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Nine of Pentacles meaning​

Main cover image 9 of PentaclesThe Nine of Pentacles symbolizes a serene and comfortable life. Secure and prosper in all areas of life, you are independent and worked hard to get there. There is a warning in this card too – do not push away your family family and friends. The only wealth that you can take to the afterlife is the wealth that you shared with others.

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Detailed meanings of the Nine of Pentacles

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 9 of coins

CARD NUMBER 69. – Nine of Coins.


Upright. – Realization of an expectation. Debt that will be settled.

Reversed. – Deception. Fraud.

9 of pentacles tarot card advice main

Be thankful for what you have. Work hard for what you don’t have.” – Unknown

A Comfortable State of Self-Subsistence

One of the most difficult tasks in life is finding a space where we can comfortably support ourselves and those closest to us. It can take many years and a ridiculous amount of effort to eventually reach the point where you are comfortable with your position in life. This may include financial stability, reliable housing, and steady support from a compassionate support system. 

Once we have reached this point, we are able to take a deep breath and relax. At the same time, we also take great pleasure in sharing this abundance with others; you may find yourself more apt to give your time, money, and resources to those you love, as well as those that are less fortunate, when you yourself are in a comfortable position in life.

Thanks to the long hours that you have spent toiling to get to this point, you have finally found yourself in a position where you are able to comfortably support yourself. If you are not in such a position, this may also be a sign that such a state of being is right around the corner. Now is the time to breathe a sigh of relief and pat yourself on the back. At the same time, you must also give appropriate thanks to those that have helped you get to this point. In your new abundance, it is only right that you turn around and thank those who have supported you in your time of need. If they are struggling to care for themselves, this may mean extending a hand to help them through this tough period. If not, this may mean finding a meaningful way to show them that you are grateful for everything that they have given you. 

Once you have done that, then it is time to turn your eyes towards those who continue to struggle to find their own place of comfort in this world. Remember how you felt during these times, and how much it meant when someone was willing to reach out and offer assistance. By putting out more positivity in the world, not only are you paying a debt that is owed, but you are also continuing a pattern of generosity and companionship.

9 of pentacles meaning for relationship

Part of maintaining a healthy relationship is finding a state of mutual support and sustainability. While the two of you have seen your share of struggles, it finally feels as though you are falling into a comfortable position in your relationship with each other

You no longer feel as though you need to put up some kind of front when you’re around them, and you are comfortable showing them even the most intimate parts of yourself. You love them for far more than what they believe to be their most attractive qualities, and you are learning to appreciate every one of their little quirks. Because this feeling is mutual, the two of you are able to maintain a constant state of love and support, no matter what outside circumstances the two of you may be facing.

However, this does not mean that you will exist in this exact state forever. Now that you know what it’s like to have such a sense of stability, you have a far better understanding of why reaching this level of comfort is such a valuable development. In order to stay at this level, you must be open to the fact that you may need to adapt to new circumstances as they arise. 

These changes can come in many forms, such as a shift in financial status, moving into a new home, or welcoming a new member to the family. Your partner may need different things from you, as you may need different things from them. This is not to say that there is anything actively threatening your current state; instead, it is a sign that you should not lull yourself into a false state of permanency. 

Appreciate the comfortable life that you currently have, as it will give you the emotional strength to face future challenges as a united force.

Nine of Pentacles meaning tarot


A woman, with a bird upon her wrist, stands amidst a great abundance of grape-vines in the garden of a manorial house. It is a wide domain, suggesting plenty in all things. Possibly it is her own possession and testifies to material well-being.

Divinatory Meanings: Prudence, safety, success, accomplishment, certitude, discernment.

Reversed: Roguery, deception, voided project, bad faith.

9 of pentacles meaning for job and career

There are very few things in this world that are more valuable than a stable job that you can comfortably support yourself off of. Despite the fact that you may have struggled greatly in the past to find financial stability, you have recently found yourself in a position where you are able to meet all of your financial needs. 

Perhaps you have found a well-paying job that provides more than enough money to pay the bills. Or maybe you have seen a drastic decrease in your financial burdens, such as when a long-standing debt is finally paid off. Either way, you have recently found yourself with far more money than you’ve previously had, and you are excited to put that money to things other than your living expenses.

The first step in deciding what to do with newfound abundance is to ensure that you have a safety blanket for the future. Now is the time to rebuild your savings and set money aside for the future in case of an emergency. The more money you can put away now, the better off you will be in the face of future financial struggles. Take some time to carefully lay out your regular expenses, and set aside more than enough money to cover said expenses should you find yourself without steady income. Not only will this greatly decrease stress levels should the worst come to happen, but it will also give you a window of time to continue to live comfortably while you find an adequate solution. 

Once you have completed this, then it will be time to allow yourself to spend money on other things. However, this does not mean that you can handle your funds irresponsibly, throwing money at every little thing that your heart desires. Be realistic in how you spend your money; is there something better that you could be using this money for? Is this an impulse purchase that you will surely regret later?

9 of pentacles reversed main meaning
In order to get this far, it has taken endless amounts of self-restraint and frugality. Now that you are comfortable in your living situation, it is okay to let up on a large number of your practical, self-imposed restrictions. However, when The 9 of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you have relaxed these restrictions a little too much

While it is understandable that you want to cut loose a little, this does not mean that you can throw all reason and responsibility to the wind. Even in purchases that you make primarily for pleasure, there should be a level of restraint that protects you from making unnecessary, impulsive decisions. It may be helpful to reach out to someone when you are tempted to make an hasty purchase to act as a second opinion. 

If they advise you against moving forward with the purchase, it is most likely because they are looking out for your best interests. It can be difficult to let go of things that you want, but this feeling of disappointment will pass just as quickly as the temptation appeared.

9 of pentacles card yes or no main

The Nine Of Pentacles represents self reliance. You have reached a point of financial comfort and you are taking action towards improving your surroundings. You have earned the money and you are living a good life, without the approval of others.  To summarize, the Nine of Pentacles is a assured YES card amongst the calm and comfort.

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9 of pentacles meaning

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