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how to prepare for a tarot reading

Tarot reading is an art, one that involves pouring your heart and soul into. When you are doing a reading the world slowly vanishes behind you and all you see is the meaning of the whispers that the universe is telling you through the cards. There is no way to control what you are about to unveil but as long as you embrace your energy then you will have the answer to any question that you may have, but what can you do to allow that to happen? Are there any things that you can do to prepare yourself to hear what the cards have to say?

How to prepare for a tarot reading?

Do you ever prepare yourself for big moments in your life? Sometimes we just go with the flow and allow for things to happen in their own time, but other times we can make ourselves ready for what is about to come, there is no right or wrong, but one question remains, should you prepare yourself before a tarot reading? Will that affect your ability to understand what the cards are telling you? Is there anything that you should do to open your mind for the impossible? What can you do to allow your heart to guide you during a tarot reading?

Tarot cards are just the tool that will allow you to get to the right path that will lead you to the answers that you are seeking. You are the key to translate what the universe is trying to tell you. There isn’t a ritual that you should do to read the cards, the ability of reading is already within you, but sometimes if we don’t open our hearts and allow our energy to float within us, the message can get twisted and in the end, we won’t be able to find the right answer, so it’s important to not only prepare yourself before a reading but also to unleash the energy trapped within you, so when you trying to listen to the cards, you will actually get the full message, loud and clear.

Here are a few steps to help you to prepare for a tarot card reading:

Make sure that you are well-rested

When your body or mind is not well-rested, it’s extremely easy to lose your concentration and focus. Have you ever heard the expression “You can’t pour from an empty cup“? Or have you ever wondered why in the plane they ask you to put on your oxygen mask before you help anyone else? That’s because if you aren’t at your best to help yourself then how can you help anyone else? Taking care of yourself is not a selfish act, it’s actually the complete opposite, because when you make sure that you are ok, then imagine how many people you can actually help, but if you are not at your best then it’ll be too easy to break someone’s heart by giving an unclear reading. People come to you in search for hope, maybe you are the last stop in their chase for clarity, and if you are not prepared, then how can you help them to seek the right path?

Prepare your energy for the reading

Your energy will be your light in the darkness when doing a reading, it’s that beam of light that will allow you to see the path that the cards are trying to show you, and if you are surrounded by positive energy then that little flick of light will shine brighter but if there is negative energy around you or within you then that little light will become dim and shineless. The right path won’t be easy to find and you are risking to stay in the dark, so it’s important to raise your positive energy. You can do this by meditating, or going for a walk. Surround yourself with things that can bring you peace and good energy.

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Choose a quiet and safe environment

It’s important that you avoid any loud noises or a lot of confusion right before your reading. Create an environment that you will be using to read the cards in a place that you feel safe and calm. You can use slow music or candles if that helps you to be open to receive the energy and message behind the cards. When we are in a place where we feel happy, then reading the cards becomes so much easier.

Open your heart and clear your mind

Anyone who studies the cards can read tarot, but if you let your heart guide you during a reading, then the answers will just come to you in a blink of an eye. Our heart opens so many locked doors, sometimes when we are a little lost and unsure of which turn to take if you pay close attention your heart will give you the answers to any doubt that your mind has yet to figure it out the answer to. We don’t realize it but our heart is the essence of what makes us who we are. and as a tarot reader, you are the one thing that can link a question to an answer. You are the answer, so let your heart guide you.

Don’t forget to breathe

It’s common, especially for a new tarot reader to focus so deeply on the reading that it becomes easy to forget how to breathe. You are searching for answers, and trying to find that peace of hope that will perhaps make a difference in someone’s life. It’s too easy to drown in that feeling and forget to take that breath of air. Breathing is so important in any second of your life, including during your readings. Don’t forget to breathe, fill your lungs with air, and witness how with each breath of air you get so much closer to the right answers that you are trying so hard to attain.

Anyone can be a great tarot card reader, if you put your energy and mind into it, you will thrive in learning every single card and be able to provide reading to any answers that you might be waiting for, but if you allow yourself to just let your mind, heart, and soul speak then you won’t just be a great card reader, you will be an exceptional one, because when you are blessed with an open and caring heart, your energy is so powerful and unique that you will break barriers and help the ones around you to find the right path, and for that, you can’t prepare yourself for unless you just let it happen.

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