship

While a romantic partner is not supposed to be a figure of authority and punishment, this does not mean that we don’t have the right to hold our partner’s accountable for their actions. If we refuse to hold our ground, we run the risk of letting severe abuses slide by without any consequences. We must learn to stand strong and maintain our boundaries in order to protect ourselves from the harm that a partner may potentially inflict upon us. If this means that you must leave them in order to remove yourself from a toxic situation, then that is what must be done. If the situation hasn’t quite reached that point, but it is getting dangerously close, then it may be time for you to have a serious conversation with your partner regarding the consequences of their actions.

Your partner has been overstepping their boundaries lately, and it is time for you to put your foot down with them. Perhaps they have been talking with someone that you are uncomfortable with them being around, and you are worried that they may be tempted to be disloyal to you. Or maybe they have been showing you very little attention, and you are starting to feel as though they are no longer invested in your relationship. However, this does not mean that you should confront them with a series of accusations; first, give them the opportunity to share their truth of the situation. Be careful with this, because if they are truly guilty of what your suspect, they may try to lie to you in order to ease your anger.

Once you are absolutely certain that you have all of the facts, then you will be able to move forward with confidence and conviction. Be prepared for the worst; you may find that they are guilty of something that could end your relationship. However, there is also the possibility that this is something that the two of you could work past and heal from, should they be willing to reconsider their actions. Keep an open mind and avoid making any decisions until you are absolutely sure whether or not they are innocent or guilty. Set your assumptions aside and prepare for the possibility that you may be making a mountain out of a molehill.

Justice meaning tarot


As this card follows the traditional symbolism and carries above all its obvious meanings, there is little to say regarding it outside the few considerations collected in the first part, to which the reader is referred.

It will be seen, however, that the figure is seated between pillars, like the High Priestess, and on this account it seems desirable to indicate that the moral principle which deals unto every man according to his works—while, of course, it is in strict analogy with higher things—differs in its essence from the spiritual justice which is involved in the idea of election. The latter belongs to a mysterious order of Providence, in virtue of which it is possible for certain men to conceive the idea of dedication to the highest things. The operation of this is like the breathing of the Spirit where it wills, and we have no canon of criticism or ground of explanation concerning it. It is analogous to the possession of the fairy gifts and the high gifts and the gracious gifts of the poet: we have them or have not, and their presence is as much a mystery as their absence. The law of Justice is not, however, involved by either alternative. In conclusion, the pillars of Justice open into one world and the pillars of the High Priestess into another.

Justice meaning for job and career

Maintaining a healthy relationship with your work consists of finding a balance between your own personal interests and the interests of your employer. When at work, you are generally expected to dedicate your attention to producing the best possible results. At the same time, your work must also be able to respect the fact that you are not a machine crafted specifically for the purpose of giving them all of your time and effort. There are times when you must put your foot down in order to make sure that your work is not abusing the power that they may hold over you. Remember that the whole reason that you get paid is because you are selling your work to your employer, and you always have the right to refuse to give them your services.

Your employer is not always in the right, and you should not easily overlook abuse for the sake of keeping your paycheck. You have rights as an employee, and it is time to remind your employer of them. Perhaps they have been scheduling you outside of your availability, forcing you to work extra hours to cover for their own mistakes or inability to make an effective work schedule. Or maybe they have been placing a disproportionate amount of work on your shoulders while they sit back and do nothing.

If there is someone higher than them that you can complain to, it may be time to make your concerns known to higher levels of management. If not, then you may need to confront your employer directly about their behavior. While it is important to be understanding of the fact that work may ask more of you time to time, this does not mean that you should allow these abuses to go unchecked. If your employer is unwilling to accept our demands, then it may be time to start looking for alternative employment. Have faith that you are making the right choice for your own personal health in protecting yourself from being taken advantage of.

Justice reversed main meaning

Even in the quest for justice, there will be times that the full truth remains hidden. When the Justice tarot card appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that certain facts of the matter at hand are being withheld from your grasp. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should move forward with your conviction despite the fact that you are not privy to all of the facts.

Instead, this may be a sign that the process of justice needs to slow down and take a short recess while the truth is further uncovered. Not only will this prevent you from making a poor decisions that you may later regret, but it will also ensure that the defendant in question is punished or rewarded accordingly. Keep your eyes open and listen closely as the situation develops.

Time will eventually dispel this confusion, and all of the facts that you need to make the best decision will eventually be revealed to you. Avoid grasping for any possible leads in an effort to speed up the process. Instead, let the facts reveal themselves naturally, and be prepared to accept whatever truth will eventually be unveiled.

Justice card yes or no main

The Justice card represents judging a situation fairly. You may be be entering into a period of your life that involves settling a legal dispute or learning some kind of life lesson. Justice is dealt to inform you that whatever the outcome, it will be fair and balanced. This is a YES card.

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Justice meaning

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