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Four of Wands meaning​

Main cover image 4 of WandsThe Four of Wands represents an all important celebration! That uphill climb you’ve been on has finally come to an end as you bring your loved one together in the name of success. You use this opportunity to remind others that life should not only be lived, but it should be celebrated! 

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Detailed meanings of the Four of Wands

Egyptian Grand Etteilla Tarot 4 of wands

CARD NUMBER 32. – Four of Wands.


Upright. – Parties, meeting of friends, commercial or industrial association. Near Card number 4: loss in gambling.


Reversed. – Advancement. Prosperous business.

4 of wands tarot card advice mainIndividually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” – Ryunosuke Satoro

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In most award speeches, there is a reason that a large amount of time is dedicated to giving thanks to those that have helped in achieving the prestige that the award-winner has just received. Not everything is always going to be a solo effort. In pursuing our greatest goals in life, we will oftentimes that we need the assistance of people who have very different skillsets from our own. Even if they don’t contribute in ways that we are able to easily recognize, we would never be able to get anywhere meaningful in life if it weren’t for the support and guidance of those around us. Once we accept the fact that most great journeys aren’t traveled alone, we will be better equipped to select the companions that will be the most helpful in addressing the unique challenges that the future holds. Now is the time for you to look to your companions, as they will offer their own unique skills that will bring you closer to achieving your ultimate goal. Don’t be afraid to give others the authority to undertake sensitive tasks; if you are sure that you trust them to do right by you, then you should have faith that they will be able to bring you closer to success. Make as many allies as you can, as you will find that the situation you are currently facing will become much easier to address with each new set of hands. Focus on building a large and diverse team of individuals who are all able to agree on a common goal, and be sure to maintain consistent and effective communication amongst every team member.
4 of wands meaning for relationship Part of any healthy relationship is being able to work together as a team so as to meet the many challenges that life throws our way. When we agree to enter into a relationship with someone, we are also accepting the fact that we are creating a permanent partnership in all things other than romance. These things may be menial and common, such as every day chores and coping with the stresses of employment. On the other hand, this also means facing the major challenges of life as a team, whether they be emotional or physical. Feeling as though you aren’t receiving support from your partner can be extremely distressing, especially in situations where you feel as though all you need is a little encouragement to keep going. In some cases, our partner may not even realize that we need help if we are keeping our emotions hidden from them. In such a case, it is important that we are open and honest with our partners about how we feel so that they will be able to support us to the best of their abilities. If you have been struggling recently, now is the time for you to reach out to your partner for support. This may mean taking some of the work off of you, offering a shoulder for you to cry on, or even just taking some time out of their day to spend quality time with you. Be sure to clearly communicate to your partner what you need in this situation, so that they will be better equipped to help you cope and move forward. If you are asking for support and they are not giving it, then it may be time for you to remind them of their role as your partner. Being in a romantic situation means supporting each other through thick and thin; now is the time for that ideal to be truly put to the test. If they are unwilling to be there for you when you need them, offering the same amount of effort into the relationship that you do, then it may be a sign that they are not taking your romance as seriously as you are.
Four of Wands meaning tarot


From the four great staves planted in the foreground there is a great garland suspended; two female figures uplift nosegays; at their side is a bridge over a moat, leading to an old manorial house.

Divinatory Meanings: They are for once almost on the surface—country life, haven of refuge, a species of domestic harvest-home, repose, concord, harmony, prosperity, peace, and the perfected work of these.

Reversed: The meaning remains unaltered; it is prosperity, increase, felicity, beauty, embellishment.

4 of wands meaning for job and career In most jobs, we will have no choice but to work with as a team. Your work team may be as small as a few coworkers and a few members of management, or as large as an entire department in a massive company. Cooperating and working efficiently with your team members will not only increase productivity for the whole group, but it will also make the entire work experience far more enjoyable. You will oftentimes find that where one team member may lack certain skills or experience, there will be someone else that it able to pick up the slack and educate those that are not as well-informed. Look to your work team for support in difficult times, and be ready to offer the same level of assistance in return. Even if you are someone that prefers to work along, now is the time for you to set your individualistic tendencies aside. Is there a project or assignment that you have been struggling with lately? Or is there a certain coworker that has been causing grief for the entire team lately, creating a constant state of tension and agitated nerves? Reach out to your coworkers to ask for their thoughts on the subject; not only will you be surprised to hear that their perspective on the situation may be just like yours, but you may also find that they have a possible solution at the ready. Work together to resolve this issue, and be sure to reach out to everyone on your work team so that they are on the same page. Be sure to have open and honest communication moving forward, as miscommunication tends to be the biggest factor in causing disagreements and arguments.
4 of wands reversed main meaning Sometimes, we need a bit of a push in order to keep the creative juices flowing. When The 4 of Wands appears in the reversed position, it may be a sign that it is time for you to bring a new perspective into the situation at hand. Is there someone in your life that has been with you in a similar situation before, and has experience in dealing with these types of problems? Take a minute to spitball some of your ideas off of a trusted individual, and be sure to listen carefully to the interpretation and suggestions that they may offer. Find someone that you are comfortable talking to about the situation, and avoid holding any information back. Once they are completely caught up with the situation thus far, they will be far better equipped to offer wise and well-informed suggestions.

4 of wands card yes or no main

The 4 of wands is a yes card; this a card that represents a tender homely impression. This card means celebrating families and thriving relationships. This card shows stability in your life. You finally feel like you find the place where you truly belong. Successful workplace atmosphere and productive relationships. You are surrounded by a group of supportive family and friends. As a result, the Four of Wands is an exciting YES card.

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4 of wands meaning

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