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Page of Pentacles meaning​

Main cover image Page of PentaclesThe Page of Pentacles represents putting off tasks, postponed work, and unfulfilled goals. An immature head sits on your shoulders. Putting off tasks will lead to an empty future. In deferring time, you defer your chances. You are the builder of your destiny. If you don’t do it, nobody else will.

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Detailed meanings of the Page of Pentacles

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot Page of coins

CARD NUMBER 67. – Page of Coins (The Neapolitan Lazzarone).


Upright. – Singe man of dark hair and dark complexion. Service rendered. For a woman: man who will seek her favor.

Reversed. – Weakness, wastefulness. squandering of wealth.

Page of pentacles tarot card advice main

A long apprenticeship is the most logical way to success. The only alternative is overnight stardom, but I can’t give you a formula for that.” – Chet Atkins

Beginning a New Apprenticeship

The Page of Coins is new to the game, and has much to learn before they can become a key player. While it may be difficult determining where to start on this journey to higher knowledge, The Page is lucky to have an experienced master to guide their hand. This master has much to teach, and The Page is always eager to learn. By putting in the effort now, The Page will one day reach the point where the student surpasses the master, and they may begin to take on apprentices of their own. 

However, this day will not come for quite some time. In order to reach that point, The Page must listen closely to those who are more experience in the field than themselves, and learn the smaller nuances of a trade that may be translated better through practical application as opposed to written or verbal instruction. Now is the time to practice and hone their foundational skills; the unique style that comes with master craftsmanship will come naturally with time and experience.

You are much like The Page, and have recently found yourself on the road towards an all new set of skills. Perhaps you have started at a new job in an industry that is largely unfamiliar to you. Or maybe you have picked up a hobby that you’ve never engaged in before. As eager as you may be to push forward on to higher levels, now is the time to take things slow and start at step one. In order to become a master, one must first trudge through the oftentimes dull and redundant lessons of an apprenticeship; boredom and a lack of focus are your greatest enemies right now. Do everything in your power to learn as much as possible as early as you can, as it will greatly expand your ability to learn more complex skills in the future. 

After all, one can’t truly call themselves an expert until they have mastered even the simplest of skills. Use this as an opportunity to develop your work ethic, ability to focus, and reputation amongst others in this field. Not only will you be setting yourself up for a future filled with greater works, but you will also be gaining the long lasting attention of future fans and admirers.

Page of pentacles meaning for relationship
There is no relationship in your life that won’t change you in one way or another. Oftentimes, the most impactful relationships that we engage in are the ones that we voluntarily choose; particularly, friendships and romances. In romance, there is more to developing your relationship than simply learning all there is to know about one another. Your partner will teach you things that you never knew about yourself, either directly or indirectly. 

Perhaps they point out little habits that you’ve never noticed that you have. Or maybe they tend to highlight your flaws that you had never really considered whenever the two of you start arguing. Many times, it is best not to change yourself purely to please others. However, a truly loving partner can also act as a point of reference to identify your own toxic traits; if they tell you that you have objectively bad habits, then it may be time to reevaluate these aspects of your personality.

You may have noticed that your partner has recently taken issue with a habit or aspect of your personality. This can come in many forms; it could be as simple as complaining that you never refill the toilet paper, or as complex as accusing you of regularly keeping secrets and going behind your partner’s back. While it is never healthy to rewrite your entire personality purely based on the standards of others, this doesn’t mean that they never have a good point. This may be a sign that the issues you partner has taken with you as of late may be, at least partially, validated. 

As difficult as it may be to admit that you’ve been or done something wrong, it may be time to concede and reevaluate your actions. If your partner is lashing out at you, especially in the case of a far more serious issue, it may be out of a place of pain. In all reality, they are upset because they don’t want this situation to be happening in the first place. They want an easy and harmonious relationship as much as you do, and both of you have the capacity to potentially jeopardize your perfect harmony.

Take a moment to listen to what your partner has to say and seriously consider their concerns. Not only will this give you the tools to make yourself a better person in the long run, but it will also give you a good opportunity to gauge whether or not your partner has unrealistically high standards for you. If your partner complains that you are lazy and refuse to clean up after yourself, then it may be time for you to listen and start taking responsibility. On the other hand, if they are complaining that your physical appearance doesn’t meet their standards and demanding that you change yourself to please them, then it is time to put your foot down in the face of their selfishness.

Page of Pentacles meaning tarot


A youthful figure, looking intently at the pentacle which hovers over his raised hands. He moves slowly, insensible of that which is about him.

Divinatory Meanings: Application, study, scholarship, reflection; another reading says news, messages and the bringer thereof; also rule, management.

Reversed: Prodigality, dissipation, liberality, luxury, unfavorable news.

Page of pentacles meaning for job and career Your work has changed significantly lately, and you may have found yourself with a completely different set of responsibilities from what you had previously been working with. You may have been promoted to a higher position, been moved to a different department, or got hired into a totally new industry or company altogether. The road ahead seems long and intimidating, and it feels like you don’t have the first clue as to how to do your new job correctly. Reaching out to your coworkers and superiors may seem like a daunting task, as you are afraid that your “newbie” presence is largely unwanted. Stuck between not wanting to be a bother while also wanting to fit in and perform at the same level as more experienced employees, you have found yourself in a very uncomfortable position of feeling totally helpless in an unfamiliar environment. The most important thing to remember when starting out in any new position is that everyone, even your superiors, were once in your shoes. Knowledge and experience will come with time; it is a natural process that everyone has to go through. Even if they did not fulfil the exact same role as you, they know what it is like to be fresh meat. Nobody thinks any less of your for having questions, and they will be glad to hear that you care enough to ask instead of learning purely through trial and error. Reaching out to your workplace support system for guidance will help you to build new, long lasting connections, as well as learn little tips and tricks that you may have otherwise never been exposed to. So long as you move forward with an open mind and a willingness to learn and improve, you are going to be perfectly fine. In the future, you will look back on this period of your life and laugh at how bad you stressed yourself out over the littlest of things.

Page of pentacles reversed main meaning
Part of being an apprentice is following the orders of your superiors, even if they can be a hassle. When The Page of Pentacles appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are fighting against this step of the learning process. Yes, it is true that some teachers will abuse their authority in order to make your do even the most menial of tasks. 

However, think of this period as your right of passage that will earn you a position of respect and comradery amongst the professionals in your field. It may seem like not every task has an underlying meaning, but every little thing you do at this stage of development will shape what kind of master you will become. 

If you truly feel as though you are being mistreated, now is the time to frame what kind of master you won’t be in the future; sometimes, defining what we want to be comes largely from identifying what we refuse to be. If your master doesn’t provide any ultimate meaning or lesson for these tasks, try to find one for yourself. This will be your first exercise in finding your own unique style of work.

Page of pentacles card yes or no main

The Page Of Pentacles is the card of study. You are entering a phase of profound learning, and all signs indicate the outcome to be a success, but not before an element of learning has been undertaken. You are not there yet – you are just on your journey towards financial contentment.  In summary, the Page of Pentacles is a transition from NO to YES.

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Page of pentacles meaning

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