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Six of Cups meaning​

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The Six of Cups represents a joyful and childlike nostalgia. You are thinking back to more innocent times and trying to bring those feelings to your present life. It may be that you’ve recently lost sight of your usual carefree nature and are finding joy in the colors of your world once more. Keep hold of it!  Six of Cups is a playful card that can make you happy like a child, for no particular reason.

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Detailed meanings of the Six of Cups

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 6 of cups

CARD NUMBER 44. – Six of Cups.

Upright. – Melancholy, reminder of the past, memories of yesteryear.

Reversed. – Worry about the future, birth, hope despite fears. Near card number 20: fortune. Near card number 19 : ruin. Near the card number 45 : inheritance.

6 of cups tarot card advice main

Learn to get excited like a child. There is nothing that has more magic than childish excitement.” – Jim Rohn

Hindsight is 20/20. Making the effort to learn from the past sets us up to face our futures with the bright eyes of a child. The lessons that you learn from the past also create new perspectives from which to consider your current situations.

It is an almost paradoxical situation; by focusing on the past, the present is greatly enriched. Use these moments of consideration as a chance to open your mind to new ways of thinking; like a child who is eager to leap headfirst into tomorrow, now is your time to look at the future and its endless possibilities. At the same time, it is vital to not focus too heavily on your past. Instead, use the wisdom that your past imparts upon you as fuel for making new memories. Now may be the time to consider your past mistakes; are you making the same mistakes again? What has worked for you in the past that you can implement again in the present? 

Life is a series of trial and error; the trick is to learn from your successes and failures in order to do even better the next time.

6 of cups meaning for relationship
Your romantic life has felt like one big cycle of deja vu lately. Scenarios that you thought had been left firmly in the past have been resurfacing lately, sometimes in ways that make you highly uncomfortable.

Perhaps your current romantic partner is exhibiting the same toxic traits as your ex. Or maybe you’ve been struggling to find a new romantic relationship and feel as though you are caught in a cycle of loneliness and rejection.

This may be a sign that it is time to look back on your past for guidance; oftentimes, your past experiences will tell you exactly why you are in this situation, as well as how it will most likely end up. If your ex was a cheater, and your current partner is starting to sneak around in the same way, now is the time to confront this issue directly. You’ve been through this before and you know better than to let yourself get hurt again.

If you are struggling to find a relationship, what is the main thing that consistently holds you back from making new connections? Is it a fear of putting yourself out there? Or perhaps the fear of rejection? The first step is to acknowledge that these trends are cyclic; without your direct and conscious intervention, they will not see improvement anytime soon. In order to move forward into the future, you may need to make some uncomfortable changes in the present.

Six of Cups meaning tarot


Children in an old garden, their cups filled with flowers.

Divinatory Meanings: A card of the past and of memories, looking back, as—for example—on childhood; happiness, enjoyment, but coming rather from the past; things that have vanished. Another reading reverses this, giving new relations, new knowledge, new environment, and then the children are disporting in an unfamiliar precinct.

Reversed: The future, renewal, that which will come to pass presently.

6 of cups meaning for job and career
Work is not always going to be filled with excitement and new opportunities. However, this does not necessarily mean that you should allow yourself to settle in an unpleasant situation. If you’ve been in this position for some time, then you most likely have a pretty good idea of what causes friction and what promotes harmony in the workplace.

Use your past experiences to advise your current actions; what has worked in the past to fix the problems that you may be currently dealing with? If you are facing a large task that seems nearly impossible to complete, take a moment to look back on what you’ve already accomplished. Did you work better with the help of a coworker? Or did you end up needing more time to complete the amount of work that is asked of you? Use this information as fuel for change to help you better cope with your current workload. 

At the same time, carefully considering the successes and failures of your past endeavors may also help you to avoid calamity. Perhaps you are working with a new team that has not seen the same situations that you have experienced before. How can you use your knowledge to guide your team to success? Be sure to share this wisdom with others; no two people have the same past! 

In communicating your experience to others, you may also find that they will be far more willing to impart their own personal revelations upon you as well. Not only will you learn a new lesson that will be invaluable in your future endeavors, but you won’t have to go through the messy process that is learning it the hard way!

6 of cups reversed main meaning
The past is not always something that is easy to cope with, as it may bring more turmoil than wisdom. When The 6 of Cups appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that it is time to let go of something in your past that has been plaguing your emotions for some time

You’ve had plenty of time to process and digest this memory, and you’ve successfully taken any lessons that it has to offer. It is time to let this memory go, and allow the wounds that it has caused to finally heal. At the same time that you release trauma, you may have no choice but to let go of far more positive feelings as well. 

However, these feelings will only serve to draw you back in to this memory, continually leaving you vulnerable to renewed pain and suffering. It is okay to let go of these good feelings; they’ve brought you all the joy that they were meant to. But now, it is time to lay them to rest.

6 of cups card yes or no main

The six of cups is a YES card. It is a symbol of children in your life, either pregnancy or working with children. A good omen for your career; you should consider merging creativity into your work. Allow the ones that you love to help you. It could also mean possible unfinished businesses with an ex-lover that is now causing some conflict in your current relationship.  

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Six of Cups meaning in a card spread. Try the original Cardarium readings.

6 of cups meaning

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