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Five of Wands meaning

Main cover image 5 of WandsThe Five of Wands brings egos together in rivalry. Others seek to disagree with you, whilst you may be challenging the views of others. From this, there can be no peace unless you learn the art of compromise. In these times, you are likely to prevent and be prevented any form of personal or professional progress. 

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Detailed meanings of the Five of Wands

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 5 of wands

CARD NUMBER 31. – Five of Wands.


Upright. – Fortune, good luck, success with money. Near Card number 38: this number is evil and cancels the good omen.

Reversed. – Lost trial, confused affairs. Near Card number 30: difficulties sorted out, lawsuit won.

5 of wands tarot card advice mainNo man ever got very high by pulling other people down. The intelligent merchant does not knock his competitors.” – Alfred Lord Tennyson

Fair Competition and Just Motivations

There is nothing wrong with fighting for that which you desire most. However, you should only allow yourself to go after your goals in ways that don’t directly harm others. While there are certain circumstances where some competitiveness is perfectly acceptable, this does not mean that you can pull others down so as to claw your way to the top. Instead, it is far more righteous to pursue your highest ambitions in an honorable way that does not include the abuse or ridiculing of your competitors. Even if you aren’t doing it on purpose, your most recent efforts to go after your dreams may have caused you to step on some toes. Now is the time for you to check your ambition and focus on making progress that does not harm or inconvenience the people around you. Avoid abusing the generosity of others, even if they offer it of their own accord. If a new opportunity presents itself to you, be sure to consider what impacts it may have on others before immediately jumping into action. Not only will this allow some of the wounds that you may have cause to heal, but it may even provide you with a host of new allies.
5 of wands meaning for relationship Romance is never a competition. We shouldn’t feel the need to force ourselves into a certain kind of relationship so as to “beat” anybody else. Once we are in a relationship, we also shouldn’t feel the need to out-do our partners in anything. Romance is supposed to about cherishing the time spent together, as well as the wonderful things that you can achieve as a team. While this doesn’t mean that you should set your own personal ambition aside, it does mean that you should avoid making your partner feel as though they have an obligation to compete with you. This can manifest in incredibly petty ways, such as who does the dishes or takes out the trach most often. On the other hand, this competitive nature may also cause a host of serious issues, especially when it comes to divvying up important tasks. Now is the time for you to remind yourself that your partner is your teammate, not your competitor. Avoid unnecessarily quantifying or qualifying the amount of effort that the two of you put into daily tasks. Not only will this prevent massive amounts of undue strain on your relationship, but it will also make it much easier to appreciate the things that your partner does do. If you’ve noticed them slacking off lately, then its’s okay to give them a little nudge to start taking more responsibility. However, it is imperative that you don’t approach the subject with an accusation, as this will only cause them to immediately get defensive. Instead, try to address the issue constructively, and voice your concerns in a way that is both respectful and firm.
Five of Wands meaning tarot


A posse of youths, who are brandishing staves, as if in sport or strife. It is mimic warfare, and hereto correspond the

Divinatory Meanings: Imitation, as, for example, sham fight, but also the strenuous competition and struggle of the search after riches and fortune. In this sense it connects with the battle of life. Hence some attributions say that it is a card of gold, gain, opulence.

Reversed: Litigation, disputes, trickery, contradiction.

5 of wands meaning for job and career Work-based relationships can be tricky, as they can oftentimes be an odd mix of comradery and competition. While you may be working with them as a team, you may also find that your employer is gauging your performance by basing it off of theirs. Even if it isn’t a direct result of you viewing them as a competitor, this can easily lead to a situation where you feel as though you have no choice but to work harder so as to not be viewed as a less valuable employee. Unfortunately, in many cases, this can also cause your friendly relationships with coworkers to deteriorate. In order to find favor in the eyes of your employer, you may then begin to prioritize your own personal performance ahead of the overall performance of your entire work team. Even if your employer has decided that your performance is to be measured against that of your coworkers, this does not mean that they are your enemies. Instead of focusing on individual endeavors, this may be a sign that it is time for you to reach out to your coworkers in order to begin working as a team. Even if you have but heads in the past, this doesn’t mean that you can’t overcome your differences so as to face challenges in a concerted effort. Take a moment to appreciate their strengths, even if they have been previously used against you. Don’t allow yourself to be manipulated by the expectations of others, even if they are coming from management. Chances are, the higher-ups will be please to see the increase in productivity that naturally comes with efficient team work. Not only will the competitive nature that they previously created begin to melt away, but the will also see that it is in their best interests to foster good relations and healthy communication amongst their employees.
5 of wands reversed main meaning You can’t always make friends with your adversaries; this is simply the nature of competition. When The 5 of Wands appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that you are working without any allies, causing you to feel as though you are facing your current struggles completely alone. It can be easy to feel as though the whole world is against you, especially if everyone is seeking an outcome that is different from the one that you would prefer.  Now is the time for you to focus on yourself and your own personal ambitions, regardless of what others may think of you. Don’t be intimidated by the competitive nature of the situation at hand, and allow yourself to have confidence in your abilities as a skilled contender.

5 of wands card yes or no main

The 5 of wands represents conflict and arguments. The 5 of wands is a no card. In love, this card implies conflicts and a lack of understanding from both parts. Competition can create some tension at work. Be aware of injuries related to sports. Unable to follow your heart due to the negative energy around you. Find peace within yourself to unveil the path in front of you. Therefore, the Five of Wands can only be a NO card.

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5 of wands meaning

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