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Eight of Wands meaning​

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The Eight of Wands is the card of fast pace and quick action. Life is moving fast for you and you seem to be coping very well with the speed. You are in a good position to receive surprising visits from old friends or flames near or far. You must strike while the iron is hot to get the most from this inspiring time! 

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Detailed meanings of the Eight of Wands

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 8 of wands

CARD NUMBER 28. – Eight of Wands.


Upright. – Pleasures, balls, parties, invitations.

Reversed. – Quarrels, unforeseen dispute compromising festivities.

8 of wands tarot card advice mainThe only thing that is constant is change.” – Heraclitus There is nothing we can do to stop the rapid changes that come with living. The best we can do is learn to adapt and thrive in light of an ever-changing environment. Things in your life have been particularly tumultuous lately, and it has been exhausting trying to keep up with all of the changes that you’ve been forced to deal with. However, nothing happens without reason; this reason may be as simple as teaching you how to adapt in uncomfortable or distressing situations. While it may not seem like it now, the changes that you’ve seen in your life recently have been essential steps in transforming you into the person you are meant to be. Use this time as an opportunity to get in touch with the flow of time and the temporality of each stage in life. Where one life stage ebbs away, a new one is born! Keep you eyes forward and embrace the new life you’ve recently been delivered into; an ability to thrive in the future will also greatly increase your ability to appreciate the past.
8 of wands meaning for relationship Your romantic life has recently seen a complete overhaul. You may have begun a new relationship or taken an essential step in advancing your current relationship. Perhaps he finally proposed, and you’re now struggling with the realization that you have a wedding to plan! Maybe there is a new member of the family on the way, and you’ve nervously turned your eyes towards your future as a parent. These changes, while they may be scary at first, are the first steps into your new future. Embrace the changes that they bring and take some time to appreciate the little things in life. At the same time, you may have also recently ended a relationship unexpectedly. It may seem hard to go on without them now, but consider this as a sign that you have finally been set free to jump feet first into the hunt for your perfect partner. After all; you can’t find your Prince Charming if you’ve already promised yourself to someone else! Your future may seem strange now, but it is surely brighter than anything you’ve imagined before!
Eight of Wands meaning tarot


The card represents motion through the immovable—a flight of wands through an open country; but they draw to the term of their course. That which they signify is at hand; it may be even on the threshold.

Divinatory Meanings: Activity in undertakings, the path of such activity, swiftness, as that of an express messenger; great haste, great hope, speed towards an end which promises assured felicity; generally, that which is on the move; also the arrows of love.

Reversed: Arrows of jealousy, internal dispute, stingings of conscience, quarrels; and domestic disputes for persons who are married.
8 of wands meaning for job and career Simultaneously, you may have also seen rapid change in your professional life lately. This could be anywhere from accepting a promotion, to taking on a brand new job, to finding yourself suddenly unemployed. You may be nervous about these changes, finding yourself falling into thought cycles of: What if I do my job wrong? What if I get fired? How am I going to pay the bills without my job? You may not know what the next step is, but the answer will always be: forward. Now is the time to take this changes in stride and learn from the challenges that they propose. How can you be a better employee by learning how to adapt to a new position? What strengths do you have to offer with a new employer? If you’ve recently found yourself without a job, now is a perfect time to experiment with new avenues of employment. You are always capable of learning new things, and you are always somebody’s perfect employee. It may take a bit of effort to find your dream job, but if you haven’t already found it, then chances are it will be very different from the jobs you’ve held in the past. To get to where you want to be, you have to be able to endure a significant amount of change; consider this time in your life as practice for your ultimate breakthrough!
8 of wands reversed main meaning An inability to let go of the past is your biggest enemy when The 8 of Wands appears in the reversed position. It may be difficult to accept the fact that things are changing, but denying the fact that change is occurring will only keep you from reaching your full potential. Now is not the time to ignore change and stay firmly rooted in your habits. Roll with the new developments in your life and accept the fact that there is nothing you can do to stop it. While these changes can manifest as positive or negative, accepting the fact that they exist will enable you to properly adapt and overcome.

8 of wands card yes or no main

The 8 of Wands is a card that states freedom. This is a mostly yes card. A card that represents moving out of place, either by traveling or a change in your life. In love, the 8 of Wands is mostly a good omen. It can mean that a rush of a very powerful love will embrace you. At work, it expresses progress or even a possible business trip. Filled with positive energy, this card represents a busy lifestyle with a meaningful purpose. As a result, the Eight of Wands can only be a YES card.

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Eight of Wands meaning in a card spread

8 of wands meaning

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