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Nine of Cups meaning

Main cover image 9 of cupsThe Nine of Cups means all your wishes are coming true. These drams have the potential to be ones you never even knew you had. It is as though you have woken up one morning and all your problems have been answered. Nine of cups is full of promise:  material wealth, true success and even fame.  It is a card of pure and simple luck in life. 

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Detailed meanings of the Nine of Cups

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 9 of cups

CARD NUMBER 41. – Nine of Cups.

Upright. – Success, achievement, gain.

Reversed. – Sincerity, indiscretion, freedom. Near Card number 18: confidence.

9 of cups tarot card advice main

Our intuition is like a muscle, we must practice listening to it and trusting its wisdom.” – Lisa Prosen

Many times, our instincts are the best way to differentiate between good and bad decisions. They are oftentimes almost completely unexplainable, occur naturally, and surface for no particular rhyme or reason. Intuition comes as a combination of instincts and close attention to one’s surroundings, and gives you an educated guess as to what the most appropriate plan of action is.

It is how we know how to respond to others when they are emotional, or when to remove yourself from an uncomfortable situation. It leads us to the things that we love and keeps us away from the things that displease us. Intuition is highly volatile, and can be easily changed by a shift in the immediate environment that you are in. Intuition is reactive instead of proactive; it is meant to be a direct result of circumstances that you do not explicitly control. 

Now is the time for you to start listening to your intuition, as it feels as though it’s been getting louder and louder as of late. Chances are, your inner self has a deeper understanding of your current situation than you can express in words. There is a reason that you feel so strongly about one specific course of action; it may be the safest bet, the one that has the highest chance of success, or even just the one that will make you the happiest. Move forward with your heart on the frontline instead of logic, as the mind is not always best suited to make decisions that are more geared towards the spirit.

9 of cups meaning for relationship

There has been something nagging at you about your romantic life lately, but you don’t necessarily have any concrete proof to back your intuition up. Perhaps you have a feeling that your partner has been up to something. This could be either positive or negative; maybe you suspect that they are planning to propose, or that they have been sneaking around behind your back with other people. Now is the time to listen to your gut and start gathering solid information; there’s a reason that you are suspicious in the first place.

While it may been time to go with your intuition, this does not necessarily mean that you should jump headfirst into any rash decisions. Don’t break up with your partner simply because you think that they might be cheating on you; prove it! This is simply to say that your gut is telling you these things for a reason, and that it should not be completely ignored. Even if your intuition is wrong, this is a perfect opportunity for you to build trust in your relationship, as it may be a sign that your partner is not hiding anything from you. If you do not have a partner at the moment, you may have a hunch as to someone that may have feelings for you. 

Remember, while you should always be gentle when handling the hearts of others, you have no obligation to return their feelings. At the same time, this may be somebody that you’ve been hoping to initiate a relationship with, but you’ve been too nervous to make the first move. Now is the time to listen to your intuition and put yourself out there!

Nine of Cups meaning tarot


A goodly personage has feasted to his heart’s content, and abundant refreshment of wine is on the arched counter behind him, seeming to indicate that the future is also assured. The picture offers the material side only, but there are other aspects.

Divinatory Meanings: Concord, contentment, physical bien-être; also victory, success, advantage; satisfaction for the Querent or person for whom the consultation is made.

Reversed: Truth, loyalty, liberty; but the readings vary and include mistakes, imperfections, etc.

9 of cups meaning for job and career

Lately, you’ve had a feeling that change may be on the horizon at your place of employment. Maybe you feel as though a certain change needs to be made in order to avoid catastrophe. Or perhaps you suspect that one of your coworkers has been abusing their power in order to push their work on others. 

With your experience in you position, your intuition is definitely something that should not be ignored! Pay attention to what is going on around you so that you can properly determine what your next plan of action should be. This could be confronting a coworker, talking to a supervisor, or even doing your work in a completely different manner. Not only will this protect you from the potential pitfalls of the situation at hand, but it will also put you in a better position to help others back up once the dust has settled. 

If you have found yourself thinking of getting a new job lately, chances are, it is because your intuition is trying to remove you from a potentially toxic environment. You may be being mistreated by a supervisor, or you might be getting severely underpaid for the amount of work that you do. The spirit can easily tell when it is being directly attacked; a gravitation of our intuition towards a new job is most likely a symptom of damage being done to your inner self.

9 of cups reversed main meaning
Be careful what you wish for, because you just might get it. When The 9 of Cups appears in the reversed position, it is because you’ve finally gotten what you always dreamed of having. However, you have started to realize that this wasn’t the best idea

You may have set a pointless goal, pouring all of your time and effort into something that is completely irrelevant to your life as a whole. Or you may have set other aspects of your life aside in order to prioritize one things, only to realize that you have been left with severe deficiencies in said areas. When setting any goals in life, it is always important to consider why you set that goal, and how it will enhance your overall existence. 

This way of thinking can also help prevent self-harming behaviors that have provide short-term comfort in exchange for decreasing your happiness in the long run. This may include overeating, overspending, and hyperfixation on certain medias and forms of entertainment. It may also be a sign that your priorities are slightly out of whack; what are the most important things in your life? Are you actually treating them as if they fall in that order?

9 of cups card yes or no main

The nine of cups represents your dreams becoming a reality. This is a strong YES card. Hardships and obstacles are now behind you. New beginnings. The self-confidence that will help you to break barriers. Happy and fulfilling relationships. There is the likelihood of a marriage or pregnancy. A good omen for love but also your career path. Perfect time to start a new business.

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9 of cups meaning

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