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The Devil meaning​

Main cover image The Devil

The Devil card represents an addiction to the material world. You are finding much joy in the addiction of wanting more and more. This is causing you great pain, and to mask that you are simply adding further negativity to your life. This could be with thoughts or substances. Either way, you are betraying your own heart. 

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Detailed meanings of The Devil

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot The Devil

CARD NUMBER 14. – Force majeure. The Devil (Eve).


Upright. – Torments, serious fault. Near card number 16 : love to be abandoned. Near card number 60 : dangerous journey.

Reversed. – Discouragement, rupture, moral weakness.

The Devil tarot card advice main

Don’t let the expectations and opinions of other people affect your decisions. It’s your life, not theirs.” – Roy T. Bennett

Move Forward Unapologetically

Not everything needs to be done with logic and reason. Our instincts and urges exist for a reason; listening to our deepest desires and allowing our true personalities to reign without contest can oftentimes lead us down the most fulfilling paths. This may include being your unapologetic self regardless of criticism, showing your emotions even when they make others uncomfortable, or pursuing your most fundamental desires. The Devil is the master of honoring his impulses and living his life by his own standards. He is not easily swayed by outside opinions, and does not feel the need to censor his thoughts and emotions so as to avoid upsetting others. He bases his relationships on a “take-it-or-leave-it” attitude, and only surrounds himself with those who are able to appreciate both his strengths and his flaws.

Now is the time for you to be like The Devil; do what you need to do and be who you need to be, no matter what others may think. You may have recently allowed yourself to be pressured into a certain course of action so as to please others, resulting in a deep sense of dissatisfaction. Or maybe you have bottled up your emotions because you are afraid that they will be an inconvenience to those around you. The Devil tells you that you are only hurting yourself by continuing to restrain your true tendencies. If someone is forcing you to act one way or another purely for their own benefit, they are not someone that you should be spending your time and attention on. Instead, move forward unapologetically and prioritize your own interests over the expectations of others.

The Devil meaning for relationship

In the quest for the perfect romance, it is incredibly easy to allow ourselves to be changed by the influence of others. Perhaps you do everything in your power to conform to conventional standards of beauty in an attempt to be seen as “attractive” by society. Or maybe you disallow yourself from indulging in your favorite hobbies because they are seen as “weird” or “uncool”. However, we are almost never able to maintain this façade once we enter into a serious relationship. Our partners will find out who we truly are one day, and it is essential that they are able to love you no matter what they see.

You’ve chipped away at yourself so much in the search for love that when you look in the mirror, it feels as though a completely different person is staring back at you. While you may have been able to find some type of romance, it has been incredibly superficial. It feels as though the two of you are unable to connect on a deeper level because you are too afraid of showing them your inner self. What if they don’t like who you really are, and are shocked by the drastic difference between your genuine self and the front that you’ve been putting on?

However, continuing to suppress your authentic self will only make it harder and harder to find more fulfilling relationships, and may even set you up for much heartbreak in the future. Let your partners know right off the bat who they are getting involved with. While you may find that it limits your romantic options, you will be pleasantly surprised at the increased number of genuine connections that you are now able to make.

The Devil meaning tarot


The design is an accommodation, mean or harmony, between several motives mentioned in the first part. The Horned Goat of Mendes, with wings like those of a bat, is standing on an altar. At the pit of the stomach there is the sign of Mercury. The right hand is upraised and extended, being the reverse of that benediction which is given by the Hierophant in the fifth card. In the left hand there is a great flaming torch, inverted towards the earth. A reversed pentagram is on the forehead. There is a ring in front of the altar, from which two chains are carried to the necks of two figures, male and female. These are analogous with those of the fifth card, as if Adam and Eve after the Fall. Hereof is the chain and fatality of the material life.

The figures are tailed, to signify the animal nature, but there is human intelligence in the faces, and he who is exalted above them is not to be their master for ever. Even now, he is also a bondsman, sustained by the evil that is in him and blind to the liberty of service. With more than his usual derision for the arts which he pretended to respect and interpret as a master therein, Eliphas Lévi affirms that the Baphometic figure is occult science and magic. Another commentator says that in the Divine world it signifies predestination, but there is no correspondence in that world with the things which below are of the brute. What it does signify is the Dweller on the Threshold without the Mystical Garden when those are driven forth therefrom who have eaten the forbidden fruit.

The Devil meaning for job and career

Biting your tongue when you don’t have the authority to speak is one of the hardest parts of being a lower-level employee. Due to the fact that disagreeing with others in the workplace can be interpreted as a lack of respect, many choose to keep their mouth shut instead of speaking out against bad decisions or poor management. However, there are times where somebody needs to step up and say something, even if it means putting themselves and their reputation on the line. While it may be a risky move, it could serve to protect your entire work team from the hassle that comes with poor decisions in the future.

You have a lot to say in regards to how your place of employment is being run, but you’ve been unsure of whether or not you should speak up. Take this as a sign that it is time to break your silence, even if it may get you in a bit of trouble. Chances are, you are addressing an issue that has gone under the radar until now, or are otherwise bringing light to a series of unacceptable excuses. By continuing to ignore these issues, there is no way that it will reach a timely resolution; you stand to suffer far more by allowing them to continue than if you were to deal with them here and now. In the case of workplace abuse, if your employer is unwilling to see your perspective and work with your concerns, then it may be time to look for alternative employment. If you mean to criticize the way that your place of employment is being managed, then you may have no choice but to stomach the current system. However, this does not mean that you shouldn’t make your concerns known.

The Devil reversed main meaning

Chaos can be fun to watch at times; however, this does not mean that we should seek to create disharmony purely for the sake of our own amusement. When The Devil appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are causing unnecessary problems on purpose, much to the detriment of your relationships. As fun as it may be to watch the discord that arises from your noncooperation, it isn’t worth the mess that you will have to clean up.

Now is the time for you to choose maturity over your mischievous tendencies so as to begin repairing the damage that you have caused. You’ve had your fun, but the time for chaos and childish prank-pulling has passed.

The Devil card yes or no main

The Devil means that you are being chained down in life by something or someone. This card often shows the devil in his satyr form, or as he is more commonly known, Baphomet. You may receive this card if you feel in a position where you have lost power.  The Devil is only ever a NO card.

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The Devil Meaning

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