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The best way to phrase your questions for a tarot reading

The moment before a tarot reading can be exciting, thrilling, but also frightening. What will you ask? Will you finally know if he loves you? Will you get that job? Although a tarot reading can answer a lot of your questions, the way you phrase them can make a complete difference in which type of answer you’ll get. The most important part of a tarot reading is actually before the reading even starts, the way you phrase your questions will impact your answers. So if you don’t phrase your questions correctly, then you will most likely get the answers that you weren’t looking for which will only leave you even more confused.

Why is phrasing your question so important in a tarot reading?

Your question is like the missing piece of a puzzle during a tarot reading, and if you choose the wrong piece, then just like your answer the puzzle will feel incomplete. The cards have something to tell you, but if your questions are exceptionally closed up, then there isn’t much room for the tarot to guide you. That’s why open questions are the better option when asking a question on your tarot card reading. So asking the right questions will not only help you to get more accurate answers but will also allow for the tarot cards to guide you better.

The best way to phrase your questions for a tarot reading:

Analyze your questions before your tarot reading

Don’t wait for the day of your tarot reading to pick the questions that you are planning on asking. Knowing your questions before your reading is extremely important, so dwell on this before your reading. This will feel a little like self-discovery, and it might help you to even unbury some things that you have the desire to know but weren’t aware of, so analyzing your doubts profoundly can lead you to questions that you didn’t even know that you had and of course, that will help your reading to amplify its answers as well.

Tip: Meditation can help you with opening your mind and clear your head, so perhaps meditation will help you to have a clearer idea of what questions you want to ask during your tarot reading.

Keep the questions about yourself

Tarot focuses on you and not so much on the people in your life. Although tarot can give you an insight into the impact that some people will have in your life, it’s almost impossible to answer any questions that are directly focused on others. So keeping yourself as the primary source of your questions will give you a better insightful answer.

Tip: Tarot focuses on you, so instead of asking how that person feels about you, ask what you can do to improve that relationship

Don’t limit your questions

You should avoid asking questions that leave you with a simple yes or no answer. Tarot usually gives very elaborate answers, which is why your questions should be open-minded and more broaden. Instead of asking when something that you want is going to happen, you should try to ask what you can do to make it happen instead. That will allow tarot to give you a more profound answer that can help you in more areas of your life.

Tip: Expand your question, explore all the possible outcomes and possibilities before phrasing it. Sometimes we already have a lot of insight into the questions that we make, so dwell on the precise question that you have and figure out if there is more to it, and how tarot can help you with it.

Avoid focusing on the future

Most people, when having a tarot reading, want to know the future. Although the cards can help you with that, tarot is better used as a guide to the life that you want to have. The best way to do that is to help you know which changes you should make now to impact the future that you want to have tomorrow. The future is subtle to change due to the decisions that you make today, and tarot can enlighten you for the things that you can change in your life, such as the behavior you should have today that can impact you to have a happier and more prosperous future.

Tip: Instead of asking when you are having a promotion at work, focus on what you can do to achieve that promotion quicker. Tarot can provide you with so much insightful guidance, so focus your question on the


instead of the



Don’t ask for a specific date

It’s improbable that a tarot reading can give you specific datelines. Your future is subjective to changes, so it’s very unlikely that a particular date can be predicted. Tarot gives you a lot of guidance and even some predictions, but you need to put in the work, it’s all up to you. So it’s also more useful for you to know how to get there instead of a specific date that may or not happen in that particular dateline.

Tip: If you could choose between knowing a possible date of promotion (that may or may not happen) or knowing how to make sure you get there, which one would you choose? Tarot will tell you what you need to do to get there instead of a possible dateline.

Some samples of how to rephrase questions during a tarot card reading:

Here are some samples of some of the most asked questions and how to rephrase them:

  • Love Questions:

Question: “When will I meet my soulmate?” instead, you should ask, “What can I do to find my soulmate?”

Question: “Will my husband and I ever stop arguing?” instead, you should ask, “How can I strengthen my relationship with my husband?”

  • Career Questions:

Question: “When will I get a promotion at work?” instead, you should ask, “What can I do to grow into my career?”

Question: “Am I getting fired?” instead, you should ask, “What is stopping me from achieving my full career potential?”

  • Health:

Question: “When will I feel healthy again?” instead, you should ask, “What should I be doing to improve my overall well-being?”

Question: “Why do I feel tired all the time? Is there anything wrong with my health?” instead, you should ask, “What is standing in the way of my best health?”

  • Money:

Question: “Will I ever be rich?” instead, you should ask, “How can I build a wealthy life?”

Question: “How will I become rich?” instead, you should ask, “Which skills should I improve to make more money?”

Keep an open mind for your answers

Tarot reading is an enlightening experience, and it can open so many locked doors that you have been unable to open by yourself. Still, tarot reading is not the same thing as looking for an answer in a crystal ball, it’s based on energy, and more often than not, it won’t give you the solution that you want to hear, but instead will provide you with the things that you need to know. The difference between having a clear explanation or a confusing one is all up to how you rephrase your question.

Tarot reading might have your essence at heart, but there is no way to know precisely what you should be asking or which answer will help you better. So instead of hoping that you get the answer that you are longing for, try to ask relevant questions that will provide you with a helpful perspective of how to achieve the things that you want out of life. Tarot reading helps you to find a way to get where you want to be; it doesn’t take you there, that’s something that only you can do. And every answer will depend on how you decide to ask your questions.

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