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Knight of Wands meaning

Main cover image Knight of WandsThe Knight of Wands seeks to charm everyone with passion and self confidence. There is a magical, uplifting sense of freedom within you at this time. It is taking you places you never knew existed. Love feels better than ever before and you are daring to take risks. The wild ride in life, however, has yet to even begin! 

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Detailed meanings of the Knight of Wands

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot Knight of wands

CARD NUMBER 24. – Knight of the Wands (The Knight of the Watch).


Upright. – Change of residence or situation. Struggles, flight, abandonment. Placed near Card number 71: investment of money, which will be lost.

Reversed. – Broken love affair, quarrel, disgrace.

Knight of wands tarot card advice mainSelf-control is strength. Right thought is mastery. Calmness is power.” – James Allen You are someone that thrives off of high-energy situations. Quick to anger and easily provoked to action, you are an incredibly volatile person that gets easily bored with stagnant situations. Assertiveness and aggression can be useful in certain situations, but is not always appropriate for average circumstances. When The Knight of Wands appears in your reading, it may be an indicator that it is time to learn how to control the heat of your passions. It can be easy to let your personality rage on as an uncontrolled inferno, but it will serve a much better purpose if kept as a steady flame. Try to stay calm in high energy situations and take a moment to consider whether or not now is the appropriate time to crank up the heat. This will not only keep you from rubbing those around you the wrong way, but it will also allow you to effectively use your aggressive tendencies when they are needed the most. This does not mean that you need to suppress your true self; instead, consider this an opportunity to let the rest of your personality that may have been otherwise hidden by your volatile nature shine through.
Knight of wands meaning for relationship Recently, your passions have manifested greatly in your love life, creating a period of very high “highs” and very low “lows“. One day, it may seem as though you are reveling in the fiery passion of romance, while the next day may leave you beaten down by depression and loneliness. This has left your head spinning; take this as a sign that you may need to slow down. Whether it be a new romance that you’re moving a little too quickly, fights that you keep provoking in an established relationship, or short-term flings that sizzle out far too quickly, this card is an indicator that you need to take a moment to calm yourself and appreciate the lower energy times in life. Romance does not always need to be fraught with white-hot passion and heightened emotions; it is okay to take things slow and relax into comfortable routines. If there are issues in an established relationship that need to be addressed, this is not a sign that you should let these issues go unaddressed. Instead, take a moment to calm yourself and consider a new position to approach the issue from. If you are actively seeking a new relationship, consider taking some time to nurture new relationships as friendships before immediately jumping to romance. Once you have a better idea of whether or not you enjoy that person’s company, then it will be time to consider taking your relationship to the next level.
Knight of Wands meaning tarot


He is shown as if upon a journey, armed with a short wand, and although mailed is not on a warlike errand. He is passing mounds or pyramids. The motion of the horse is a key to the character of its rider, and suggests the precipitate mood, or things connected therewith.

Divinatory Meanings: Departure, absence, flight, emigration. A dark young man, friendly. Change of residence.

Reversed: Rupture, division, interruption, discord.

Knight of wands meaning for job and career Work has been getting on your nerves even more so that usual lately. It seems like every little mistake sets you off, and you’ve been one minor inconvenience away from calling it quits. However, making a rash decision will only make it more difficult for you to establish yourself in a situation that doesn’t cause such stressors. No matter where you work, there will always be things that cause anger and frustration. What is important, however, is how you turn these frustrating situations into learning lessons for the future. Take some time to calm your temper and consider your current situation from a calmed perspective. Is there someone you can talk to in order to fix the issues that you are currently struggling with? Does the majority of your frustration stem from a lack of conformity to regulations on your end? If so, then this may be a sign for you to remember that your job as an employee is to follow the rules and instructions that have been laid out for you by your higher-ups. If you find yourself continually bothered by rules and regulations that seem pointless or counterproductive, consider what you can do to see these parameters altered or otherwise removed completely. Does this mean pursuing a leadership position where you will have the authority to rewrite the rules? Or could this mean looking for a new position altogether that better agrees with your personal beliefs and philosophies within the field? Your best bet is to think calmly on the situation, and only make a move once you have rationally considered all possible actions and their potential outcomes.
Knight of wands reversed main meaning Change is not always the preferable option; while it may be easy to jump on every opportunity as soon as it presents itself, it is oftentimes the smarter move to stay in your current position. When The Knight of Wands appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are pursuing change at an inopportune time. It is also important to remember that this change does not only affect you, as it will cause change in the lives of those around you as well. The change you are acting on may be upsetting or inconveniencing the ones closest to you, causing unnecessary tension in your personal and professional relationships. While this change may directly benefit you, the repercussions that it causes in the lives of others may leave you in an even worse position than where you started from. Now is the time to listen closely to those around you and consider their concerns as you move forward. They may have a take on the situation that you never even considered, and you may find yourself far less apt to seize a current opportunity if you have a better understanding of the potential repercussions.

Knight of wands card yes or no main

Passions fuel dreams and your actions make things possible. This is the meaning behind the Knight of Wands. The Knight of Wands is a yes card. Yet, this doesn’t mean that you should walk straight towards your path without any fears. This is a card that calls for your courage to take action. To follow your dreams and go for it. In conclusions, the Knight of Wands is a YES card.

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Knight of wands meaning

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